2014: A Year in Photos

I am not one for writing or even sharing with you images from the past year, but I thought its the end of 2014, so why not? This year has provided me with some great memories. Despite a family member passing away, upset, tears etc but there have been some happy things that have contributed to shaping this post and my 2014. 


 I finally turned 18, back in January which was great, had my first evening out of buying my own alcohol, spending a weekend with my best friends and family. I experienced an all girls holiday which was everything I imagined it to be, sassy and fabulous. I started writing this blog, it might not be Zoella, but its on equal steppings to my own personality, hopefully you agree too. I passed my A levels and got into University, it may not have been where I originally planned back at the beginning of the year, but I do think it worked out for the best in the end, as I seem to be really settled, even if I am living at home with my parents still. 

To my original choice of Uni, sod you! You missed out!

   My Dad (Pete the cheat) and I drove to France to see Kylie Minogue, yes we do that sort of thing. I cruised round Europe seeing; Rome, Barcelona, Florence, Pompeii, Naples and Cannes. To complete this year, I finally passed my driving test after a few attempts and several lessons but I did it, all thanks to my driving instructor, who seemed to be happy to say goodbye after 18 months of blood, sweat and tears.

 I did it!! 

  So, another year has been survived, hopefully the next 365 can be survived with sass and positivity, hopefully new things will happen and I can be happy and find inner happiness most physically and mentally. You never know a lover may appear, I may find love, I have to remain optimistic, maybe a part time job and I definitely hope that I pass my first year of University! Anyway lets say goodbye to this rollercoaster of a year and bring in the new one. !

   Happy New Year!!

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