Bonfire Night Inspired Make-Up

This week has flown by, for me I’ve had such a busy week and I actually missed Firework night, because Kylie Minogue was making me sing and dance with her in France. So I went to a friends house for a Firework gathering on the Saturday instead which was lovely, we got to see Fireworks and have girly chats which is great! For the evening, my make up was inspired by bonfire night, by this I mean that I focused my eyes and lips on smokey effects.

My Face

I moisturize using Nivea’s cream, this can be greasy so have a cotton wool pad on stand by to wipe the excess off. If you already have a greasy complexion do not use this as it will make your face like a deep fat fryer. Then I use my Natural Collection cover up cream on my eye lids to hide my grey circles. This is because nobody wants to really look like they were up till 2 with Kylie in France and then up for Uni at 7am. Oops. When your grey circles are covered, I used Rimmels BB cream in a Medium tone which is priced in most drug stores at £6.99. If you have a higher budget, I do recommend L’Oréal’s Bare Skin Beautifier which is £11.99 so a lot pricier then most but it does the job if you want to spend lots of money on it. BB cream is much nicer to use because its less heavy than a foundation. So use it if you don’t want to be coco the clown. Face is done. And I do not feel like a Clown! So that’s a bonus.

My Eyes:

I used a MAC eye-shadow pallet which I have had for years, It was given to me by my late Great Aunt so I cant bear to throw it away. I used the black, white and a goldy tone, I mixed these two around over my eyelid and used my NO7 Eye Shadow blender brush to do this. After this, I applied a flick of Rimmels Exaggerate Liquid eyeliner, then on the lower lash line I used Natural Collections, Black eyeliner pencil to give my eyes symmetry but also definition. As I write this, I feel like Im dressing for Halloween, nevertheless I continued on with my eyes, this was using Collections £1.50 mascara, 2 coats is enough for this make up. This is the final step for eyes.


I first use a lip liner which is the Collection lip liner in Damson shade which was £1.99 always a bargain. Then I use my Mac,Ruby Woo, £15, Matte lipstick. A Matte style lipstick will be very drying, so always apply some vaseline with your lip brush, mine is the N07 lipstick brush and then if will not screw your lipstick up. So thats lips complete.

So this is the completed look, all smokey and bonfire inspired.

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