Give us a Kiss?

Last week I showed you what was in my makeup bag, this week
I will let you inside my lipstick collection, which is quite a vast collection,
even for someone who has only been wearing lipstick for a year.

Firstly, we have the No7 moisturiser drench lipstick, this
is sold in Boots, a British drugstore, its retailed at £8.99 so quite a pricier
lippy in comparison with Superdrug’s own make up brand MUA which sells a
lipstick for a £1. This colour is a real perfect colour for day wear, because
it isn’t too bold neither is it too hard to apply when you are in a rush. I
would suggest a lip liner if you are intending on wearing this all day, if so then
try Collections one in shade ‘Damson’ retailed at £1.50 a bargain, it is deep
berry shade which underneath this lipstick works really well. I wanted to show
you this lipstick because as a make-up wearer and buyer, I feel that NO7 are a
brand which are sort of forgotten about, because for years we think that us
younger people can’t get away with wearing the brand, or it is because it is a
little more expensive than other brands on the high-street. However with our
now addiction to expensive brands such as Mac and Urban Decay, I don’t think we
should be complaining about paying £8.99 for a lipstick, when we’re prepared to
pay £15 for a Mac lipstick. (I love Mac and Urban Decay, so this is my inner
Granny speaking). So go to your local Boots and pick up this sassy Autumnal and
day lippy.

Next I have chosen one of the L’Oreal L’Oreal Paris Colour
in ‘Liyas’ shade of red, I was bought this for Christmas by my Auntie, I
already have this brand of lipstick but in one of the nude shades which I wore
when dressing up as Audrey Hepburn, below I will tag a link for you to see the
look when I wore this lipstick. L’Oreal claim that these lipstick has a matte
effect and will last a long a time but do they? Well, yes they do! For once,
the brands are living up to their words, I will also confess that come the end
of the day, these lipsticks do not start to become crumbly, I get this a lot when
wearing a matte shade of lipstick, in particular Macs, Ruby Woo which I find to
be so crumbly come the end of the day if I do not have a lip balm to put over
the top as some moisture. The packaging and design for these lipsticks is also
so lovely, they look so expensive when really they are a pound extra than Kate
Mosses lipsticks for Rimmel
. You can pick up these lipsticks in Boots at the moment
for £6.99 with all L’Oreal cosmetics being 3 for 2. I think a lipstick treat
once in a while is only fair, all girls need a treat once in a while.  

Our final rummage through the lipstick and eye drawer brings
up to an alternative to the typical lipstick packaging and to the lip crayons
from Revlon. These come at £7.99 in most drug stores and have a lovely texture
to them, I first bought one of these last year, I bought the shades ‘Standout’
and ‘Unapologetic’, both these shades claim to be Matte like the L’Oreal ones,
they do meet up to their aims not becoming shimmery neither do they only last 2
minutes like some balms. Although being matte based, they have a lovely soft
consistency to them when you apply it to the lip, making application being pleasant,
this also means that you can apply it whilst on the move. In the picture, I am
zooming into my recently purchased crayon in the shade ‘striking’ which is a
great bright red, which is a playful red, which made it ideal for doing a Valentines
inspired lip look. This also means that this shade of red isn’t too bold,
leaving you an opportunity to still do something with your eyes if you want to,
because sometimes if you wear a really bold colour on your lips, made up eyes
all looks very overdone. So you want either subtle eyes or striking lips or vice
versa. In wearing the shade ‘striking’ you can try both if you can be bothered
or want to. 

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