‘Super-sized – and eminently wearable silhouette’.


I could probably put money on one thing, that in your wardrobe, 85% of it, is denim. Is there anything wrong with denim? NO! It fits, its comfortable and can be made into smart casual or casual just with a change of top. But, what happens if you need a wardrobe refresh? What do you turn to? I present, the wide leg trousers.

Any trouser that wasn’t skinny would give me fake anxiety; oh goodbye the days of wearing boot cut trousers for retail work and school. Boot cut= yuck. The fit, the style and feel of the cut is just, nasty! (If you didn’t say that as Raven Symone from Thats so Raven are you even a 90s Kid?) If you have a bootcut fit, just remove it from your wardrobe, only one person can pull off bootcut denim and that is, Jeremy Clarkson, he owns the bootcut, so leave him with that fit! So, what happens if you take the wide leg trouser? Does it make it better? And most importantly, can a person like me, who is a short arse side, pull them off?

If you read magazines like Cosmo, Glamour or even Vogue, you’ll have noticed that skinny jeans are still dominating the high street but are starting to go fewer and further between. So long, ripping denim from your thighs after a night out and circulation in your legs being torn into something else. This is nothing to do with them not being stylish, but, because we are finding nicer and even more flattering styles of trouser that have a little more character/personality. Vogue have suggested that Spring is all about the super-sized – and eminently wearable silhouette.’ Thank the Lord! A pair of wide leg trousers shout volume and character into a wardrobe without being too in your face or even aggressive. In my opinion, they shout, ‘hey I’m here’ without you, turning up in your underwear with everyone feeling the urge to turn around since you’re making such a weird statement.

So, how do you as a petite gal, if you are that is, wear the wide leg without looking a mess? Or just a melon?

1) Buy Petite

Like any trouser, skirt or dress I think if like me, you are verging on the short arse scale, you must buy specifically according to your size. This is because, if you go for petite, chances are, they won’t be too long or drown your proportions. ASOS, Boohoo and Next, for me, kill at the petite section. No, I’ve not been sponsored to feature those brands, I just have my preferences folks! I’ve noticed that most pieces you see in the normal ‘I’m not a small person’ section have been made to fit my height and proportions. These wide leg trousers are a must buy in the petite section because they won’t drown your bottom half. ASOS if you must know!

 2) Get a Belt

The Gucci belt is everywhere and my budget/style is not in need of it. But, a belt for something like these, is just what the fashion police are demanding you get. For me, this belt from New Look is perfect. A basic tan belt is ideal for hugging your bottom half in with these trousers. It also makes, reflecting my hour glass figure that even better as it sucks your waist and makes the booty and hips look great. If I say so myself.

3) Play it slim up top

As you can see from my look today, I’ve gone for a Long Sleeve Rib Turtle Neck Top because it’s a tight fitted, fit. Gosh, what a mouthful! This means that it can be tucked into these trousers without looking OTT, but it also means the proportions are much better. I’d advise, getting a tighter fitted jumper, shirt or t-shirt that can be tucked in, so that all the volume can be speaking at the bottom through the trousers. Too much volume will be far too chaotic and just not what you or your audience need nor want.

 4) Funky Shoes

These trousers are as funky as you can get, unless they were polka dot or checked, they are as funky as a soul funk band. But a pair of shoes whether flat or high need to be added in, for that effect. I’ve been opting for a pair of the classic vans. I’ve been turning to a pair of vans for everything in my wardrobe lately. The classic look of these shoes means they are adaptable for any look; whether smart casual or just casual, just like denim really. Everyone, seems to have got onto the vans band wagon but I was rocking the slip on ones, in 2009 with bad specs and a bad fringe…But, with these wide leg trousers, a statement trainer or slip on shoe is just perfect. I have worn these trousers with a pair of heels, which is nice and definitely makes me feel like Olivia Pope when I walk anywhere in them but I just think the trainer combo gives them even more character. I honestly think, wearing a pair of formal trousers with a pair of trainers is a talent, few can actually pull off and I personally think I can and do it quite well. Ooo, cheeky!

5) Go Basic

Like any trend, it’s important to start simple. Don’t go straight in, with a pair of statement wide leg trousers before testing the waters. You don’t buy a Ferrari without having had a small car before hand, or do you? I can barely park a Fiat 500 so anything bigger will be a challenge and a half. Now that is a weird comparison isn’t it? Cars vs fashion? I’d call myself the fashion female version of Jeremy Clarkson! But, my point, buy a basic neutral colour like I’ve done with the navy. The navy, I know, I can team with most things in my wardrobe (nothing black, do not combine black and navy folks) without the fear of rocking in a peculiar manner and as though I’ve got dressed without a mirror and in the dark. Maybe, if a pair of polka dot or check trousers do take my fancy I’ll be running to purchase them but am not in desperate need.

Will you go for a wide leg trouser? Or will you stick to the skinny fit jean?


Get the Look

Vans: Old School TrainersPetite Tanya Long Sleeve Rib Turtle NeckWide Leg Trousers



For the last 13 years of my life, I’ve needed glasses/contact lenses to aid my eye sight. My eye sight is quite weak and rather blurry without of a pair of spectacles. In the early days of wearing glasses, I hated wearing them and would try my absolute hardest to try and keep wearing my contact lenses, even through, the dry as Gandhi’s flip flops moments. Anyone who wears or has worn contacts knows the dry feeling come the end of the day; when it’s like blinking paper cuts. The pain I’d endure for vanity and not begin called Ugly Betty!! Now, however, at the ripe age of 22, Yes one has aged since the last post I’m beginning to embrace my appearance with my glasses. So, today I picked up my latest pair of glasses to compliment my latest eye test.

Eye tests are a major part of our health just like visiting our dentists to check our teeth and going to the nurse’s office to have our smears and gentleman checks. But, lots of us forget about our eye health. I bet you didn’t know that there are more than 2 million people in the UK with sight loss; 50% of those people could have prevented such sight losses had they visited their opticians for an eye test. Were you aware that 40% of us can lose our vision without even noticing? Maybe, that’s why every time we go the opticians we are surprised, when our optician informs us that our eye sight has weakened since our last visit. We are told that we should have our eyes tests every two years but most of us are failing to do so. Just over half of adults in the UK, visit an optician, once every five years and there are 13.8 million adults who don’t even have their eyes checked. Being a patient for my contact lenses as well as my glasses, I’m always reminded to go and check the health of my eyes. Since the age of 10, my eyes have just become worse each time I’ve visited the opticians,  but I’m rather grateful that in 13 years, designers and opticians have made wearing glasses fashionable and much more of a fashion statement than when I first started out wearing the specs.

Last week I had my eye check-up for my vision, since 2016, and I had this at my local Vision Express store. The optician I had was ever so lovely and was very chatty which makes any check-up that little bit easier. She also chuckled at my commentary which was an added bonus; those who chuckle at my comments usually make a good impression on Ev. Along with the usual: reading from a chart, the optical assistants in store also did some visual scans on my eyes to check my eyes were still healthy. Again, not a scary thing at all; Id prefer an eye scan over an MRI any day!!!! My optician informed me that my eye sight had weakened since my last visit. So, I’ve got the same prescription that I take for my contact lenses which is a 3.75 if anyone was interested with prescriptions. I should also, add that it’s not a competition who has the worst eye sight. Insert the winky face.

Since, my vision had weakened, it was important I had a new pair of spectacles which could accommodate such changes. Picking a pair of glasses is always a big thing for me; although I have my contact lenses to fall back on, I also like my glasses to be visually pleasing as well as liking them for the 2-year duration. I’ve learnt that a tortoise shell is a shade which suits my olive complexion and dark hair but also when I’m not wearing any make up my glasses this colouring doesn’t wash my skin tone out. When I used to wear black glasses, I’d look way rougher than I felt.

 I went for a similar shape because I’ve become such a fan of the bigger and larger frame of spectacle. I’ve also gone for a much lighter shade of tortoise shell just for change in my spectacle history. I usually play it quite safe but in the last year, my style has evolved which called for some change in my glasses collection too. I also felt like this pair just had some character which compliments my style and personality quite well. You’re probably wondering who and where these glasses are from? Well, you’ll be pretty chuffed to find out that these bad boys are from the In-Style range at Vision Express and were such a great find. The staff at Vision Express were super helpful at guiding me through which frames and styles suited me without being harsh; it’s also great when trying a new pair of glasses on what another person thinks so you know what your audience are seeing. I love having the help of the store when I’m picking my glasses because it makes the journey much smoother and you know they actually fit the shape of your face perfectly.

Now who knows what anti-glare/reflection is? Well, I only learnt what it was in 2016 when I upgraded my standard glasses from glare central to anti-glare. Those who have it on their glasses love it and those who haven’t got it on their glasses, don’t know what they’re missing. It’s essentially a special coating which improves vision, reduces eye strain and the best thing for people like me, who like their photo being taken = they are more attractive to look at. This is something which I think everyone should consider when investing or buying a new pair of specs. It is an additional cost but in the long run makes your glasses just that nicer quality and of course better looking. Also means you don’t fear when the photographer puts his flash on his camera because those who do not have the nice anti reflective coating will have just flash on their lenses. Not a great look. I know that when I have this coating on my glasses, I can take a photo without the worry of seeing the reflection of myself through the selfie. If you ask me that’s a winner in itself.

I am very happy, with my glasses this time around and am even happier at the fact that they photograph well, they suit my style and I’ve also kept up to date with the health of my eyes. I suppose, Evs feels rather spexy now (winky face).

This post was in collaboration with Vision Express & the glasses were gifted to me by Vision Express. All views and opinions are my own







Why 2018 won’t be a capsule wardrobe year?

2016-7 was the year every blogger and fashionista went down the road of talking about capsule wardrobes and the reasons why we should have one; we had monetary reasons, we had mental positives as well as having more space around us. However, with all the above reasons in place I still can’t convert to this life just yet. If you’re not into fashion and just read this for me, then I’ll tell you what a capsule wardrobe is. It essentially goes back to the days of Gok Wan on Channel4 who told all the ladies out there to have a wardrobe containing few items but these few items would all be interchangeable. For example, the leather trousers could be worn both for: daytime and evening with just a change of top or fancier shoes. The concept is very good and for people who aren’t phased with outfit repetition, it is, the best thing to do, but there are a few reasons why I won’t be ditching my multiple polka dotted clothing items & jeans anytime soon.

My Style Changes

I probably did have a capsule wardrobe back in the day, when my fashion was not my first priority but my education was. But now at the age of 21 nearly 22 (wink wink) I believe that my fashion changes on a regular basis and so the chances of a capsule wardrobe working for me are very low. I’ve got more chance of Richard Hammond knocking on my front door or being famous than it working for my lifestyle. I like being able to dip into trends anytime.

It’s not always cheaper

Those who advocate a capsule wardrobe will tell you that it is cheaper and saves you money in the long term. This is because you won’t be tempted to buy lots of clothing items mid-season due to having them in your collection already. Now, I disagree, in order for a capsule wardrobe to work you, have to plan it in the run up and mass purchase for the run up to the season for it to be considered a capsule wardrobe, otherwise it’s the same as your standard wardrobe. The big celeb advocates of capsule wardrobe will spend at least £300 on their capsule wardrobe for that seasons wardrobe. Usually spending a large chunk of that on just the coat or a pair of shoes. So, are they actually making a saving? Well, unless they have that money to dish out like water than actually they’re not making a saving because they’ll be paying their credit card back for what they purchased. Do you get me? I think for the rich and for those in the fortunate position of being able to buy whatever they want when they want it would be really worthwhile and a saving. If you have swapped standard shopping for the capsule wardrobe then let me know your tips.

Updates make me happy

The above statement will now make me sound like a ‘spendaholic’ or one of those people who has to buy to make themselves happy. No, this is not the case at all. I’d say around 95% of my time, I am a very happy person and so do not trips to the shops to make me happy. I usually find happiness after a fitness class. But, by buying new pieces every now and then, it does give you a pick up and gives you that confidence that perhaps prior to the purchase you had. These purchases don’t even have to be expensive, as little as £5.99 for a basic tee from Zara.

Outfit Repeating Scares Me

There is a meme that circulates social media about the judgement we receive if we repeat an outfit when we should reply with ‘I have a washing machine’. For me, I have no problem wearing jeans over and over again or t-shirts or blouses but for going out for dinner or on a gallivant with friends, I like to buy a new outfit because it firstly gets me excited for the event as well as gives me the confidence to go for the night out. Even if it is just a new top or pair of shoes, it’s just that new item which can up your personal game and make you feel better within yourself. I find, if I wear the same outfit that I wore the time before I went out, I feel less sassy because I don’t want to re-share with followers or because those I am with, will make a judgement towards what I’m wearing.

It’s confining

Everywhere we go; whether it’s at work, home or on the roads, there are rules. Rules telling us what we can and can’t do, whether that’s not smoking in buildings, going above 70mph on the motorway or parking across multiple bays and so can you blame me for not wanting to put rules into my wardrobe? I don’t want to be styling myself a month before I’ve even found my sense of style for that season, I also don’t want to ban myself from buying the odd purchase on spontaneous trips.

My take on the capsule wardrobe, however, will surprise any family members raiding this. This is because I choose to have a clear out or cull of wardrobe every three months, and the three months I’m putting in this post because it’ll make me want to do a wardrobe clear out again. The clear out is not you binning every item but sorting through your wardrobe and making changes with your attitude towards your clothing and your collection of clothes. For me, I sort through my clothes with the same attitude I’d have when culling friends on social media and I call this a refresh. So call this a wardrobe refresh.

Begin, by going through your collection of clothes, beginning at one section whether it be t-shirts, denim or shoes. Go through and think about the last time you wore the piece. If you haven’t worn that t-shirt since 2015 or early 2016: you are highly unlikely to wear it again. Also, if the item doesn’t bring you a sense of desire to re-wear it, take it out of the wardrobe. The pieces that are now segregated from the rest of your clothes, you must now decide to do either of the three steps.

Step 1: Take to Charity: If you know you will never step outside your front door in those jeans or that blouse again, just bite the bullet and donate to charity. Someone out there, will want that blouse more than you did and the money they spend rehoming that blouse can go to charity. I will always donate mine to Cancer Research to help find the cure for such a terrible disease that effects all of us.

Step 2: Give to friends or family: If like me, most of your family are similar shapes and sizes and you can share clothes, donate that blouse to another person who may find that desire you lost towards it.

Step 3: Put it another bag under your bed or wardrobe: This is the hoarder wardrobe approach, if you think that you might wear that particular piece again, put it in a bag and place it under your bed or wardrobe and then if you fail to even pick it up or think about in the following weeks or months, then you can donate the item. It also gives you that sense of re-assurance that you are culling the right things in your collection.

I felt this post was my way of saying that with 2018, now with us, I will be the same person and keeping the same approach to my style and look for the year. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, New Year, Same Me. I’ve made resolutions like we all have but unlike my approach to capsule wardrobes, I don’t think I need to share them just yet. So, have a great 2018 and I wish everyone reading this, the happiest of new year’s!


With every man and his dog writing festive content at the moment, I couldn’t help but write about my normal topics of fashion, lifestyle and myself in favour of what my house will look like during the festive period or gift guides because often I’ll end up just going to the bottom of your reading lists. Also, with the worry of what to buy our family and friends for the festive season it felt right to just steer clear from festive writing and talk about something other than the big fat man in the suit and his mate Rudolph.

I mentioned back in the Wardrobe Game Change post, my love of ASOS and how I’d purchased the blazer from there but the entire outfit in this post is also from the online department store. I’ve really fallen in love with their basic collection and today we’ll pay an ode to minimalist trends; also perhaps a non sponsored, advertorial post dedicated to ASOS.

As well as spending too much time browsing and changing the filters on ASOS, I’ve also been really enjoying the content of Anna Newton or AnnaEdit who so many people had told me about. I love Anna’s view on capsule wardrobes and how you only need a few simple pieces to make a fashion conscious wardrobe. I will never condense my wardrobe down to only a few items because I hate outfit repeating, I feel like Kate from Lizzie Mcguire ‘omg Lizzie, you…outfit repeater’  (finds the clip and fails to find the clip) so I’ll always like buying new pieces but will tend to stick to my trusted style of MOM fit jeans or high waist denim, t-shirts and blouses so sort of a capsule wardrobe without the shopping ban in place. However, I have noticed Anna’s uniform of a ‘black top’ with a light wash denim and I currently am loving this uniform, I think it’s rather chic and put together without: firstly costing a fortune or requiring a lot of effort to have put it together in the first place. A right winner if you ask me.

So we begin with the knit. The knit I love because, despite, being a simple basic for the Winter season: it’s texture is not too thick so I’m not sweating my chuff off, come the middle of the day but this means it tucks into high waist denim really well without hanging out the sides of looking too tucked in and ridiculous. The jumper came in a pack for £25 which I thought was a bargain since it means you’re getting two simple basic knits without spending a fortune on two that look similar but are not actually exactly the same. I recall last year, being obsessed with roll neck jumpers and loved them. I remember buying one from New Look but unfortunately I got onto the hype too late so when I wanted a duplicate they didn’t have the style of jumper I wanted in various colours. So an Ev tip, if you like the: fit, style, price then I’d suggest looking either for a double pack like I’ve done here or buying another colour if they have it available. Often, we think about buying another colour a few weeks down the line rater than going for the ‘sod it, let me buy it in another colour now’. Anyway, treat Yo-Self.

High waist denim is everywhere now a days and nearly every retailer does their own take on a high waist denim so it’s not hard to find your own style. I will always be a skinny jean gal, but over the last year I’ve much preferred a MOM/Boyfriend jean I find them to really flattering on my figure. If like me, you’re small with a bust, tiny(ish) waist and big ass, a pair of these jeans will be much more flattering than a skinny jean for casual wear. Now, I remember watching a Tanya Burr ASOS haul a few years back now, and she mentioned the ASOS Farleigh jean, I loved the fit on Tan and how reasonably priced they were however never purchased a pair for some reason. But, whilst on my ASOS haul this year I thought F*** it I’ll go for it and can confirm they are fab. I actually prefer them to my trusted MOM jeans from Topshop. I find the quality of denim is a little more flattering and looks higher quality than that of Topshop. Another bonus, is, is that you can get them in a petite style so they also fit my height which means rolling up the bottoms isn’t a necessity but a choice.

My final purchase and new fashion favourite at the moment, has to be these leather loafers. I’m loving them at the moment paired with denim skirts, maxi dresses and of course denim. I love the metal buckle as well as the chunky heel, very flattering. The design of these loafers is also quite vintage looking without necessarily costing vintage prices. Unlike those very flamboyant Topshop slip on shoes that took ages to wear in, these haven’t been as sore to break in. I do think, adding a blister shield and plastering them in vaseline may have been the reason for that; perks of leather versus material.

So, as I finish this post it has become rather apparent that I did an unofficial advertorial for ASOS which was unintentional it only became apparent when I was looking at labels and things after, to produce this piece of content. So, yes big shoutout to the designers at ASOS but also to the person who inspired me to go for simple pieces to convey a chic and put together look.

*Links to all items mentioned, can be found below*

Shop the Look

ASOS MAGENTA Leather LoafersASOS PETITE FARLEIGH High Waist Slim Mom Jeans in Blossom DarkwashASOS PETITE Jumper With Crew Neck And Panel Detail 2 Pack



It’s officially Winter. Winter has well and truly descended upon us all and we can no longer step outside without uttering the sentence ‘init cold out’. So, we all need to put the Autumn jackets, the shorts and t-shirts away and bring back out the scarves, hats and boots.

I personally love the cooler months, I love when it starts to become crisper in the air but the dark mornings, evenings and iced windscreens can do one. I find that Autumnal/Winter fashion is perfect for tailoring and making statements with accessories. I feel that the layers and all that make, me feel all warm inside, which is a bonus when you think about it, when even your nips are getting frost bite with the chill in the air.

Lets start with hats. I love my floppy hats, I think they add something classy, sophisticated and snazzy to an outfit; they make a simple outfit look much more put together. However, they do nothing when it comes to giving you that warmth, so I tend to stick to these during the warmer wintery climates or when I’m having a bad hair day so when it’s bitters in ya pittas, I go for the beret hat and get my French on.

When it comes to the beret hat, they will never leave fashion or the trends especially when the weather is so chilly outside, so never fear buying the beret in favour of a bobble hat since I think the beret is a lot classier than the trusty bobble hat. I would advise always going for staple colours such as; black, navy, white or grey because this means it’ll always match nicely with your chosen Winter coat. Or buy the matching scarf to go with it. Insert winky face here.







My next staple this year, is the big long scarf, almost like a blanket. I made some great friends whilst at University and they were super kind and brought me this lovely scarf from Primark; they named it the ‘cheer up Ev scarf’ whilst I’ve been poorly and I love it. It’s so cosy and it gives a plain outfit a little more character/class to it without being too over the top which is such a bonus. I’ve added a plain black one onto my Christmas list for this year because I want my scarf to match my beret a little more nicely. It also means my scarf along with my coat wont look a mixed bag of check prints; looks nice with the mix match of patterns but I can’t help but think that people think I’ve got dressed in the dark.


Boots are probably the one pair of shoe that I miss during the Summer months because they are so comfortable, so chic and so warm three major positives if I say so myself. So, this time round I wanted to get a new pair of Boots for this season. I decided to go for a pair of Black heeled boots because I’d never owned a pair prior to this season, despite constantly praising friends for their choice of heeled footwear. I went for this pair from Boohoo. This was the first time I’d ever ordered any pair of shoe on Boohoo because I usually stick to Next for shoes because I trust their sizes for my very small 2.5 feet; but the sizes from Boohoo are good and fit, true to size as well as coming in great quality. The leather for these boots is super soft and super comfortable despite the chunky heel. I, personally find a chunky pair of heels to be much more comfortable to wear for a long period of time than a pair of small normal heels. So, if in doubt go for a chunkier heel on a pair of boots. They’ll add a spot of height but not too so high so you’re walking around like you’ve consumed too much brandy.


Beret: ASOS

Coat: Next

Boots: ASOS

Scarf: Primark

What have you been purchasing for the bitter in your pitta months?


It’s a well known fact that if you turn up to anything regardless of dress code in something like a casual knit or a pair of trainers; whether converse or old school looking trainers like Adidas Superstars or my favourites the New Balance 537’s you’ll be considered to be wearing casual wear. So, what addition to your wardrobe do you need that will change the game and take your outfit from: ‘weekend casual daytime’ to ‘weekend casual chic/effort made?’

It is the blazer; unless you’ve lived under a rock the last decade then this has been a wardrobe addition that has been changing the wardrobe game for many for years. So why have I only just mentioned this on my cornerstone? Well, when I first became housebound and more so, then I am now, I did a bit of shopping on ASOS. I wanted to make a few changes to my wardrobe by bringing in simple pieces that would change the appearance of an outfit I already had in my wardrobe. I started with the blazer, if you want to see some sort of ASOS haul then let me know and I’ll create some content around what I’ve purchased.


I have had blazers in my wardrobe for years, ever since I started sixth form when it was ‘smart/office wear’ as my dress code because back then I saw them as nothing more than a jacket with no warmth, so a S/S jacket. However, now, with a few years and fashion growth under my belt I’ve learnt to use a blazer as more than just the S/S in my wardrobe and see it as a game changer for an outfit. This particular blazer, is from ASOS and was in the sale. Originally £48 and I managed to grab it when it came down to £24, so a big saving. Whether, I’d have bought it, had it not been in the sale is something I’m not sure of. Unless, its for a party or occasion, I’m very unsure about spending over £30 on a clothing item. So, this being in the sale was a confirmed addition to my basket. I loved the simple tailoring of the jacket and how true to fit it became. The jacket was not from the petite section of ASOS’s own range which did worry me, but thankfully the jacket was true to size and at a size 8 was a perfect fit and looks perfect. I also love the gold button detailing because it just adds a little more chic to a standard blazer. I also think, this fine detailing in the closure of the jacket makes it look a lot more expensive than it’s original £48 price tag.


I felt that to prove my point about the blazer being the game changer of the wardrobe, I had to wear it with my current everyday look. Although, I’m mainly living in leisure wear, 85% of the time, I do like to put some sort of effort into my appearance as it’s great for boosting one’s mental state. So, my current every day look, is a jumper like the one I’m wearing here, from JDY. I love this jumper at the moment, because it’s thin enough to wear tucked into high waist denim like today or hang over with my leggings, so is a great addition to my wardrobe. The jeans, are a pair I’ve mentioned previously because I love them. At £8, from Primark they are a style steal. They look a lot more expensive then they are, they’re a flattering shape for us hour glass figured women as well as being the perfect length for a short arse like Ev.

For shoes, I’ve gone for a pair of navy converse and as I write this, I’m becoming increasingly aware that my entire outfit is a rather homage to the colour navy, all unintentional, I should add.  A pair of converse trainers are staple daytime shoes since they are comfortable and have such a classic look to them. I’ve owned many pairs but as I’ve got older I much prefer a pair of low top converse due to them looking a little more flattering especially with jeans like MOM/Boyfriend because they show off a spot of ankle. Ever so flattering and chic.

I personally feel that the addition of a blazer with this rather casual look, makes it a little more dressed up and a lot more put together then it did, had the blazer not been added. Although, I do question, whether I look a little like a Jeremy Clarkson man with the blazer and jean combo?





The bright mornings, the lighter evenings and thigh chaffing is coming to an end which means Autumn/Winter is on it’s way. Now, I can’t lie, I love the Autumnal months because I do like boots and jeans weather but the one pain up my ringer ding is the impending purchase of a winter coat. Oh and the dark mornings and evenings.. A coat that will keep us warm and be wearable both for weekend and weekday wear as well as being effortlessly chic and stylish. Sounds easy huh? Actually the most frustrating and annoying decision..Ever find, you can have the warmest coat but it makes you look like a football coach? YUP!

For me, being a short arse, I find buying coats something of a ball ache because some styles of coats make me look even shorter and the style just does nothing to compliment my figure. I think buying the annual coat is, as, frustrating as buying the bikini in the Summer that will make any guy who messed with you regret it, when he scrolls through his social media to see you, stood in a sassy bikini with your babylons looking perky..(Goodbye Summer). Coats are tricky but this year I’ve gone down the trend route. I’m bringing my love of check into my coats look. 

For years, I’ve opted for the parka for winter coat dressing; without fail I’ve turned to the parka since it’s warm and looks great wearing a pair of trainers and jeans. So, great, for whilst I was at Uni because I lived in jeans or sports leggings but now I’m a working gal (or was, until nerve damage struck) I feel that my coat has to look smart for that as well as the weekend. I’ve always been a fan of a check pattern clothing item. I love check, it’s a timeless pattern that will not date; depending on the check it can be both casual or formal which is always fabulous. However, now everyone both high end and low end has cottoned on to my obsession with checkered printed clothing; I knew I was onto something when nearly everything in my wardrobe was check. 

I found this checkered coat on Next in their petite section which was great. I always speak of petite dressing because I have to dress in this section since I was born a short arse, thanks parents! If only it was cheaper in that section. But, I also speak a lot about this section because it fits to size, never making you look ridiculous. Coats, have to be bought with your height in mind to avoid being too long, big or baggy. Next, are great when it comes to making their regular clothing items available for the petite women of England. So, when I saw that this coat could be tailored to the petite height and shape I was relived.

I love the length of this coat because it comes to a really good length on the leg which means it will not look ridiculous with heeled boots. Always take into consideration the length of your coat/jacket with shoes, heeled shoes will add on a couple of inches (OBVIOUS). When I did try this jacket on, my family did say I looked like Sherlock Holmes but as they know, when it comes to social media, I do not miss anything and will find out everything, one way or another (resists the urge to sing Blondie). Despite, its fitted structure/design, I do feel that with a pair of new balance 373 trainers or converse low tops this won’t look ridiculous which is brilliant.

Think Colour

That tip was rather vague, I know, but when buying your check print make sure the colours that are within the check are easy to match with your wardrobe palette. I’d go for black, navy, beige, brown or tan because these will make pairing much easier and will also give you a much more polished and put together look.


Now this is for coats, coats are expensive unless you’re lucky to find a coat from the children’s department of a clothing establishment. Now, although, I am short and can get into the children’s section I wasn’t really feeling their selection this year. But, I would suggest making an investment with your coat, there will be nothing worse than; buying cheap and the fur from your hood falling apart, the buttons falling off or the colour fading in the wash, these are results of poor quality fabrics and skills so go for a slightly more expensive coat to get more wears and last from it.


I sound like an NHS or driving smart advert but think about your coat. Don’t just rush into the first one you see or even the one all your mates are buying from ASOS or Misguided. I would advise thinking about it, your coat will need to last you from now until potentially mid March time so think. Don’t rush buy because you need a coat or want to look like your ex boyfriends new girlfriend…anyway why would you because chances are they are a downgrade to you anyway? Think about what you want from a coat: warmth and style should be the first thoughts.

Im Wearing
Coat: Next
Jeans: Topshop/ Joni
Blouse: Zara
Loafers: ASOS

Over the last few years, as I’ve found my personal style, I’ve really expressed my love of retro styling. I love looking like something from the 1950’s despite lots of so called friends mocking that particular look. I just loved that era for fashion and forever want to find garments that slot into that look. I wanted to feature a brand that I’d never heard of but have fitted that bill very nicely this time round.

Back in August, the time where my health was at beginning to go down south I was in contact with the experimental fashion brand ‘Cubic’. I’d never heard of the brand prior to our collab today but was hugely excited by their previous collections and most upcoming ranges since they were so unique and so quirky. As well as clothes having a retro look to them, I also love them to be really quirky have that personality with them. I know, how cliche but you know what I mean don’t you? Or have I gone right off subject? However, the brand just really won me over and I loved their collections so when I got the opportunity to pick 2 pieces from the collection I was very very excited. I chose this dress and a shirt, the shirt will be coming soon so stayed tuned and stay subscribed or get subscribed to see when that drops on the old blog.

This dress was right up my street. Firstly, lets discuss the midi length; despite not being designed specifically for a petite person like myself, this dress was perfect and fitted in the right areas as well as looking the perfect length with these quirky 50’s style shoes. The dress being navy should’ve been a winner in it’s self really because anything navy I will love and buy- its a colour that we all need in our wardrobes but as always never to be worn with black. Now, I’m more a polka dot person when it comes to choosing between spots and stripes, but here, I selected a stripy look. Now, my Mother is the prime example of having far too much striped clothing items but the stripe pattern is a pattern that will never go out of fashion and will always work both casually and formally. So, if in, doubt go for a polka dot or a stripe. I feel that, although this dress makes quite a bold statement with the length and bold striped detailing it is a dress I will re-wear both casually and perhaps for work. An adjustment in shoes is all that is needed for changing this look from  casual to workwear in my opinion.

For shoes, I’ve gone for these shoes I purchased at the start of the year purely because they looked so quirky. These beauties are from F/F at Tesco and are a firm favourite in my wardrobe because I can wear them to work and last most of the day in them and use them for dining out. A brilliant shoe, if like me, you like a shoe that’s comfortable but quirky at the same time.

Anyway, I really love this dress and my attention has turned to the world of ‘experimental fashion’ and I think this has taught me to look at more unique clothing brands that aren’t specially advertised or on the high street.

*This post was in collaboration with Cubic Original and the brand gifted the clothes in exchange for content*


When Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears graced us with their presence back in the late 90s, early noughties wearing double denim; the world of fashion and worlds’ public were horrified by these fashion choices. However like every bad fashion choice or just fashion choice in fact, they have always come back round in the world of fashion. 

This months’ fashion posts seem to be dominated with denim but as I mentioned last week it’s staple texture in everyone’s wardrobes so must have a big part to play in our wardrobes. We could think of denim as like the Madonna of someone’s iPod, whether you want to admit it, everyone has one track of Madonna on their shuffle; they might skip it but it’s there, like denim. I’ve always been a fan of a denim shirt whether faux denim or real denim I think it’s quite an edgy look and can make an outfit rather casual as well as giving you an additional layer if you wear it open with a t-shirt.

I find that if you’re going to wear the double denim trend you’re best wearing it with an t-shirt and having the shirt open because this will reduce you looking like you’re wearing a denim suit. For my take on double denim; I’ve gone for this basic black denim shirt from ASOS. I was always an ASOS cynic until now, always finding it a little too expensive or never having my style of clothes but since having so much time on my hands with this poorly business I’ve found time to use the filters and find key pieces for my wardrobe. This shirt will be 100% be becoming a staple in my wardrobe for the Autumn whether worn openly like today or worn done up.

Next the jeans, most eagle eyed girls will recognise these jeans and yes you guessed correctly they are the Joni jean from Topshop. A jean that is much loved in my friendship circle because of the great high waist and the fit but not so much for the price. The price, I find to be a little over priced for a pair of jeans that are the traditional denim and are a high street denim. However, as I mentioned last week, with denim it sometimes is a case of investing in pieces such as jeans because they are staple parts of your wardrobe and you will use them on a daily basis. These jeans have served me well, having bought them in my second year of University and I’ve now graduated; they are still wearing well; although the black is fading a little so I may need to bite the bullet and buy a new pair. For a casual look like today I opt for rolling the leg slightly up to show a little bit of ankle. 

For tops, its important to keep it basic. I’ve gone for this basic cropped white tee from Topshop. I don’t usually buy basic tee’s from Topshop since I find sometimes that their prices a little pricey for what you’re getting. However when I saw this tee I was shocked because the texture felt a little better and was a nice fit. I also felt that it would look nice paired with both; MOM and high waisted jeans.

Finally for trainers, we go for my trusted new balance 574 a pair of trainers that have the classic trainer look to them. Back in my teen days I swore by converse, however as I’ve got older I’ve turned to a classic trainer style such as these ones and they look perfect with this look.

Top tips for double denim

  • Wear different shades of denim together to avoid looking like you’re wearing a suit: so maybe wear a blue wash denim with a black jean and vice versa or if you’re wearing black jeans opt for a shirt that is slightly of a lighter shade of the jean.
  • Buy cheap: Unlike other pieces, denim is something you can buy of a cheaper value and this trend is all over the high street so if you want buy a faux denim or a denim shirt of slightly less value than you usually would.
  • Go casual: I wouldn’t choose to wear this look with heels or sandals because I think it would look peculiar. I personally believe that styles like this one are much more casual than others so need to be paired with the correct footwear; a pair of trainers or slip ons would be perfect; unless it’s a denim dress perhaps.

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Since being off poorly with the B12 deficiency I’ve realised I rely on social media both for communication and entertainment. Facebook is the holder of memes, Instagram the place you can stalk that guy’s ex and the upcoming fashion bloggers; Twitter, well blog promotion and news but it’s been my savour for entertainment the last few days. Whilst, scrolling through Facebook I saw a meme or tweet someone had written and then a person with more time on their hands had made it into a meme and it was something along the lines of; ‘only a mad person wears jeans in their own home or has comfy jeans’. It’s a topic that won’t be gracing the G8 summit anytime soon but has graced my office chat and now social media, so now I bring it here, it also enabled me to be photographed whilst in patient comfort, the sofa.

Jeans, are an essential of any person’s wardrobe: they are the fundamental part of any wardrobe. Some people cannot wear correct footwear with the denim and you know who you are too..but they make for the most part of our outfits. But can they be a home look? Well, I have always been a fan of looking chic both in and out of my home, I should add that I don’t wear a neck scarf and midi-skirt in the house, it’s not that chic. It’s chic enough, that if I walk along the beach with the canines in my life and see a mighty fine runner or walker I’ll be in decent attire. Jeans can be the sin of comfort. For example, my staple skinny jean. The Joni Jean. The holy grail, for girls all over the country for two reasons: 1) the high waisted affair means nobody sees your bum crack and secondly they fit like a glove, and they stay skinny. I say this, because most skinny jeans you buy will eventually do the crutch and knee sag where you walk around with the knee part of your jean half way down your leg. These jeans are great, however for comfort they can be slightly uncomfortable since they remain skinny for the duration of the day and night. Like wearing spanx on a night out but all day. One suggestion, if you go on a date and find yourself being led back to a crib: wear these jeans because the getting out of a Joni Jean isn’t a magical sight so may get you out of seeing their joni, if you know what I mean….

I say all of this, but is there such a thing as a comfortable jean? If you really fancy a proper slob out on the sofa watching Channing Tatum with a tub of ice cream do you a) put jeans on or b) put the comfort wear on that resembles nightwear but offers a little more dignity if the doorbell goes? You would answer b, I know, because I would too. However, I think that whilst I’ve been in recovery mode and will continue to be in recovery mode for a little while, I’ve found a jean that is comfortable that I’m slouching in them now. I’ve realised that I don’t want to feel like a patient so getting dressed in clothes is helping mentally, recover.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Next denim because it’s of a high quality and the price you pay isn’t over the odds; the fit is also a winner if you ask me. I find that with Next they cater for the petite, tall and the regular which is something very few retailers do. So, this is why I think their denim is always so great because they fit to a genuine size. I purchased these jeans a while back and found myself hating them- so put them in my ‘don’t wear it, chuck it in the bag’ and I did this but then I became in need of a pair of jeans that I could slouch about in. I found these in the bag and felt these could prove my point about there being such a thing as a ‘comfy jean’. These jeans, are the Next Relaxed Denim which is their version of a boyfriend jean; although the denim isn’t high waisted they make for a great Sunday casual denim because you aren’t trusted up: let the love handles hang over the waist band and just slouch out watching a re-run of Top Gear. And yes, the images in this post was what I was doing…I’m poorly, re-runs of Richard Hammond make me happy and brighten my spirits to a certain degree.



Now how do you feel about the casual denim? Would you wear a denim for chilling out in?


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*Let us rejoice at the fact, I had photos from a shoot prior to my health issues*

My hair, since my early teens has been a major complex for me; whether it’s on my head, face or body it’s just something I’ve never embraced or been a fan of. I was, also bullied an awful lot at school for being hairy. With this in mind, it is/was no wonder, why, when I’ve ever been anxious I’ve resorted to playing or pulling my hair. As a result of pulling my hair out of anxiety I’ve often had dry and very damaged hair or fine should I say. With this, I’ve always relied on hair masks from the high street to help deal with such problems. These hair masks are great for the first few attempts at styling your hair, post the treatment, your hair feels and looks shiny and healthy. However, after talking with my hairdresser a few months back, she said they don’t always treat the hairs’ particles inside the follicle. I know, I never knew this either. As you can see, I am always at the heart of small talk. 

So, I’ve been on the hunt for a hair mask for months that would do some magic to my hair and potentially help it look and feel healthy. Now, you must know by now that I love natural products. I felt that I should look in the natural world before spending fortunes on the masks the big hair dogs recommend. I went to the daddy of natural oils. Coconut Oil. We use it, on just about anything: our make-up removal, our food and now our hair. I saw online how the oil can be used for treating split ends and also making the hair feel silky and smooth. I can confirm, it does do this. BONUS.

Now this is great, if you have a good few hours or a late morning start to sort this because coconut oil works on the hair if it is on the hair a long time. Allowing it to go into the roots of the hair. So, I needed a quicker one. You might remember, that back in June/July time I went to the Beauty at Brunch, Brunch held in London. At this event, the ladies had the brand Chirpbody in their goodie bag. This is a brand who produce 100% natural hair masks. So no, nasty chemicals lurking at the bottom of the package. I used this a lot during the Summer months because my hair was so dry from the heat we had for a week here in England as well as me using heat on my hair. So, my hair was taking a battering which is why this product was perfect. You simply, put the treatment on the hair prior to washing it. Leave the treatment on for 25 minutes, I often would also put a face mask on so my entire top half was having a mini pamper session. I could also reply to emails and Instagram stalk whilst the mask was working its magic. You then just wash it off with your normal shampoo and conditioner.

I felt that in this shoot, especially, that my hair looked it’s healthiest despite curling it. I find, that post curling your hair your hair feels weaker and often is brittle from the heat usage. However, after using this product the curls look healthy and my hair doesn’t look damaged after the curls have dropped.

My hair and I feel CHIRPY since my hair looks healthy and nourished all through naturally based products.



T-Shirt: Boohoo

Jeans: Topshop Petite MOM

Earrings: New Look

Trainers: Converse 







If you’re a regular reader or member of the cornerstone squad then you would already know that I have recently started a new job. A job that involves dressing for the office and being smart on a daily basis. I personally love dressing up smartly- I think it’s such an empowering feeling. I have taken my fashion for the office inspiration from the 1950s. As you, all know, I love vintage; prints, textures, styles probably because when you crawl through fashion archives there is a real emphasis on women’s curves rather than being stick thin size 0 girls. Women had celebrity figures like Maryiln Monroe who even today is the epitome of curves and sophistication and with her sass and charisma it’s no wonder why so many women were content with their curvier figures. Slowly, but surely this body confidence and confidence with curves is coming back into the modern chat. 

I think when it comes to office dress, we should all look presentable. I think when you enter the work place your wardrobe should be speaking sophistication, class and business. You’re ready to conquer anything. I have taken most of my inspiration for the office from the 1950’s business wear section on Pintrest or the series Mad Men. I adore, the high waisted midi-skirts, tailored blouses with an addition of a neckerchief which at the moment is my go to look in the office. A neckerchief is just such a quirky addition to any look whether its business or not. 

I think with fashion, it is very easy to just sink down into basics; a suit or trousers and a shirt simply due to the fact you might be scared of standing out in front of your peers. My belief, is, is that in the office you want to make a good impression. An impression that will last and one thing anyone will always remember is, what you wear. You might think people forget what you wear, but I have formed relationships with people just based on what they have worn alone. Women and sometimes, men will compliment an outfit and you get talking and there you have built an initial friendship. I love standing out whether that be in the office or simply outside of the workplace. Never be afraid of sticking out in front of your peers. 

I have to be honest; in the first few weeks of my new job I was hesitant about wearing heels because I didn’t want to stand out. I’m the youngest one in my team and on my floor which means I didn’t want to look too over dressed, mature or just ridiculous but now I’ve been there 3 months I feel slightly more content and am happy to wear these quirky heels. 

My go to look at the moment begins at Next. Next, for girls my age is often seen as the epitome of middle aged Mum’s but it shouldn’t be. Next at the moment have some classic pieces that can be worn for any age group. The pieces are also designed to suit any body shape regardless of height; I, for example am petite which means buying certain cuts of dress can be difficult which is why I love buying clothes from retailers who have these departments. I love this skirt from Next, the midi length is totally in right now and it really works well at blending itself with the 1950’s retro theme of my work capsule wardrobe. The tight fitted waist is also very flattering which oozes sophistication. 

We then have a blouse. Blouses for the office, should always be tailored and fitted. Always try to go for a blouse with a good structure to it. I love an over sized blouse but for the office it’s not a go to, or it can be on dress down days but not Monday-Thursday. H/M are a real good shout for this, especially if you want good blouses; their blouses/shirts fit really well and look great with other pieces requiring a bit of tailoring to them. Their sizing can often be a down fall but if you go back to basics, their tailoring at a high street price is brilliant. 

The neckerchief is slowly becoming a staple accessory in my work and personal wardrobe. Although sometimes I feel like a cabin crew member for British Airways or Emirates, I love it. I feel that it gives a basic outfit so much character. This particular scarf is from New Look and is great for adding that playful 50s character to the look. New Look have some fab scarves at the moment that can be worn as; neckerchiefs, head scarves or chokers and this is a perfect example. 

How do you dress for the office? 

Skirt: Next (Petite)

Blouse: H/M

Shoes: F/F Clothing

Neck-tie: New Look

Bag: Ralph Lauren