1st December Selfie Commentary




This was Monday afternoon’s fashion and make up, this is when I have an afternoon start in favour of an early morning start. Thus more effort. I thought I’d give you a list of where I got my products and how to achieve this subtle wintery look.


Face: Rimmel BB Cream mixed with Nivea soft moisturiser cream this lightens the original tone of the BB cream but also provides you with a softer complexion. I do believe that a BB cream is a much better alternative for your face because its softer and is less heavy than a foundation which can give a cement type look. Beneath your facial cream, I put on Natural collection’s cover cream which comes in a lip-gloss tube. I put this above my lip liner because this will prevent any lipstick bleeding and underneath my eyes to stop me from looking tired.


Rimmel BB cream: £4.56

Nivea Soft Moisturiser: £1.99

Natural Collection Cover-up Cream: £1.99


Eyes: For my eyes I went subtle, and used L’Oreal’s eyeliner pencil, I put this on the top and lower lash line. My mascara choice was Rimmel’s 3D lash mascara which I purchased last week and it has to be my favourite mascara ever, it has a thin brush and gives you such lovely lashes. It is a must buy for all girls.


Rimmel 3D lash mascara: £4.99

L’Oreal Colour riche, midnight black: £4.28


Lips: I tried a new product which I have never tested and used before and this was Topshop’s own lipsticks which I have to say, are not that bad, they are no different to a drug store’s own lipstick. Yes they cost slightly more at £8, you can get 2 for the same price as 1 MAC lipstick, that gives the same finish. Above the shade is the Infra-red velvet finish lipstick which is wonderful.


Topshop: Velvet finish, Infra-red £8




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