Beach Huts & Stripes

Those who live in the City will complain about living there and those who live at the seaside complain there too. What I’m trying to say, is, is that nobody is happy wherever they live. I’d say that is rather British; us Brits love a moan. I decided to improve the cornerstone’s backdrop for this shoot. The beach. Specifically The Isle of Sheppey beach. An Island in the Kent county. I wanted to take advantage of the beach huts we have on our beach. Despite having very little going for it, the beach at the Isle of Sheppey is probably the big bonus! Sheppey’s answer to Brighton…

Today I bring you this dress from Warehouse that I am absolutely in love with. It’s a dress that was gifted to me and immediately as I opened it, I fell in love with it. I love that it’s red which means there is an excuse to wear a red lipstick *insert winky face*. I love this dress because it can be dressed down or just by the choice of shoes you opt for. I also feel that I’ve come out of my comfort zone for going for a dress with very little coverage on the sleeves. I’ve always had a complex with my arms but since trying out the weights I feel much better about my arms which is probably why I was so keen to pose with my arms well out in these shots. I should remind you all that, my activity in the weight part of my gym is for toning not muscle growth and build. My diet is the same I am not drinking protein shakes; (they taste vile.)

Now let us divulge into how to dress such a piece. 

Firstly, know your occasion. If it’s work it’s all about looking the part but feeling comfortable. Sometimes it’s all about feeling comfortable yet confident. This dress is perfect for this, because of how well fitted the dress is, and how little flesh it reveals. For work, I would team this with a pair of wedges because they are such a comfortable shoe that every woman needs in their wardrobe. A pair of wedges are just so comfortable yet, give girls like myself that height we crave. On an occasion less fancy I’d love wearing this dress with a pair of low top white converse as I think this is quite a 1950s look and would look rather fab in this backdrop. Maybe I’ll have to try this look…Or I would team this with a pair of tan gladiator sandals, again something that wouldn’t be too out there.

I absolutely am loving this look and feel that it will also be coming on my Summer holiday for evening or even during the day because it’s such a lovely dress. If I am allowed to say, it’s quite flattering and doesn’t enlarge any areas. Always a bonus?

Dress: Warehouse
Sunglasses: H.M
Wedges: Marks and Spencers
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics // Lady Danger

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