Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all. I am actually still in shock, believe it or not, that we are in a new year so quickly.
I seem to be posting several lifestyle themed posts, so if you prefer those let me know, if not then look somewhere else or just bear with me. With it being a brand new year,  I thought that I would take a plunge into the whole ‘new years resolutions’. These seem to always pipe up at now, so I thought id follow the herd too. These resolutions are usually people, spending fortunes on a gym membership for the year but in reality using it once in that year. *Looks around to search for fellow non gym goers*. Or its to eat healthily, which becomes apparent when in a supermarket, in January, nobody appears to be buying wine and chocolate. Yes, I decided to think carefully to share with you what I want to improve on in the next 365 days.    As I said on NYE, 2014 was a strange year, it started off really well but then things do not stay on a high all the time. Suddenly a family member became poorly and soon passed away, A Level exams begun to appear, results day loomed and the University starting date appeared. Despite these stressful and upsetting times, in between those weeks and days,  I did have some great memories, but if you want to read about those, take a peak at yesterdays post .
What do I want out of this year? Who do I want to have become? 

1) Take a Break
Every year, my friends tell me and I tell myself that I should take a step back to cater for myself, which happens once in a blue moon because I prefer to keep productive. As a result of not catering for my own needs, I become severely anxious and stressful thus requiring to take time off. So that will begin now and continue on throughout the year. 

2) Develop more confidence

I’d say over the past 2 years, my confidence has shot right up, but I still want to be a confident person. Although it was last year since I passed my driving test, I honestly believe that this major life event has given me a new sense of life, perhaps because I feel better that it is out of the way. I secondly want to be a little more sociable, I enjoy going out but just don’t seem to have the confidence to ask people about getting together on a Friday or Saturday night, which has made me feel more like a recluse so, this year I will be more sociable both at night time and day time. 

Will I meet my years objective? I doubt it, but let us stay optimistic! Once again….    

Happy New Year!

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