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Over the last few years, as I’ve found my personal style, I’ve really expressed my love of retro styling. I love looking like something from the 1950’s despite lots of so called friends mocking that particular look. I just loved that era for fashion and forever want to find garments that slot into that look. I wanted to feature a brand that I’d never heard of but have fitted that bill very nicely this time round.

Back in August, the time where my health was at beginning to go down south I was in contact with the experimental fashion brand ‘Cubic’. I’d never heard of the brand prior to our collab today but was hugely excited by their previous collections and most upcoming ranges since they were so unique and so quirky. As well as clothes having a retro look to them, I also love them to be really quirky have that personality with them. I know, how cliche but you know what I mean don’t you? Or have I gone right off subject? However, the brand just really won me over and I loved their collections so when I got the opportunity to pick 2 pieces from the collection I was very very excited. I chose this dress and a shirt, the shirt will be coming soon so stayed tuned and stay subscribed or get subscribed to see when that drops on the old blog.

This dress was right up my street. Firstly, lets discuss the midi length; despite not being designed specifically for a petite person like myself, this dress was perfect and fitted in the right areas as well as looking the perfect length with these quirky 50’s style shoes. The dress being navy should’ve been a winner in it’s self really because anything navy I will love and buy- its a colour that we all need in our wardrobes but as always never to be worn with black. Now, I’m more a polka dot person when it comes to choosing between spots and stripes, but here, I selected a stripy look. Now, my Mother is the prime example of having far too much striped clothing items but the stripe pattern is a pattern that will never go out of fashion and will always work both casually and formally. So, if in, doubt go for a polka dot or a stripe. I feel that, although this dress makes quite a bold statement with the length and bold striped detailing it is a dress I will re-wear both casually and perhaps for work. An adjustment in shoes is all that is needed for changing this look from  casual to workwear in my opinion.

For shoes, I’ve gone for these shoes I purchased at the start of the year purely because they looked so quirky. These beauties are from F/F at Tesco and are a firm favourite in my wardrobe because I can wear them to work and last most of the day in them and use them for dining out. A brilliant shoe, if like me, you like a shoe that’s comfortable but quirky at the same time.

Anyway, I really love this dress and my attention has turned to the world of ‘experimental fashion’ and I think this has taught me to look at more unique clothing brands that aren’t specially advertised or on the high street.

*This post was in collaboration with Cubic Original and the brand gifted the clothes in exchange for content*


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