A Peek into my Wardrobe!

As you’ll be aware, I am a big fan of the hashtag and trend on social media the OOTD which is outfit of the day. I think its because I like sharing my fashion despite few people actually wanting to copy my fashion sense. I have already declared on previous posts that I have no intention in becoming a fashion blogger because I am not the sort of person, but also I don’t want to become like other people who blog. So once in a while, I will give you a glimpse into my fashions by sharing the photos I have shared with my followers on Instagram and Twitter. If you have any questions drop a comment or find me at the usual places on social media!

This blouse was given to me by my Auntie, whose fashion sense I really do like and we share clothes so much that sometimes she’s wearing my clothes and it works visa versa on most occasions. Nevertheless this blouse, I really liked because of he style but also the print, the print gives a 70s vibe whilst the actually shaping of the blouse is 40’sish which I do love because I am very fond of vintage shapes and clothes.

Unfortunately the price I can’t give but the location of this blouse can be found at ASOS.

 This dress I wore first in 2011 for my Uncles wedding, since the wedding I haven’t worn it once, simply because I have had no opportunity or special occasion to wear it to. So my cruise around the Mediterranean this year was the perfect opportunity to re-wear this dress. I like wearing this dress for the simple reason that it hugs my hips and having an hour glass figure means I want to enhance those areas rather than hiding them and looking like a pear. Unfortunately due it being such an old dress, it probably can only be found again on Ebay, but if you do want to pick up something similar, you can finally dresses in this style in different patterns etc from the independent retailer Yumi, who currently stock some of their clothes on the Next directory but are also located in Bluewater.

So….Yumi is the place to be for 

great all round dresses and other pieces for this Autumn/Winter which is all about floral prints according.

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