In January, beauty addicts both in the UK and internationally saw Revlon bring out their latest campaign which focuses on ‘Living Boldly’ a mantra which I want to present to you, through their lip wardrobe. I’ve selected three lipsticks from their lip wardrobe, which for me really present this ‘Living Boldly’ mantra perfectly. Revlon have always been a step up on the high street especially for their lip products so it seems only right to start in that department.

The new Live Boldly campaign has four new Global Ambassadors to launch their campaign and one of my ultimate girl crushes Gal Gadot being a part of their new campaign. I’d pay good money, to look like Wonder Woman herself!! Gadot herself, suggested in her interviews for the campaign that the mantra; when broken down is about owning, being confident and going over and beyond for your dreams. This take on the mantra is perfect, being bold is about being unapologetic, knowing no boundaries, being a strong and authentic version of yourself. (Thanks Revlon) If you can’t hear my first pump through your screens, then I want you to imagine a petite olive skinned brunette gal sat at her desk fist pumping in agreement.

Gadot is joined by; plus size model Ashley Graham, model and activist Adwoa Aboah who graced the cover of Vogue last year and Imaan Hammam also join the campaign this year. All these women who feature in the campaign all shout; girl power and fighting for something but boldly’. I’m a huge fan of their work aside from Revlon, but seeing these women join together to empower women within the beauty industry is a great thing to see both: as a woman and as a consumer within this industry. Aboah in her press statement for teaming up with Revlon said that working with Revlon gives the women a platform to be accessible to all different types of women. Yes you go my girl!! (Can you tell, this whole campaign is just right up my street?)


To embody the Live Boldly campaign, I wanted to take three lipsticks which to me, really capture the mantra of the advert and work. Let’s begin with Revlon Ultra HD Matte Metallic Lip Colours. These bad boys were released last year and were a real modern twist to their standard Ultra Matte HD Lip colours which I will feature, today too. These lipsticks claim to come in eight velvety metallic matte shades with a lightweight, moisturising feel. I see all the make up wearers, currently laughing with the idea that a matte formulation is moisurising! But, believe the marketing and the hype, these matte products are very long lastng, matte and of course moisturising. Three things you never thought would come together but have. Happy Days!! The lip colours can all be built up or be sheered down but all with that matte but metallic finish. Now, when I first saw these, I was a little spectacle since I was certain they’d be like lip glosses but they’re not. Woohoo.  I love how a standard matte liquid lipstick has been given such a modern and fun twist to it. Long Lasting, Metallic, Matte and light weight = the lip lovers dream! I think it screams being bold, why? Well, it seems to shout the essence of going beyond the boundaries that are perhaps in place with make up and matte products in particular. My shade = HD SHINE

Next, we have Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. I remember, buying my first Revlon lipstick in the shade ‘Black Cherry’ and it was a superb colour. I do, believe it was my signature colour for my first year of University, since it was the perfect brown shade for the Autumn weather. It also was a colour that went perfectly with a jacket I had bought for University! Now, however, I’ve got the shade 046, creme, Bombshell Red. Oh, the days, when I’d only wear a Nivea lip balm, oh how we laugh at those days. I absolutely love this shade, since it’s more of a wintery red than other shades. It’s almost a red wine shade of red, and no that’s not me claiming to be a fan of red wine, just very observant. It also makes more sense to those who are reading this for me and not for the review of the lipsticks. This is probably, the only shade in my collection that doesn’t have a matte consistency, because usually I only opt for the matte textured lipsticks, but this is a wearable red shade. It offers a lot of pigmentation, always an added bonus. Any red lipstick, whether matte or of a creamy consistency shouts the idea of living boldly, because red is the statement colour. When I wear a red lip, I feel; confident, strong and of course myself. There should be a rule out there somewhere which says ‘if you need a sass boost, opt for a red lipstick, you’ll be cheered up in no time’ and slaying like Beyonce’.

The final lipstick comes from the Ultra Matte HD Lipstick collection in the shade Infatuation; these graced the high street back in 2016 time, they dominated everywhere because they were the first offering for the high street for this liquid lipstick formulation.Liquid lipsticks were something of the unheard, before 2016 and now every man and his dog has one, floating about in their collection. Whether high end or low end. But, these, despite their affordable price tag are just what you need in your collection, especially if the price tag of Kylie Jenners just doesn’t feel right. For me, their formulation has always been stellar, they’ve always come out so pigmented and had a strong colour that you’ll always find a shade from the collection, in my handbag when popping to the shops or out for the evening. Their matte consistency, means that you can expect, this will be lasting for the duration of your night and not be coming off, even when you’ve kissed every good looking person in sight. But, if like me you aim for a nose kiss, then you’re chap who you’ve kissed can expect a very HD lip stain on his nose. LOL. I can’t praise these lipsticks anymore, without dying with one of them perched gracefully next to my gravestone. Perhaps, Revlon had their ‘Live Boldly’ campaign already thought of, when they created and launched these bad boys, because coming in such vibrant, defining and signature colours, these are probably the most relatable lip products that shout ‘Live Boldly’. I definitely, have taken a bit of a risk wearing this darker shade, since never usually wearing anything darker than a plum red shade; but I quite like this purple shade for the cooler months of the year with a very neutral eye look. I say that sentence, when we’re in March but also have a blizzard outside, I’m dreaming of the warmer months but still embracing the wintery trends.

So, that was my lip wardrobe containing very three different: shades, formulations and textures but all shouting that- I’m choosing to live boldly through my make-up choices, this season; whether that’s through wearing a matte, metallic or crème lip. What will yours contain?

*This post was written in collaboration with Revlon, products were gifted but all views are my own* 

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SoulTree: Organic Beauty, Is it Worth it?

Hundreds of our favourite make up has been used, tested and made amongst Pete Rabbit or had hundreds of chemicals to produce the make up. But what would the outcome of this make up be, if we decided to just use organic make up? I’ve made my skin care collection, my hair care and deodorant organic/natural so what about some of my make up products?

After I fell in love with lipsticks, came the eyeshadows and then the base products and all of these products have been hard to find natural alternatives to. Today, however, I am trying some natural eyeshadows and whether they can be as good as my favourite powdered formulations. I was recently sent the SoulTree: Ayurvedic Kajal Eyeshadow crayons and they came in a great range of shades; from blacks, transparent, yellows, greens and copper tones. These crayons, unlike some of their high end or low end dupes are based from natural/organic ingredients. Like me, you’ve probably never heard of this brand so let me give you some basic information about the brand.

SoulTree is the only Indian brand to offer certified natural personal care and beauty products. The products carry triple seal of the truth Ayurvedic, organic and ethical standards. For Soultree, truth is the route to beauty. But why should you think about a brand who you’ve never heard? of in favour of heading to the closest House of Fraser to raid their high end beauty counters.

Organically Farmed:

Botanicals, Soultree use organic and harvest botanics without chemical contamination.

Ethically Sourced:

Ethically harvests practices are used to encourage forest regeneration.

No Harsh Chemicals:

No petroleum or artificial fragrances/colour have been injected into the products.

Freshly Made In/House:

Botanical extracts enrich our product so are painstakingly made in house. Soultree choose their path of nurture.

All of the above seem legit and great reasons to buy or invest in these products but are they cracked up to be what they are worth? I’ll be honest as always because some bloggers would be slightly biased

since the products have arrived in their mail with no costs. My eyeshadow collection is vast so they’ve had a lot of competing to do and living up to do. I decided to showcase the darkest shade in today’s look because, often the darkest shades in any collection can be the weakest ones and be the ones lacking in pigmentation.

I firstly love their variety of shades since they are all so versatile and can be worn for both day and night; I find that darker shades can be quite scary for daytime looks but these can be worn for those times too. Whether all over the lid or just on the lid. I am also a big fan of these shadows being in crayon form since they make application super easy; the biggest pulling towards these forms is, that you can apply them on the top and bottom waterlines which is sometimes the hardest thing for me, who is a complete numpty with eye shadows. These have actually replaced my standard skinny pencil eye liners since they are significantly more pigmented and easier to apply. I also feel that using the same shade on the eye lines as on the lids to be rather put together. The waxy formulation makes the crayons super easy to blend out and make your eye look much nicer and less like you’re a learner with the shadows. I also think the waxy formulation makes these shadows a great pairing with your standard shadows if you wanted to build the colour even deeper than you’ve currently got. Although, I have used the blues, purples and blacks in this post for this look; I really love the copper and brown tones of the collection since they really go well with my dark features and can be used for a day when you’re opting for the easy and quick make up look.

This is probably my shortest beauty PR review ever but sometimes to showcase how much of a love affair you’ve got with a product, it requires simple but sweet review. I love how much of an impact these products have made in my eyeshadow collection without taking up too much room in my collection. These shadows are currently unavailable to get hold of in person in a drugstore but are available online. They are soon to be released or more accessible in the UK and the other variety of items the brand currently stock and have produced. I love how, this Indian beauty brand have produced some cute innovative products which can enhance your eyes so well. Knowing the products are organic, means it’s even better. Soultree hurry up and get in the UK shops! *Insert winky face*



For the last 13 years of my life, I’ve needed glasses/contact lenses to aid my eye sight. My eye sight is quite weak and rather blurry without of a pair of spectacles. In the early days of wearing glasses, I hated wearing them and would try my absolute hardest to try and keep wearing my contact lenses, even through, the dry as Gandhi’s flip flops moments. Anyone who wears or has worn contacts knows the dry feeling come the end of the day; when it’s like blinking paper cuts. The pain I’d endure for vanity and not begin called Ugly Betty!! Now, however, at the ripe age of 22, Yes one has aged since the last post I’m beginning to embrace my appearance with my glasses. So, today I picked up my latest pair of glasses to compliment my latest eye test.

Eye tests are a major part of our health just like visiting our dentists to check our teeth and going to the nurse’s office to have our smears and gentleman checks. But, lots of us forget about our eye health. I bet you didn’t know that there are more than 2 million people in the UK with sight loss; 50% of those people could have prevented such sight losses had they visited their opticians for an eye test. Were you aware that 40% of us can lose our vision without even noticing? Maybe, that’s why every time we go the opticians we are surprised, when our optician informs us that our eye sight has weakened since our last visit. We are told that we should have our eyes tests every two years but most of us are failing to do so. Just over half of adults in the UK, visit an optician, once every five years and there are 13.8 million adults who don’t even have their eyes checked. Being a patient for my contact lenses as well as my glasses, I’m always reminded to go and check the health of my eyes. Since the age of 10, my eyes have just become worse each time I’ve visited the opticians,  but I’m rather grateful that in 13 years, designers and opticians have made wearing glasses fashionable and much more of a fashion statement than when I first started out wearing the specs.

Last week I had my eye check-up for my vision, since 2016, and I had this at my local Vision Express store. The optician I had was ever so lovely and was very chatty which makes any check-up that little bit easier. She also chuckled at my commentary which was an added bonus; those who chuckle at my comments usually make a good impression on Ev. Along with the usual: reading from a chart, the optical assistants in store also did some visual scans on my eyes to check my eyes were still healthy. Again, not a scary thing at all; Id prefer an eye scan over an MRI any day!!!! My optician informed me that my eye sight had weakened since my last visit. So, I’ve got the same prescription that I take for my contact lenses which is a 3.75 if anyone was interested with prescriptions. I should also, add that it’s not a competition who has the worst eye sight. Insert the winky face.

Since, my vision had weakened, it was important I had a new pair of spectacles which could accommodate such changes. Picking a pair of glasses is always a big thing for me; although I have my contact lenses to fall back on, I also like my glasses to be visually pleasing as well as liking them for the 2-year duration. I’ve learnt that a tortoise shell is a shade which suits my olive complexion and dark hair but also when I’m not wearing any make up my glasses this colouring doesn’t wash my skin tone out. When I used to wear black glasses, I’d look way rougher than I felt.

 I went for a similar shape because I’ve become such a fan of the bigger and larger frame of spectacle. I’ve also gone for a much lighter shade of tortoise shell just for change in my spectacle history. I usually play it quite safe but in the last year, my style has evolved which called for some change in my glasses collection too. I also felt like this pair just had some character which compliments my style and personality quite well. You’re probably wondering who and where these glasses are from? Well, you’ll be pretty chuffed to find out that these bad boys are from the In-Style range at Vision Express and were such a great find. The staff at Vision Express were super helpful at guiding me through which frames and styles suited me without being harsh; it’s also great when trying a new pair of glasses on what another person thinks so you know what your audience are seeing. I love having the help of the store when I’m picking my glasses because it makes the journey much smoother and you know they actually fit the shape of your face perfectly.

Now who knows what anti-glare/reflection is? Well, I only learnt what it was in 2016 when I upgraded my standard glasses from glare central to anti-glare. Those who have it on their glasses love it and those who haven’t got it on their glasses, don’t know what they’re missing. It’s essentially a special coating which improves vision, reduces eye strain and the best thing for people like me, who like their photo being taken = they are more attractive to look at. This is something which I think everyone should consider when investing or buying a new pair of specs. It is an additional cost but in the long run makes your glasses just that nicer quality and of course better looking. Also means you don’t fear when the photographer puts his flash on his camera because those who do not have the nice anti reflective coating will have just flash on their lenses. Not a great look. I know that when I have this coating on my glasses, I can take a photo without the worry of seeing the reflection of myself through the selfie. If you ask me that’s a winner in itself.

I am very happy, with my glasses this time around and am even happier at the fact that they photograph well, they suit my style and I’ve also kept up to date with the health of my eyes. I suppose, Evs feels rather spexy now (winky face).

This post was in collaboration with Vision Express & the glasses were gifted to me by Vision Express. All views and opinions are my own







If you’ve read my content for a long time, you’ll be no surprised with my post today. It’s all about finding those products which make our skin even better for when we apply our make up. As you know, I love the Revlon Photo Ready Primer and the Liz Earle Naturally Active range and have been preaching those products ever since I started writing this cornerstone. However, today I bring you a new find and one which we should all consider adding to our pre-make up stage.

Back in September of 2017, a lovely brand named Bio Essence called in touch to tell me all about their range and in particular their 24K Gold Miracle Finish and wanted to know whether I’d like to feature this product in a post and of course, I wanted to test it out to see what the hype was and whether it was worth you splashing your pounds on.

To give you an overview, on what the product is before I give you my two pence worth the finisher has a light weight breathable texture that applies perfectly onto the skin. It’s enriched with 24K Bio-Gold Bio Mineral Amino Acid and Bio Energy Fluid. It’s made to form an invisible layer of protective layer over the skin to hinder pollutants and helps prevent harmful cosmetic ingredients. As a result, it reduces skin irritation and clogged pores. If that doesn’t sound your up your street like it did mine, it also provides a matte finish for an instant flawless and smooth finish. This matte finish means your face is the perfect canvas for applying your base products. Any product whether it’s for your lips, face or eyes in a matte finish is a winner for me. I hate looking shiny and shimmery, I find it a little bit of an outdated look. With the matte finish of this moisturiser, you’ll also find applying further products not a slimy process. Often, if a moisturiser doesn’t have this finish, it can be too smooth and shiny to keep new products on your face. I personally, loved the sound of the product because I’d been looking for a serum type product for ages; I was deciding whether to buy into the hype of a serum as I loved the idea of having a final step after your standard moisturiser. I’ve been reading and watching far too many videos where the blogger is discussing which high end serum they use and I immediately take a shine to this idea of applying a serum every morning… * thinks about it now*


So, onto my two pence worth. I received this sample back in October time and have been using it since. Every morning regardless of wearing make up or not because I’ve found that on the days, I’m not wearing make up my skin looks healthy, radiant and just more alive. The alive factor has been something I’ve craved during my recovery since, I’ve wanted my skin and face to look healthier than how I’m feeling internally. The ‘Gold’ that the press release discusses is in fact real and not one of those gimmicks that you’d buy into. I find, that the gold particles within the formulation actually reflect from the skin which is maybe why my skin does feel so radiant after application. The first time, I used the serum formulation I was blown away with it’s smooth creamy yet silky consistency because it felt like a high end product. It felt like one, I’d have bought from a high end counter in a department store rather than your average high street store. To check, I wasn’t just being blown away with receiving a great press release, I asked my Nan who like me is into her beauty products. She too, said these words ‘oh my, isn’t that smooth love?’

I am a real bore when it comes to primers only because I do believe that applying a primer whether it be high end or low end, will ensure your make up application goes on much easier and smoother. It will also last longer on the skin so you’ll look the same at whatever time you applied your base products. So, I use this after moisturiser and in between applying my trusted Revlon Photo Ready Primer since the two in the same routine make for a great base if I say so myself. I did find that the two worked really well together so much so that they felt like a base coat you’d apply onto your nails for painting them with. I felt like my foundation was being applied onto a fresh, clean canvas.

The greatest thing about this product, is that it is available on the high street and isn’t one of those products I am mentioning that you’ve got to scrimp and save up for or only be able to get hold of online or even at certain department stores. I would say, however, that the price of £30 is more in line with the higher end products but unlike lower end products the formulation and packaging of the product will last you a lot longer than most. I’ve been using this since October, as I mentioned and I’d say beginning of October 2017 and I’ve only just finished the bottle now in January. This isn’t bad considering, I’ve used it everyday after my skincare regime.  So, I’d suggest that this is worth splashing the pounds for if you want a natural looking glow without a spa facial. I can honestly say that my face feels like it did after I’d had a facial at a spa a few months ago, so I would highly recommend the moisturiser. If’ I’d done a favourites of 2017, it would have definitely been on that list.

*Products were kindly sent in exchange for content but all  views are my own*

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In the last year, I’ve been a massive advocate of natural beauty; which isn’t ditching the make up but turning to more natural or organic beauty products whether thats: natural haircare, natural shower gels and soaps, natural skincare and of course today’s focus natural deodorants.

Deodorant, is not an optional product in our lives unless you like the smell of BO or just like having the wiffy stinks round your pit area so finding a formulation you like is important. Today’s natural deodorant comes from a couple named Ben and Anna who have produced a natural and organic based deodorant to comply with their organic and vegan lifestyle. The bicarbonate in the formulation will reduce odour and then the arrowroot extracts keeps the armpit free from wetness. Unlike some of our favourite deodorants on the high street, this formulation has not been tested on Pete Rabbit and will comply with everyones anti-animal testing and vegan lifestyles. But, the question is, does this formulation prevent pit stench?

Has anyone seen the Homer Simpson gif where he retreats into a bush? Well, look on your gif keyboard because that is me, pre now if someone had suggested I use a natural deodorant. I think because I was fearful of it not working and then leaving me with badly smelling pits. Being so enthusiastic about the gym and sweating fat off, I was fearful that a natural based product would leave me with being that smelly one in the gym. But now, I’ve let the worry down and decided to give it a go. I’ve been testing the Provence scent which is in the image above, this has a lavender smell. I’m not like some people who despise lavender as a smell, I don’t mind it, I always use lavender based scents for bath times because the smell apparently has calming properties to encourage a calmer sleep.

Now, back to the deodorant. The smell of this, is very rich and I will be completely honest, it was quite over powering at first as I was so taken back with the smell being so fragrant. Sometimes, something organic and homemade doesn’t always have a rich smell. However, unlike my deodorants containing half a tone of aluminium and chemicals in them, this smell lasts for the whole day. I stick catch a whiff of the lavender half way through the day. To test, whether it wasn’t just luck of the drawer, I was lucky enough to have been sent two other scents in the collection which were ‘Nordic Timber’ and ‘Indian Mandarin’ and it wasn’t just luck of the drawer, these were as lovely smelling as their other friend the ‘Provence’.  My pits were as fresh as a lavender field and for the first time in my life, this is not just a simile it is real and the real deal. So, Ben and Anna have scored very well for their smell.

For application, this is where I found it took me a little while to adjust to. Because they’re made with products such as baking powder the consistency is a lot drier than your standard chemically ridden high street deodorant. So, the guys at Ben and Anna suggested that these deodorants are best applied, once you come out of the shower because your skin is slightly damp or even leaving your stick on the radiator to warm up will give it some moisture. The moisture will make it much easier to apply under your pits. But this, is something which you can adapt and get used to, quite quickly and wouldn’t be something I’d be putting them in the bin for.

So these are the main things that any good blogger would mention; at the heart of this, the deodorants are really great to use. I found, that it wasn’t a big transition to make because they became like second nature to use like my previous formulations would have been. I would really recommend these deo-sticks to those who are maybe finding deodorant for the first time; those who are entering the puberty stages or have just got a whiff of their pit stench. This is because these would be less  likely to irritate or cause you issue and also with their skin still being slightly fragile and not used to chemicals under there, a natural product maybe a little nicer under those areas. So, any parents out there, if your child is starting to get the whiffy stinks, consider a natural deodorant just to get them used to applying deodorant and also keep their skin ultra lovely. I should also add that these deodorants are unisex; so men you can roll these over ya pits too. So, girls if you’re getting stick of laying with your boyfriend and he has the pit stench, give him one of these bad boys to roll over his pits.

For me, I love that you can now, buy deodorants that are natural and do work which means if you’re making those transitions from animal tested chemical products you can make it a whole beauty cabinet transition rather than just the odd few products. With these deodorants you’re not just being a apart of a trend, but you’re being ethical, organic and natural but also cruelty free. The three major core factors for Ben and Anna’s brand. They’ve got my seal of approval and also kept in great supply of deodorants for the year!

This post was in collaboration with Ben and Anna, the brand gifted me three deodorants in exchange for content* 



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Ben and Anna

Naughty or Nice: Festive Beauty with Revlon

*This post is in collaboration with Revlon & all products linked below *

Christmas Party season is well and truly upon us; which means 1/5 of our social media feeds will contain an outfit post from a friend of ours, festive make up selfies or group photos usually with lots of people we don’t necessarily want to be photographed with. So, I must of course write a post with my current go to festive party look for you guys to either replicate or make your own. The best thing, I’m making this high street/drugstore friendly so that you can all pick up the look for your festive or NYE celebrations; because I know how exciting it is to buy new make up for going out; sometimes as exciting as buying a new outfit. When Revlon got in touch about working together again on some upcoming content, I could hardly say no because they are one my favourite high street beauty brand; I love how their products are always of a super high quality but still affordable for all of us whatever our budget may be. Today, I bring you their latest creation, a palette which has products for your; eyes, lips and cheeks making it perfect for this time of year. At the moment, in Superdrug, you can get this free when you buy 3 Revlon products, so what a wonderful gift whether you keep it for yourself or keep it wrapped in its packaging to give your friends/family this festive season.

So, before we get on to the eyes of this look we should mention the base of your look and the products, I use when creating an evening look. I mention this product in every beauty post I write and have featured it on several occasions because I genuinely believe it makes for a perfect addition for any make up whether you’re an old pro or just entering the world of beauty purchases. This, of course, is the Revlon Photo Ready Primer  and it comes in a pump or as a compact, I’ve always gone for the pump version because it pumps the correct amount for your use so will last for a long time and you’ll never have the worry of forgetting to put the lid back on. This will keep your base make up perfectly in place for the duration of your evening out, this festive season, meaning if you need your foundation and concealer to last the evening to cover up that hormonal zit, you’re in luck with this primer it’ll last your for the entire evening even to the point of returning home with your head in the loo. I then go in with the Revlon Colourstay Foundation; a foundation which when released a few years back changed the dynamic of foundation for the high street because it came in a variety of shades for all skin tones but also types; whether you’re oily, combination, dry or normal like myself Revlon have catered for you which is a massive sigh of relief. Often, high street foundation can be a ball ache since not all formulations will suit certain skin types so often you’ll end up needing to blend two types or formulations to get your perfect match. This is often why higher end foundations have some sort of a pulling factor towards them but I do believe Revlon have hit the nail on the head with this formulation. It’s high, breathable coverage which makes it the perfect foundation for going out this season. I’m usually not a fan of high coverage foundation formulations because I find them too heavy but when going out I like my base to last the evening and to also photograph well which this foundation does brilliantly. To compliment the foundation, I’d always suggest using the matching concealer both for concealing under the eyes and any blemishes you may or may not have. Although, my under eye circles aren’t that bad, I do find that using a concealer under neath them if you’re going a ‘little out there’ with your eyes, this will make them stand out as well as making them look very put together.

For powdering I’d always recommend using a translucent powder and one that doesn’t add anymore coverage, especially if you’re like me who doesn’t like the ‘cakey’, OTT base this will just set your base so your t-zone, specifically, doesn’t look like a frying pan full of oil. I’ve become obsessed with the N07 Translucent Loose Powder; I think it’s a great product if you’re searching for a high quality but affordable powder which gives you that flawless complexion after application. A great setting powder when having photos with the flash on will definitely happen. I will then go in with a contour and bronzing, for this I use the Natural Collection Bronzing Powder and the Lottie London Shimmer Squad. For, giving my skin that healthy glow, I’ll use a big powder brush to apply all over the temples, chin and neckline to just give my skin the healthy natural glow that it seriously is craving at the moment. For contour, I’ll take a contouring brush and apply the Lottie London bronzing shade for creating some desperately needed cheekbones. Then, within the Revlon: Lips, Cheeks and Lip sets you’ll find two beautiful shades of blush, I take the blush shade from the Seductive Smokies palette which is a lovely shimmery blush which will you a lovely glitzy natural flush of colour on the cheeks. To then highlight the hella outta those probs, I’ll use the Lottie London, Highlighting Squad again and use the Trouble Maker shade and apply this on the top of the cheekbones, the cupids bow and the brow bones. Use a light brush, just to give yourself a natural sheen just so that you don’t look like the glitter ball you’ll be dancing under that night. This will complete the base stage of your make up and I will typically do this stage of the make up  after I’ve done my eye make up just so that if I do have any fall down from the eye products, I won’t have to restart the whole look all over again.

So, the eyes. For eyes I will always begin by preparing them by curling the lashes and using an eyeshadow primer because this will, like the base primer keep everything on the eyes in place and prevent any fall down half way through the evening. For this, I love the Essence 2 in 1 Cream Eyeshadow Primer; as a cream product it will really cling onto any eye products you apply to the lids. Then, I’ll use a cream pencil eyeliner from Essence again to line the top and bottom lash line which will give you the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes as well as looking a lot more polished when applying false lashes. I then, will use the latest shade in the Eyes, Lips and Cheeks palette and use this in the inner corner so that we can build up the smokey shades. Then, I take the two grey shades of very similar shade depth and apply this all over the lid blending it out to add that touch of smoke. This is a really lovely evening make up look and these shades are excellently pigmented for a super classy festive make up look. I will then take the darkest shade from this palette to then blend this into the outer corner and the crease to add depth and definition for the eyes. Also taking this shade on a smaller and thinner brush for the lower lash line; always use your crease colour for under the eyes too, since this will really bring the eyes together for a polished look. I will then use the Revlon Colourstay Felt Tip Liner; this alongside the Tanya Burr Selfie Story Eyeliner, is my favourite liquid eyeliner due to its ease of application and quality. I know that this eyeliner will stay in place for the evening but also makes eyeliner less tricky and complicated to do. Do you not find eyeliner a real arse to apply? Never getting equal lines, wings or thickness; make up lover probs ay? This liner, I will have fro the inner corner right to the end but with no flick other wise I’ll end up with scars with the amount of times I’ll need to re-do the wings.

After liner is applied, I shall use the Revlon Definition mascara (purple top) to separate and add the definition onto the lashes. No, evening eye make up look is complete without a set of false lashes so I will then apply a set of false lashes, these I take from the Ardell collection and use the Demi Wispies because these are a great set of lashes and immediately give you some volume which will bring the whole look together. It’ll also take this current look from day to night really quickly, quickly if you can apply the lashes better than I can. If I know I’m applying lashes, I’ll always have to give myself an extra 10 minutes to my getting ready time to allocate for false lash application; also a stage I edit out of my GRWM videos on YouTube. After you’ve applied your lashes, you want to use the liquid eyeliner again, just to go over the lash line where you’ve applied the lashes. A tip I learnt whilst reading false lash application tips; use a matte black shadow over the top of the liner to cement to hide the glue as well as make the liner and lash line look much darker and thicker; natural too. Then I use the Revlon All in One Mascara for the lower lash line; since this brush is so tiny it makes for a great lower lash mascara and will bring out all those tiny lashes that are refusing to become defined. EYES COMPLETE!

In between your eyes and lips, you’ll also get to the stage of sorting/taming your brows. I’m lucky that I’ve got very thick, full and dark brows so they don’t take me that long to sort out. However, I will always give them a sort out with any make up look because your eyes will never look complete without your brows being finished. I use the Tanya Burr Selfie Story Sculpt Pencil which I use to just fill in any sparse areas just to define the brows that little more. I then, go in with the Maybeline Brow Drama in Transparent/Dark Brown to tame and set the brows in place.

Final step: Lips. First step, I will line my lips with a lip liner especially if I’m using a red lipstick because it will aid application and make your lips look fuller and bolder. When wearing a red lip, it’s great for your lips to look full and plump! I use the Revlon Colourstay Lip Liner in Red: just to line the lip line and to also fill the lips in, almost as a base coat to keep the lipstick on for a little bit longer. I will then use a lip brush and use the red shade from the Seductive Smokies palette and brush this onto the lips which will perform as another lip layer for the final colour. The star player for the lips, will be the Revlon Ultra HD Liquid Lipstick in Love; which is a fab cherry red and a perfect shade for this time of year. This liquid lipstick will apply quite wet but will dry matte and will not smudge or move for the duration of the evening. I love these and have multiple shades whether red, nude or browny toned. Revlon have really nailed the liquid lipstick trend with these bad boys! A matte lip is perfect as it will compliment the shades on your eyes; it will also stay on your lips for that little bit longer so you’ll not find yourself needing to top up at every chance you get.

So that is your look complete: I believe this is a great look for this time of year whether you use it for one of your Christmas Parties, New Years Eve parties or even just for fun in the New Year. What makes, this look even better, is, is that it is an affordable look which doesn’t require a huge budget to achieve the look.

Disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with Revlon and some products were gifted but all opinions are my own*

Shop the Look

Revlon Colourstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick
Revlon Colourstay Lip Liner (Red)
Ardell False Lashes: Demi Wispies
Revlon Dramatic Definition Waterproof Mascara Black 8.5ml
Lottie London Shimmer Squad
Natural Collection Bronzer
Revlon Colourstay Concealer (Light)
Revlon Colourstay Foundation (Ivory)
Revlon Photo Ready Primer
Revlon Eye, Lip & Cheek Palette
Revlon Colourstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick
Revlon Colourstay Lip Liner (Red)
Ardell False Lashes: Demi Wispies
Revlon Dramatic Definition Waterproof Mascara Black 8.5ml
Lottie London Shimmer Squad
Natural Collection Bronzer
Revlon Colourstay Concealer (Light)
Revlon Colourstay Foundation (Ivory)
Revlon Photo Ready Primer
Revlon Eye, Lip & Cheek Palette

Last year, I noticed across all of my Youtube and Blog subscriptions the craze and hype surrounding the release of Marc Jacobs Beauty; a beauty release that had everything you could ask for in your collection. I’m always hugely excited by mascaras in a collection since I think mascara makes a huge difference with any make up look; you can easily look put together by adding a coat of mascara. So, when these bloggers were all mentioning the Marc Jacob’s Velvet Noir Volumising Mascara I was intrigued and wanted to know more but for me spending £22 on a mascara is something that puts me off.

Fast forward to 2017 /October 17, I received a package in my mail addressed to moi containing this very mascara. The package was in partnership with John Lewis and Influenster UK so I’m hugely grateful to have received the opportunity to be able to try it for you lot. Since, being poorly and not going out further than a supermarket for the last month receiving mail like this brightened my morning as well got me excited at trying a mascara. For me, I wanted to know whether it would live up to it’s hype. Often products attached to high end names, come with hype but they don’t live up to it. I think, this has a lot to do with the name of a product. I believe, that we all buy products from high end name brands for the name and believe the product will be amazing because of the name. Often, products and high end names do live up to their hype but there can be a fluke, like, with anything. So does this mascara live up to the hype and is it worth it’s price tag?

So, I do like a mascara that gives a good finish; I can’t stand when mascara’s don’t do anything other than coat your lashes but don’t lengthen, volume or even curl. Marc Jacobs claim their mascara is

‘lash-maximising, curvy brush places the most volume at the hard-to-reach centre lash line, and the defining tip styles lashes for major drama. The ultra-concentrated black pigment delivers the greatest visual impact, and the Flash Volume Complex(TM) creates instant, smudge-free length and volume in three strokes or less. So does it live up to what they are suggesting.

Firstly lets discuss their brush. Jacobs have gone for the thick brush with the maximum amount of fibres which like most high end mascaras or decent ones in fact, will clinch on to every lash whether visible. This type of brush results in every lash being brushed with the mascaras formula. I’m usually hesitant about thicker brushes because I’m always worried they’ll be messy and also have that thick clumpy look. However, this brush is the opposite since it’s so thick it manages to brush every lash rather than clumping them together. I do, find that if you keep applying thick coats of any mascara you’ll get that spider webbed, clumped look. So, my advice, go over you lashes in between coats with a clean mascara wand that has no product on, to wipe the residue from your lashes if they begin to clump. This is a tip, I’d always recommend if you have time to fanny about with your eye make up. But after only 2 coats of this beauty, my lashes feel fuller and thicker. I love it!!

I’ve had very high expectations, for this, since I was intrigued by the name and hype but these expectations have been exceeded. I absolutely have fell in love with this mascara despite it’s thick brush/applicator (no innuendo there). I was worried, I wouldn’t because the brush is so chunky and looked slightly thick in terms of it’s formula. However, I can say that this has won me over; I love it. I think it’s amazing. I do think this is definitely one of those treat products I’d find it hard to justify buying on a random month. I think it’s the product you buy to wear for a special occasion in favour of buying regularly. Although, I’ll be adding it to my xmas/birthday list since I love it so much and want to be in good supply for when it dries up!!

*This post has been in collaboration with John Lewis / Marc Jacobs & Influenster UK*



The beauty industry is worth millions or billions if we want to talk globally so it’s no wonder why brands charge so much for our: highlight to be gleaming, our liner to be spot on and our cheekbones to be contoured precisely. I, like thousands of girls give into the hypes with designer products and often find myself drawn to an expensive palette because of the brand and it’s reviews by bloggers and influencers on the WWW. (World Wide Web) But is there such a thing as beauty on a budget? And by this, I mean being able to get the same look with lower end products.

At the start of September, I was approached by make up brand Technic; who are a budget friendly make up brand whose message is clear; innovative beauty products at affordable prices. They asked me whether I’d be interested in discussing this concept of blending on a budget. Now, for this I wanted to show case affordable eyeshadows from Technic and I wanted to prove to my high end beauty lovers that there is affordable but high quality products out there waiting to be tested and tried. To show you all, how great these shadows are, I decided to do my standard make up look which essentially is a range of brown eyeshadows mixed together, where I just hope for the best and then add a red lip. Simples.

Now, I’m a little peculiar when doing my make up since I always do it the wrong way according to my Sister. For me, I always do my eye make up first because I hate that if I make a mistake I have to take the whole thing off and the outcome often involves my base coming off with it. So, eye make up first. I begin by priming and curling my lashes. Two steps which most of us forget and two steps I abide by to ensure my make up stays on for that little bit long. I prime, using the Essence 2 in 1 Eye primer which is a cream product so easy to blend and sits on the skin for ages. As a result it’s no wonder why my eye make up lasts that extra bit longer. I curl my lashes with standard eyelash curlers nothing fancy just ones, I picked up from Superdrug at some point. I then use the Technic eyeshadow palette and this one is the Toffee Edition. This is my favourite of the palettes I received from the brand since it has some great neutral shades as well as brown tones that work effortlessly at creating a classy look that is suitable for day and night. I use #12 first which I use as a shadow to set the primer in place and use this as a base to all the additional shades. Next, comes the #02, a lovely light brown that is wonderful for going over the whole lid to begin this classic brown smokey eye look. Then, comes #11 which is a shade very similar to the one you would use for contour but slightly darker than the taupe shade typically used to define those invisible cheek bones. I use this for a crease colour which contours the crease and really defines the socket. I then take the shade #7 the dark chocolate shade that every palette should have because Ev loves a shadow resembling her favourite treat. This shade, I apply in in the outer corners to bring into the lid to bring in that smokey look I always aim to go for.  This shade is also great for using on a smaller detailing brush underneath the bottom lash line. I think, a shadow underneath the lash line when you’ve used shadow is important since it looks much more in sync. It also compliments the goings on, on your lid. To brighten the inner corners up slightly and show the detailing of the wonderful blending, I’ve also used the Technic Colour Baked Eyeshadows which is an 8 shade palette containing 8 highlighting shades, perfect for, bold shiny make up or simply adding these shades into the inner corners. I take the lightest shade and apply this into the inner corner. These shades are wonderful and, I’ll say it now, my views are not influenced because this is in collaboration with Technic but I absolutely loved this palette. The variety of shades, is just perfect for the day-night classic look and the shadows blend perfectly with no issues. Sometimes, the affordable shadows become; incredibly hard to blend, aren’t pigmented or don’t last on the lid for a long period of time meaning you feel disheartened. However, I can assure all doubters out that, this palette is one you need to TREAT YO-SELF to or add to your wish list since you’ll get plenty of uses from it. I was also surprised with how lovely the brush that came with the palette was; meaning this blending was as easy as ABC. Unlike, Shania Twain not being impressed with much, Ev is rather impressed with this cracking palette.

In addition to, using the effortlessly chic and easy to use shadows from Technic I also have taken the Revlon Photo Ready Primer and Colourstay Foundation and Concealer: the holy grail of base high street make up. The primer, works well at preparing the skin for foundation meaning my foundation lasts that extra bit longer just like the shadows with their primer. What more could a girl on a budget want? I then, go in with the Natural Collection Pressed Powder to set the base into place focusing specifically under the eyes since, I’m incredibly tired all the time at the moment and want to look visibly more awake. For contour, I take the eyeshadow palette again and use #14 to contour with which is a great contouring shade since it’s a matte shade and works great for adding definition without that shimmer or glitter some bronzing shades give off.  I then highlight with the Lottie London Highlighting Squad, a squad that every highlighter fan needs. I take, the shade TroubleMaker and apply this on top of the newly created cheekbones just for that classic shimmer.

For mascara, I take the newly released Tanya Burr Selfie Mascara. A mascara which I was quite sceptical about since I was unsure how a celebrity brand would be able to create a mascara that would deliver. However, Ev has been proven wrong just like you lot for thinking you can’t blend on a budget. This mascara, is perfect: for separating the lashes giving that volume and defining the lashes. WINNER.

To complete my signature look, I go for the Essence Ready for Red lip liner and then apply the Revlon Matte Colour Balm crayons in the shade ‘Striking‘ a lovely bright red that sticks in place.

This completes my signature look as well as experimenting with affordable eye shadows. Now, I have been truly amazed with the quality of this palette in particular. As well as the two, other ones, I received; the raspberry edition and the baked highlighting shadows these two are great (if you want them featured let me know). I love their pigmentation, their long lasting finish and the affordability. I, like many other girls my age all fall for buying high end products because we think they’ll be so much more superior and yes sometimes they can be, but it’s a case of experimenting. Experimenting and being open to affordable brands has brought me to this brand and I can’t wait to see their other palettes and products available.



*Let us rejoice at the fact, I had photos from a shoot prior to my health issues*

My hair, since my early teens has been a major complex for me; whether it’s on my head, face or body it’s just something I’ve never embraced or been a fan of. I was, also bullied an awful lot at school for being hairy. With this in mind, it is/was no wonder, why, when I’ve ever been anxious I’ve resorted to playing or pulling my hair. As a result of pulling my hair out of anxiety I’ve often had dry and very damaged hair or fine should I say. With this, I’ve always relied on hair masks from the high street to help deal with such problems. These hair masks are great for the first few attempts at styling your hair, post the treatment, your hair feels and looks shiny and healthy. However, after talking with my hairdresser a few months back, she said they don’t always treat the hairs’ particles inside the follicle. I know, I never knew this either. As you can see, I am always at the heart of small talk. 

So, I’ve been on the hunt for a hair mask for months that would do some magic to my hair and potentially help it look and feel healthy. Now, you must know by now that I love natural products. I felt that I should look in the natural world before spending fortunes on the masks the big hair dogs recommend. I went to the daddy of natural oils. Coconut Oil. We use it, on just about anything: our make-up removal, our food and now our hair. I saw online how the oil can be used for treating split ends and also making the hair feel silky and smooth. I can confirm, it does do this. BONUS.

Now this is great, if you have a good few hours or a late morning start to sort this because coconut oil works on the hair if it is on the hair a long time. Allowing it to go into the roots of the hair. So, I needed a quicker one. You might remember, that back in June/July time I went to the Beauty at Brunch, Brunch held in London. At this event, the ladies had the brand Chirpbody in their goodie bag. This is a brand who produce 100% natural hair masks. So no, nasty chemicals lurking at the bottom of the package. I used this a lot during the Summer months because my hair was so dry from the heat we had for a week here in England as well as me using heat on my hair. So, my hair was taking a battering which is why this product was perfect. You simply, put the treatment on the hair prior to washing it. Leave the treatment on for 25 minutes, I often would also put a face mask on so my entire top half was having a mini pamper session. I could also reply to emails and Instagram stalk whilst the mask was working its magic. You then just wash it off with your normal shampoo and conditioner.

I felt that in this shoot, especially, that my hair looked it’s healthiest despite curling it. I find, that post curling your hair your hair feels weaker and often is brittle from the heat usage. However, after using this product the curls look healthy and my hair doesn’t look damaged after the curls have dropped.

My hair and I feel CHIRPY since my hair looks healthy and nourished all through naturally based products.



T-Shirt: Boohoo

Jeans: Topshop Petite MOM

Earrings: New Look

Trainers: Converse 







The Beauty Edit

Last year I wrote about the products I was preaching to you all, as the holy grail products of my make-up bag. The products I reached out for and the products I would always recommend to a friend if they asked for an opinion. Most of these I can confirm are still at the top of the rankings of my make-up bag, if that is such a thing. However, today I bring you a few of the new additions to the holy grail beauty products.

My first mention. The Urban Decay: Naked Matte Basics. When this was announced at the end of last year, I was delighted since I love Urban Decay eye shadows and I love anything matte. In my opinion, there is nothing classier than a matte lipstick or matte eyeshadow. It was a palette I bought at the start of this year and has been a firm favourite in the make-up bag of Ev. It’s range of colours make for great crease colours as well as solo shades where you can have one shade and just this blend this to death. I also found their colour ‘extra bitter’ the perfect shade for contouring those hidden cheek bones. I use this on a Real Technique’s contour brush and adore the matte contour it gives on a clean base. This is a palette you must add on your wish list to complete your collection; also should I buy the Urban Decay heat palette? It looks the daddy of warm shades…

Next. Eyeliner. Eyeliner is Satan of make up or eye make-up in particular. You can either wing it to perfection every time or you can’t get equal lines or you’re just really annoying and slay at eyeliner. If you can wing your lines evenly then I secretly hate you, (no offence). For years, I’ve looked for the perfect liner that even lines or wings a simple thing; as simple as lining those lips. I tried various liners that claimed to make precision perfect, I can confirm that their claims are incorrect for make-up morons like myself, or heavy handed make up people like myself. BUT. Revlon created and bought out the Colourstay liquid eyeliner pen. A pen that is so fine that it makes eyeliner a piece of **** I love doing eyeliner with this pen and it also stays on for the whole day which is often unlike some of my eyeliners because they smudge or fade half way through the day. This is the perfect eyeliner if, like me, you struggle with the precision.

Benefit Mascaras have always been good. When Benefit release a new mascara, you know it’ll be good. My last post raved on about the drugstore dupe mascara: the Essence false lash effect. But sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta have the high end one. The Benefit They’re Real is a mascara that adds volume and definition as well as causing you to never need to wear false lashes. I love adding lashes on for an evening look, I feel that adding a pair of lashes just adds something to a make up look. But on the days when the lashes don’t want to stick this is perfect. The definition and volume this mascara gives also lasts, so you have curly lashes for the day. Back of the net!

I’m not usually one for powder because I find the after effect to make the face look too dry. I like my face to look fresh and awake regardless of it approaching Autumn. But recently, I’ve been keen for my make up to stay on for the day since it goes on my face so early on in the day. I’ve returned to Natural Collection. A brand that kick started my love affair with the beauty industry. It was accessible and affordable, two must great things. The brand, often goes forgotten in the industry but should be recognised for it’s great range of products at such a great price. I also love how the products make for a wonderful ‘My first make-up kit’. I love bronzer and I love their powder just as much. It’s light weight but great for setting the base product, meaning, I stay in place around those areas everyone needs extra coverage for a little longer. At £1.99 it’s a great addition to any make up bag whether it sits in your handbag for quick touch ups.

Nails: I’ve never spoken about nail varnish because I just have never felt the need to mention my go to nail polishes. However, in the last few weeks, I’ve fallen in love with the Essie top coat. Essie is one of my favourite brands for nail varnishes. Not only are their shades great because of the diversity but the lasting power is top quality. Applying the nail varnish lasts. For me, I love painting my nails and wearing nail varnish but I despise painting my nails for then in a day or even in an hour for them to start chipping. The top coat, has taken this nail varnish from a 8/10 to 10+. I can paint my nails on Sunday and they are still looking as good on the Friday or the following Sunday which is quite unbelievable but it is true. It’s also a saving since I don’t need to go to a professional to get a shellac. In the words of Alan Partridge, BACK OF THE NET!

Lips. My FAVOURITE. When it comes to my favourite lip products they do seem to be both high end, so apologies. The Urban Decay red lipstick comes from their Alice In Wonderland range and has to be a trusted red. I love red lipstick, it’s a signature look and I’m pretty good at knowing and finding goodens for the colour. This shade was bought for me, by my best friend and she picked a great one because like every red lipstick in my collection, is matte and is fabulous. Annoyingly this collection was limited, however I have linked it’s permanent sister that is still available. I honestly, don’t know what you would do without me?  I then turn to a nude shade. Nudes are a favourite but since I love red so much, very rarely turn to a nude lipstick. However, for my graduation I needed a nude lipstick that was matte and special. I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the shade ‘Pillow Talk’ which is just effortless. It’s matte but unlike other high end matte’s is comfortable and doesn’t make your lips feel like Ghandi’s flip flop. I love this shade. If I wear any form of nude, I want it to be nude or have an brown undertone since I find this shade to more flattering then a nude that has pinky undertones.

So these are my current beauty must haves.

What are yours?




This is not a sponsored post; all views are my own and and all products were purchased with my own pounds.

Ev xo




It’s as though, every post I write these days starts with ‘at this time of year’ which is why I started this post with an almost apology for the repetitive introductions.
Nevertheless, the point is, there comes a lot of things at this time of year that we either: change, adapt or bring in, as a result of the warmer climates. We bring out the fans, we bring out the summer sheets and of course the nasty flip flop slippers. All these things are indicator’s the climate has warmed up and we’re all sweating one out and going in our birthday suits to bed. The one thing I bring in each year is a different make up routine.



Make up should be something we change because during the winter we all go slightly over the top because the coldness usually makes our skin, dry and crusty. Two things nobody needs in their life.
I tend to wear foundation and eye liner when it’s warmer purely because it’s much cooler and doesn’t slide off your face. A bonus if you ask me!! I also wear a lot of berry toned red lipsticks. At this time of year, however, I adapt or change my make up routine. This is because I feel there is nothing worse than seeing a woman walking around with her make up sliding off her face, it’s slightly distressing if you ask me. Now I don’t really change my routine that much because during the winter months the foundation I opt for, is a light formula that gives a much more delicate finish than other alternatives. My foundation of choice tends to be the Benefit Flawless H20 in Ivory. I’ve worn this foundation for years and have always returned to it because it’s so light; it never feels like foundation. It is also a nice transition from a BB cream to a foundation, especially, if like me, you’re not keen on heavy formulations. This foundation tends to be my choice for evenings during the Summer because for evening galavanting you want your make up to stand in place for the duration.
But let us look at my current staple look.


During Autumn, Winter, Spring and the Summer I always prime my skin prior to applying any make up. Priming your skin before make up is critical if you are keen for long lasting coverage and most of us, forget it, unless we’re reminded or it comes as a step with a foundation we’re buying. I love priming because it just makes my face feel prepared for the products I will be using. I have mentioned this primer so many times but I love it and use it all year round and this is the Revlon Photo-Ready Primer. It’s usually a product I will always go out of my way to re-purchase because it’s so worth the money. Application of the base products is always a much smoother and seamless process when I have primed.The greatest thing, however, is the fact that it stays in place for the duration of the day or evening. Back of that net!


I had been desperate for a new addition to my collection and was intrigued by the beauty side of things at the Liz Earle counter. I always knew Liz Earle had produced beauty products but had always been more interested in the enormity of great skincare products. A big shout out to Mina Smith at the Liz Earle counter in Bluewater because this purchase would not have been made without her assistance. Her knowledge of the brand is fabulous as is her passion. To be helped a sales advisor who knows their product and brand is a breath of fresh air. I am in fact forever buying this product as a result of her great help. The product is, the Liz Earle Skin Tint. Retailed at £24.50 this is a much cheaper alternative than a luxury foundation but unlike the luxury foundations has a much nicer formulation. According to the trusted sales advisor the product has had a little make over. The product since it’s make over now claims it has


‘added skincare benefits such as; visibly smoother and brighter skin tones. This creamy, yet light wight and silicone free formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and imperfections to leave skin looking flawless, radiant and dewy’. 


The brand’s promises’, I can confirm are absolutely correct. I believe this is the perfect addition to my make up. I use this now, I think more, than a foundation because it’s such a beautiful formulation. In the early days of wearing make up I would always wear a tinted moisturiser but always found that by the end of the day; it wouldn’t be apparent I had even applied make up because I looked terrible but with this product I feel just as confident as I do in the mornings. Although some people may stop here I do always apply a lighter reflecting concealer under my eyes because I want to look brighter and more refreshed. This tends to be the Revlon ColourStay concealer in ‘Fair’ this is a great concealer for under the eyes and has great tendencies to remain in place for the duration of the day. I think a lighter concealer under the eyes is a great feature for the summer because it gives a fresh light and bright appearance to the skin.
I then contour the hell outta those cheekbones using either Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer which is a staple for any contouring buff. The matte consistency is perfect for defining those hiding cheek bones. I use this and then highlight with a pinky under toned highlighter from Lottie London. Lottie are a fab brand if you’re after highly pigmented highlighters that are affordable. These are genius and last for ages on the skin. The cheeks are so highlighted NASA would think you’re a star in the sky with the shimmer.

Lashes are a staple part of any make up routine, regardless of season. For this time of year, I curl my lashes and then apply the Revlon Lash Defining mascara (the purple lid one) and use this lots of times to define the lashes. I would also recommend a nude eye liner in the bottom lash line to make your eyes look brighter. I then use a brown eye liner pencil in the top lash line which makes the top set of lashes look fuller.


For my lips, I have been opting for a nude and my favourite at the moment has to be Charlotte Tillbury’s Pillow Talk which is a fab nude shade for this time of year. I love the matte consistency of the shade too. I should add, that I am still wearing red lipstick because I would not dismiss any red lipstick; my favourite red for this time of year has to be either Mac’s Lady Danger or Tanya Burr’s Wild Safari; two very similar lipsticks in terms of their shades but both differ in consistencies. One is a matte and a higher end lipstick whilst the other offers a much creamier finish at a lower and much more affordable price. Yet both are great orange toned reds for this time of year.


How do you get your make up bag ready for Summer?


Products MentionedRevlon Photo Ready PrimerLiz Earle: Tinted Moisturiser (Beige)Revlon Definition MascaraRevlon Colour Stay ConcealerCharlotte Tilbury: Matte Revolution: Pillow Talk


In a woman’s handbag you will find lots of the necessities; a
lipstick, a pair of earphones, her purse and her phone but one thing she’ll
have either in a miniature make up bag or in a secret zip will be her monthly
equipment. Monthly equipment you ask? Yes, we all know, it’s the dreaded period
relief products. The tampons, the sanitary towels and whatever else you may use.
The sanitary items will be products that you’ll keep so secret even MI5 would
struggle to locate; us girls are so quiet and hidden about menstruation.
Despite every girl going through the chat at school and at home with her Mum,
there is still this stigma that sits around periods. Women are still very
closed off about openly saying their headache or stomach cramp is period related.
Even the word ‘period’ is deemed wrong, we find ourselves using other names, or
phrases to describe it. My least favourite is, is when you’ll hear girls saying
‘they are on.’ You ask why I dislike this phrase? Well firstly, we are not
lightbulbs or switches we are not on. Your body is telling you it’s working correctly,
it is also telling you that you are not pregnant – which may or may not be good
news for you. Although it would be great if your body could just give you a
memo reading ‘not preggers babes’.

I can’t lie and be all liberated and full of it when it
comes the subject; for one I don’t like anyone to know about the subject. I
will disguise the issue trying to avoid any mention unless it is a necessity.
Nobody shall know. The only sign, I am rather sensitive and emotional 2 things
I tend not to be. So if I get upset over the tiniest things it’s usually
hormonally related. Why do I bring periods up? Well, you’ll be pleased to know
I have found the revolution for your monthly nightmare. 

I despise the monthly arrival of mother nature; I despise
her arrival more than those guys who creep into the direct messages after
ignoring you for 6 months. The pain, the mood swings and the general
maintenance is a real nightmare. However, I have found a marvellous invention.
The FAB LITTLE BAG. These little gems were gifted to me and ever since I opened
them I have been intrigued by them. I loved how quirky they looked and how
their aesthetic purpose was not a distraction from their purpose. Essentially
these fab little bags, (excuses lots of puns) are for you to dispose your sanitary
product into. For example, last month mother nature was on her rounds and I was
able to discreetly place my product into this lovely looking bag because
annoyingly the toilet, I was using was not stocked up with tissue. In this
situation, you sit panicking you’re sat in a rather embarrassing toilet
position with your knickers on your ankles wondering ‘is this where I’ll spend
the rest of my life waiting the cleaner or toilet paper supplier?’ but with
this fab little bag (and yes I did it again) no need to worry. This is because
thanks to this, you place your item in this bag and leave the toilet without
being found with no underwear on in a desperate position for the toilet paper. You
can find that bin that is sat on the other side of the bathroom to dispose that
little nasty into. Back of the net!

The aim of this creation was to encourage women to stop
putting their waste of this sort down the toilet because this is not
environmentally friendly. I love how although this has a practical purpose these
little bags just look so good. I now have a new addition in my little make up
bag which contains all the monthly SOS products and this fab little bag has
just become a great feature.

If you fancy a revolution in your handbag or learning about how these revolutions are created and who by, head over to their Fab Little page. You can also locate these delights in stores such as: Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods, Amazon or Ethical Superstore. 

These products were gifted