An Ode to Minimalist Fashion

With every man and his dog writing festive content at the moment, I couldn’t help but write about my normal topics of fashion, lifestyle and myself in favour of what my house will look like during the festive period or gift guides because often I’ll end up just going to the bottom of your reading lists. Also, with the worry of what to buy our family and friends for the festive season it felt right to just steer clear from festive writing and talk about something other than the big fat man in the suit and his mate Rudolph.

I mentioned back in the Wardrobe Game Change post, my love of ASOS and how I’d purchased the blazer from there but the entire outfit in this post is also from the online department store. I’ve really fallen in love with their basic collection and today we’ll pay an ode to minimalist trends; also perhaps a non sponsored, advertorial post dedicated to ASOS.

As well as spending too much time browsing and changing the filters on ASOS, I’ve also been really enjoying the content of Anna Newton or AnnaEdit who so many people had told me about. I love Anna’s view on capsule wardrobes and how you only need a few simple pieces to make a fashion conscious wardrobe. I will never condense my wardrobe down to only a few items because I hate outfit repeating, I feel like Kate from Lizzie Mcguire ‘omg Lizzie, you…outfit repeater’  (finds the clip and fails to find the clip) so I’ll always like buying new pieces but will tend to stick to my trusted style of MOM fit jeans or high waist denim, t-shirts and blouses so sort of a capsule wardrobe without the shopping ban in place. However, I have noticed Anna’s uniform of a ‘black top’ with a light wash denim and I currently am loving this uniform, I think it’s rather chic and put together without: firstly costing a fortune or requiring a lot of effort to have put it together in the first place. A right winner if you ask me.

So we begin with the knit. The knit I love because, despite, being a simple basic for the Winter season: it’s texture is not too thick so I’m not sweating my chuff off, come the middle of the day but this means it tucks into high waist denim really well without hanging out the sides of looking too tucked in and ridiculous. The jumper came in a pack for £25 which I thought was a bargain since it means you’re getting two simple basic knits without spending a fortune on two that look similar but are not actually exactly the same. I recall last year, being obsessed with roll neck jumpers and loved them. I remember buying one from New Look but unfortunately I got onto the hype too late so when I wanted a duplicate they didn’t have the style of jumper I wanted in various colours. So an Ev tip, if you like the: fit, style, price then I’d suggest looking either for a double pack like I’ve done here or buying another colour if they have it available. Often, we think about buying another colour a few weeks down the line rater than going for the ‘sod it, let me buy it in another colour now’. Anyway, treat Yo-Self.

High waist denim is everywhere now a days and nearly every retailer does their own take on a high waist denim so it’s not hard to find your own style. I will always be a skinny jean gal, but over the last year I’ve much preferred a MOM/Boyfriend jean I find them to really flattering on my figure. If like me, you’re small with a bust, tiny(ish) waist and big ass, a pair of these jeans will be much more flattering than a skinny jean for casual wear. Now, I remember watching a Tanya Burr ASOS haul a few years back now, and she mentioned the ASOS Farleigh jean, I loved the fit on Tan and how reasonably priced they were however never purchased a pair for some reason. But, whilst on my ASOS haul this year I thought F*** it I’ll go for it and can confirm they are fab. I actually prefer them to my trusted MOM jeans from Topshop. I find the quality of denim is a little more flattering and looks higher quality than that of Topshop. Another bonus, is, is that you can get them in a petite style so they also fit my height which means rolling up the bottoms isn’t a necessity but a choice.

My final purchase and new fashion favourite at the moment, has to be these leather loafers. I’m loving them at the moment paired with denim skirts, maxi dresses and of course denim. I love the metal buckle as well as the chunky heel, very flattering. The design of these loafers is also quite vintage looking without necessarily costing vintage prices. Unlike those very flamboyant Topshop slip on shoes that took ages to wear in, these haven’t been as sore to break in. I do think, adding a blister shield and plastering them in vaseline may have been the reason for that; perks of leather versus material.

So, as I finish this post it has become rather apparent that I did an unofficial advertorial for ASOS which was unintentional it only became apparent when I was looking at labels and things after, to produce this piece of content. So, yes big shoutout to the designers at ASOS but also to the person who inspired me to go for simple pieces to convey a chic and put together look.

*Links to all items mentioned, can be found below*

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ASOS MAGENTA Leather LoafersASOS PETITE FARLEIGH High Waist Slim Mom Jeans in Blossom DarkwashASOS PETITE Jumper With Crew Neck And Panel Detail 2 Pack



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