Alright love! You stumble across this section to know/learn more about the girl whose content you’re reading with much interest into her life. As you read this and I write this, I am a twenty something, petite, single, naturally brunette, red lipstick & polka dot loving gal whose unhealthy crush on Richard Hammond has lasted longer than pieces in my very large wardrobe/beauty cabinet. *Yes, not my tinder/dating profile*. 

In 2014, a little old Ev was sat in her bedroom bored out of her brain. She had watched multiple videos from Zoella, the Queen of Internet. Ev, decided in that year to set up The Cornerstone for Thoughts. A platform, she saw as a way of being able to communicate her thoughts about anything from; beauty, fashion to commentating on news events. In 2015, this ol’platform because the Jeremy Clarkson, ‘FRACAS’ hub, after every update Ev updated readers and of course shared her own thoughts and feelings on the matter.



What camera do you use

I use the Olympus Pen EPL8 usually with the 45mm lens

Where else can we find your content?

Yes, I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube