An ITV Tribute

During my first year which has now come to an end, I had to do a creative piece for my module called Early Drama at the University. The module explores drama pre-Shakespeare, a time which I didn’t really comprehend existed because until then had only been reading and watching Shakespeares. However beyond Shakey there is a world, a world deep underground.

For this module we were encouraged to do something creative, more creative than an essay; I decided to come up with a chat show idea, this idea stemmed from reading John Bales, King John, a polemic drawing on ideas about the Catholic Reformation in Henry VIII’s reign. I wanted to show the dramatic and historic differences in depictions of the King In one half of the interview, I show history’s depiction and the other depicts dramas depiction. I took on the role of Lorraine Kelly and here is the final outcome-

Thank you to all my helpers, Maxine Bobbett and Ryan Lincoln!! 

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