Ev, founded The Cornerstone for Thoughts in 2014 after completing school;  between sixth form college and University, she needed a hobby. A hobby that allowed her to peruse a dream of writing for an audience. The foundations for the blog, were founded through her opinion on news stories such as teens not voting, mental health as well as her regular commentary on the 2002-2015 Top Gear trio and Jeremy Clarkson’s fracas. Soon, the blog developed into more lifestyle related topics as Ev went onto University.

Along with blog writing, Ev is also resident magazine columnist for the ME Associations, ME Essential quarterly magazine. Ev resides in Kent with her two canines, Norman and Fernando usually perched on a step.

‘Ev writes like she talks in person, if you know Ev you can hear her voice through her writing, if you don’t know Ev, I hope her blog allows you to’

“Evs’ way with words is incredible and all her imagery is stunning. You write about interesting topics. Your posts resonate with me.”