Ev is twenty something, petite, single, naturally brunette, red lipstick & polka dot loving gal whose unhealthy crush on Richard Hammond has lasted longer than pieces in my very large wardrobe/beauty cabinet. *Yes, not my tinder/dating profile*. 

Evan Kendall or Ev, founded The Cornerstone for Thoughts in 2014 after completing school;  between sixth form college and University, she needed a hobby. A hobby that allowed her to peruse a dream of writing for an audience. The foundations for the blog, were founded through her opinion on news stories such as teens not voting, mental health as well as her regular commentary on the 2002-2015 Top Gear trio and Jeremy Clarkson’s fracas. Soon, the blog developed into more lifestyle related topics as Ev went onto University.

 It was in 2016, when Ev begun to document more fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. Since it’s founding, Ev has been open and candid with struggles such as mental health, chronic illness and dating which has given her audience the ability to connect with her style of writing.

2017, Ev was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- an illness commonly known as ME. The illness saw Ev on crutches for 3 months and out of work for 6 months once in recovery. During this time, Ev found her passion for candid writing ensuring that if there was an issue, then the issue needed to be addressed in favour of hiding behind it and pretending the issue did not exist. Ev see social media as a highlight reel, not reality but uses a writing platform to highlight the low, worst and troubling times.

The illness, despite impacting Evs’ daily life has given her the platform to share struggles and issues relating to the illness. In 2018, Ev landed the cover of ME Essential- the magazine issued and written for those with the illness, medical professionals and those wishing to subscribe to the magazine. The magazine is issued out to 100’s each quarter. Along with landing the cover, Ev landed an opportunity to firstly have her article about the illness and its taboos in the magazine but then landed the columnist position where she now writes a quarterly column documenting both ME and lifestyle topics.

‘Ev writes like she talks in person, if you know Ev you can hear her voice through her writing, if you don’t know Ev, I hope her blog allows you to’

“Evs’ way with words is incredible and all her imagery is stunning. You write about interesting topics. Your posts resonate with me.”

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