Monday Make-Up!

Scarf: £5- Primark
Coat: £78- Next

Yesterday I gave you my fashion for a Monday, which is typically a horrible day but for me it isn’t because I start late. Nevertheless, you got to see what I wore but how I did my make up was impossible to see through the camera shots. So, my make up for a late start, I kept to a minimum because I didn’t want to look over done.

Complete your typical skin care routine, once you have done that then begin the applying your facial make up. For this, I am loyal to Natural Collection which is Boots own make up range and is fairly cheap, you’re looking at paying £1.99 for a mascara which is a really good price. Back to the actual procedure, I dabbed a spots of Natural Collection’s cover up cream under my eyes so that once I applied my tinted moisturiser it would give an even coverage, but also to hide the fact that I was slightly tired. Once I looked slightly more human, I put on my tinted moisturiser on, which was again NC. This next step is optional, I don’t always do this but if you are always going out you can always apply some powder on top of either the foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturiser because it will set your base coat, this is NC too. One thing that I really dislike about Natural Collection’s own range, is the quality of the make up, the actual consistency is lovely but the resistance of the make up is appalling. I can guarantee that by the time I do get to University or my destination, the make up has worn off but my eye make up resists for the entire day if I don’t touch my eyes. This now means that my face is complete.

When keeping to minimal make up designs, I do believe that you either go for a bright or bold lips and simple eyes or simple lips but bold eyes. Today, I went for bright eyes, to create this I used a MAC eye pallet which is brilliant, it lasts most of the day and you can use it as a lower lash eyeliner too. After this, I use Rimmel’s exaggerate eyeliner which is quite expensive, £4.99 in comparison with the NC’s own, but it lasts for the entire day and you don’t have the worry of it rubbing off which is also a positive. The bottom of my eyes, I used Fearne Cottons eyeliner pen, which came from her Christmas collection and this is really easy to apply and lasts for a good time. Then mascara, was my last feature and this I went bold with, and for this I chose Collections bold lashes mascara which is cheap too at £2.99. This now means that my eyes are complete.


As I mentioned above, I kept this to a minimum, so went for a pale pink lip colour, which was L’Oreal’s Collection colour, this colour, I have featured in a previous post, this was the Audrey Hepburn post. It is a really good brand for lipstick and it’s resistance is reasonably good, but I do suggest you having a lip liner in a lower shade just to make it stay on for longer. Although this lipstick is great, its price on the other-hand is quite dodgy, costing a whopping £8.00, this is expensive for a high street lipstick when the other brands cost £4.99 for a lipstick bu 
t it could be worth it when there is such a good smell to it and gives your lips such good moisture.

My make up for Monday is now complete, will you be trying out my routine for a Monday or will you be sticking to your own routine? Let me know, give me a Tweet or even leave a comment in the box below.


  • Natural Collections: Cover-up cream and tinted moisturiser
  • L’Oreal’s Collection lipstick
  • Collection mascara
  • MAC eye pallet
  • Rimmel‘s exaggerate eyeliner
  • Fearne Cotton‘s eyeliner pen

Top: N/A = Urban Outfitters

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