Madonna VS That Cape

I want to apologise to anyone who was preparing to click on this link and see a beauty/fashion post, unfortunately this week I am having a newspaper column type rant. So if you’re not keen on those type of posts, please click elsewhere onto the webpage. In this weeks post, I want to talk to you lovely people about my thoughts on the medias and global public’s reaction to Madonnas performance at the 2015 Brit awards. 

It was British musics biggest calendar event, the Brit awards. The nominations for each of the awards reminded me of a menu at some of my least favorite restaurants, nothing really I want to see, eat, or let alone pay for. It was a nomination list, full of the generic artists such as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith who stole the show for awards, they seemed to spend more time thanking people who we had never heard of than actually absorbing the shows awkward jokes. 

However up until the Queen of Pop actually getting up on stage, the entire evening was a bit of a shambles, Ant and Dec were hosting, making it slightly funnier and comical but the jokes that were made were terrible. I have to confess, if Madonna hadn’t been performing I would not have even watched the whole evening. The Like a Prayer singer, 56, was there to promote and perform her latest single ‘Living For Love’ taken from her latest album ‘Rebel heart’ both of which I am on countdown for. Things seemed to be going well, until a certain dancer, pulled off a certain cape, causing her to fall back onto her head, leaving her with whiplash. The cape was a disaster waiting to happen, and personally I believe that there could have been a much better wardrobe choice than a cape. I completely understand, that yes, it was matching the theme of bull fighting and Spain, but it was just too complicated for such a big performance. Or we should have gone for Velcro or done it up looser.  

When the incident first occurred, I will confess now, to laughing, finding it very funny. This is quite a normal thing to do, when we see someone fall over, we immediately laugh without considering the potential injury caused. The injury left the arena audience blissfully unaware who were high as kites and drunk as skunks, but the audience sat on their sofas at home either in hysterics or in admiration for the woman continuing to deliver a sensational performance. What seemed to annoy me most about the entire performance was, this leading to several journalists and tweeters to comment on the icons age. At 56 she is one of our oldest female pop artists, who has never been shy of causing controversy at awards ceremonies, whether kissing Britney Spears or flashing her boob. Though this years main line was ‘she needs to retire’ or in one males words ‘the universe is telling her to quit’, no it’s not!! The Universe was telling her to prove the haters wrong and continue to perform even when you’re in pain. 

Why is her age such a big issue? We seem to have adjusted to there being an age difference in relationships, as in Stephen Fry’s relationship but in the music world, we cannot get away from there being older artists dancing and creating music. My other Queen of Pop, Kylie, also faces this backlash, her haters claim that she too should retire.

I get that Madonna is thrusting, showing her backside and singing about drugs and sex, but lets think about artists such as Kanye West, who performed at the Brits too, and we heard only half of his performance due certain language used. But no one has since questioned him on this performance! Whether this is do with gender or age is a question I think will continue to dominate conversation. She is 56. Not 66. She is still able to work, she is not able to take her pension out just yet!

I hate that we live in a society, where an artists age is the only factor that drives success for artists like Madonna. I ultimately get that we also live in a world where, you are entitled to like or dislike an artist, but then implying you dislike the person for his/her age is ridiculous, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I am not expecting everyone, to be love with the same artists as me, because that is unrealistic and making it like ridiculous. I just do not understand why we obsess so much of her age. If you do not like an artists music then that is again, except able and normal but not liking an artist for their age is appalling!! 

Similarly I cant get my head round half of the British press claiming that this entire accident, was a publicity stunt. No this was seriously not a PR stunt, when Madonna has done a PR stunt it has usually involved a boob flash, a thrust or a t-shirt not a fall from the stage. Let us remember, she hit her head and suffered whiplash, if all had gone even worse, she could have been brain damaged or even had lasting injuries, thankfully she has strong core strength as she has admitted quite recently. I also find it incredibly annoying that Radio 1, will comment on her fall, making comical digs that they think funny and will make them sound hip, but they wont play her latest single that has a very contemporary feel to it, it is an amazing song that really suits our current trend of music but we would rather listen to the same Ed Sheeran song over and over again! Must we? So what I am trying to say is, is if you are going to comment on the Icons accident, then at least play her music to back up your points. You always claim that you give listeners new music, but w

This is a Madonna style PR stunt!

hen I tune my radio in, you play the same song that you played an hour ago on a previous show. 

However to be realistic there will come a time when biology hinders Madonnas abilities, so that is understandable but lets be honest, for embodying the ideas of feminism she does a fab job. Be yourself and wear something for yourself not to please anyone else. Madonna you continue to wearing and performing how you want to, as your haters cant take away the fact that you have sold millions of records for decades. 

So yes, Madonna when your tour dates are announced, I look forward to waiting to purchase a ticket to come and see you, as I am on the Team Madonna wagon, however please avoid capes on the tour!! 

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