Taking the educational plunge!

Good evening, you join me now on a Saturday night in my bedroom with an old episode of Waterloo Road on my television but this evening Im going to confess about my first week at University and how I am finding it as a commuter.

So, from my previous posts you’ll be aware that this September I embarked on a new adventure beginning University, in my case this is the University of Kent. For the next three years I will be giving a big hug to English and American Literature. So, now I can say that I have completed my first official week as a student. My timetable isn’t as bad as it could be, in total I have 2 early mornings, 1 late finish and then 2 late starts, which I don’t mind. To be honest the only thing that I am finding hard is the commute, which yes is only 30 minutes but its still the idea of being on a train. Im completing 4 modules; Romanticism, Early Drama, Readings in the 20th Century and Writing America. I cant say that I am loving it because, as it stands it is all introductory but even with being all starting points there is still quite a lot of reading but I have made a promise to myself that I will not let it disturb my social life or my sanity as A Levels made me incredibly stressed. 

To end this post, I would like to make a few promises to myself and then I can tell you in December whether they have lasted or whether I have kept to them.

1) I promise to have ME time, which does mean not reading things for UNI in the bath, I will stop working after 8pm to give me a chance to re-charge my batteries.

2) I promise to have a life during the weekends, whether it be going to the cinema, shopping or going out in the evenings

3) I promise to speak up and be myself. I did read something on Twitter that said “Its better to be hated for being you than being loved for someone you’re not and this is exactly what I want my Uni experience to be.

All three of these promises I hope that I can keep to, which will make me calmer and also less emotional. This is because I want my Uni experience to be worthwhile and not be a waste of my time. I’ve spent the past 5 years dreaming of starting an English degree and so I want to finish it. Anyway, I apologise for this style of post today, my next post will be much more upbeat.


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  • Congrats on your educational plunge! It can be terrifying, starting a new school, deciding your career, moving away from home, and meeting all new people your first week. But it will get better.. you'll start to feel more at home and balancing your study and me time does get easier, I promise! I'm in my second year and it is the best experience that I have ever had. Just give yourself some time to get adjusted girl, and you won't be so stressed! Good luck, and please, post updates every once in a while about your college life! It will be something you can look back on and smile about. (:
    Morrighan @ http://ufbooks.blogspot.com