Whats in your Bag?

When I was younger, I’d say 13, the biggest question people ever asked me, when either being curious or just to mock was, did I wear make-up? The question at the time was no, because I simply didn’t need or want to wear it, now however I seem to want to buy and wear it just for my confidence and the fun of it. So I thought I would share with you what I have in a make up bag. 

From above you must be thinking that I am a ‘Zoella’ fan girl, well……yes and no. I did not go out of my way to purchase the bag, it was in the Super-drug Christmas sale, so I gave into temptation. I actually have an entire space in another room of the house dedicated to my beauty collection, so I have just summarised my key products from the past few weeks. 

We firstly have the Garnier BB Skin Perfecter in shade ‘light’, it is priced at £9.99 but Superdrug are currently selling it at £6.99. It aims to blur all of your facial imperfections whether blemishes or uneven skin tones. It is a great consistency, comes in a long slim tube, its lovely and soft and works incredibly well, if you follow my Instagram, all of the selfie’s recently taken have been using this product as my base. 

The next facial product in my main photo is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, in shade 005, costing £3.99. This is a powder which you apply over your foundation or BB cream, and it claims to set your base layer so it lasts longer also giving it a matte finish. Another hit! I try to use this everyday because it means that my initial look will look striking rather than looking rushed. 

My next item on my list, is the Naked 2 palette which unfortunately is not in focus in the main picture because during the editing process it was cut out. Nevertheless I received this item over Christmas from Pete the Cheat. I love this product not just because of its designer label, as that is vanity based love. I love it because of the vast choice of colour’s that it offers a user, and it has 2 shades of matte which are useful, the black shade ‘blackout’ I sometimes use as an eyeliner when I do not have a pencil eyeliner in hand. I also adore the whites and creams for base coats or when I want a slight shimmer. This is quite a pricey product from Urban Decay, costing £34 a palette but I honestly believe that it is a worth this hefty price tag just because it is so versatile. Whether you wear eye shadow or not, I think this product is very useful for eyeliners or just a base coat or under yours to brighten the eyes of a morning. 

The next feature in my make up bag will be the Rimmel exaggerate eye liner which is a superb eyeliner, this is because it lasts a long time but it also works really well for an idiot like myself. From appearances it looks so tiny, but dont judge a book by its cover because this beauty lasts a long time both as a product but also on your skin. If you love liquid eyeliner this is the perfect liner for you, Great product once again Rimmel. 

This is my favorite product from my make up bag, all the time it is the lippy. I would say I have more lipsticks than I have qualifications and males interested in me.  I do have more choices than this one I chose to photograph, and most bloggers and friends would know it is Kate Moss’s Rimmel 107 lasting finish lipstick, it is a wonderful lipstick as Zoella mentions frequently, it doesn’t come off on the slightest movement, it stays on all the time. With a touch of Vaseline it is also very moisturizing. You can pick this up in any Superdrug or Boots store and is perfect for an Autumnal make up look or for your evening out. If you are not a usual red lipstick wearer than I would suggest you try the Revlon colour burst crayons which are great for introducing new colours on to your lips, if this goes well, then I will reveal my crayon collection. 

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