The Pin-Up

I have often spoken about my love for Audrey Hepburn because I love her style and her, down to earth screen presence. I honestly believe she captured a real classic and sophisticated style that has gone out of the window in recent years. We found her beautiful, I think, because she was so classically beautiful; her choices in beauty and fashion just enhanced her natural features. 

Today’s shoot, did not take inspiration directly from Audrey Hepburn but a style icon all the same. This is Marilyn Monroe. Audrey and Marilyn, (yes, first name terms) are two very different icons. Audrey embodied class and sophistication whilst Maryiln is considered the epitome of a sex symbol. I personally consider Maryiln Monroe’s sex symbol status to be from her candid nature. Candid from what my family say, is my new favourite word. I love being photographed in a natural state. (Although, sometimes I get someone to make me laugh as I love these natural happy states) Marilyn was the Queen of this, if we take some of her most her iconic shoots: From the skirt blowing up, to the happy laughing portrait both of these are great happy natural states. I also love how she was embracing curves and an hour glass figure. Forever, we are told to suck up and hide our flabby bits but Marilyn was just the perfect role model for embracing your natural state. So if when you flick these photos you see, that untoned piece of skin rolled over the top, don’t judge, it’s the embracing of my curves and my hour glass figure. I am a size 8 and have lost 2.5 dress sizes so I’m ok for weight loss, thanks all the same. 

So today’s post is the ‘Candid pin up’ after my photographer described the look both fashion and beauty very 1950’s pin up. 

A polka dot pattern, immediately makes anyone think of three key words here; retro, vintage and 50’s probably because most of the images we have from this period have a polka dot pattern on the clothing pieces. Anything that might look kinda retro has my name on it and my eye glancing over, at it in the shop. These shorts, for example, from Zara are my new favourites for Summer. I love how quirky they look. From a distance you might think they’re a skirt but no, a pair of shorts. A trick on the old eye. I love the frilly detailing on the bottom because they have such a fun vibe to them; similarly the frilly detailing has Zara written over it. Zara appear to be the King’s of putting ruffles and frills on clothing items at the moment, almost their signature. The playful nature of the frilly bottoms just speaks 1950’s pin up. Playful, candid and sassy. Three of my favourite words. (Despite being an English graduate I can’t in fact remember how to group those together with one word). 

The T-Shirt is a basic white t-shirt, a basic staple: every man, woman and child should have in their wardrobe. I’m not usually a huge of plain white t-shirts on myself; on a man they can be quite nice on the eye. Richard Hammond for example, looks just delightful as do most bearded or dark haired males….(You catch my drift). Me, on the other hand I always feel that it subjects onlookers to every flaw on my top half. A white t-shirt, however, felt appropriate for this look since it went directly with the shorts without looking a mess.

The shoes. Well….I love them they look delightful, like the shorts. I would at this moment, not describe them as playful because this shoot does not capture the throbbing blisters these shoes have caused me to put up with. This is why the majority of these images are taken with me sat down or stood in a rather still position. Prior to the shoes rubbing and resulting in blood blisters I loved them. I felt as sassy as ever, paired with the shorts, the whole look really worked well at giving off that playful Marilyn Monroe, or 1950’s look. Maybe, they too, suffered with blisters for the art of fashion…

For make up, it wouldn’t be an Ev shoot without a red lip. I went for a basic, no make up base and just simply applied some liquid bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics to add a natural glow. I then curled the lashes and applied a go to Summer red lipstick from Tanya Burr Cosmetics in the shade Wild Safari, a great Summer red thanks to the great consistency and shade of the lipstick. 

Shorts- Zara

Top- H/M

Shoes- Topshop

Sunglasses: F/F at Tesco 

Photo Credit: Nick Hobbs

Camera: Olympus Pen EPL8 45MM Lens

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