Flo: Mini Fashionista Special

Since I started blogging about; beauty, fashion and lifestyle I have focused particularly on what I wear and what I like wearing, but have never let you see my cousin Floirin, who is a mini fashionista, even at the age of 9. This meant that I decided to show you what she was wearing and tell you how to get her look. 

Check Jacket: Zara 

Skinny Jeans: H/M

Boots: Uggs

Bag: Zara 

Flo, is such a stylish little girl, she knows what she likes and will always influence me in what I choose to wear. For example, Flo loves the shop Zara, I had never even step foot in the door until she suggested the shop to me. So that is Flo’s attire for an afternoon with her family. 

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