Monthly Loves!

The month of May seemed to go so quickly for me, I think that is because it was the month prior to my exams and those months always go quicker than the other months. Now that I am free, I shall now go through some of my favourites of the month from May but also the start of June.

Face Masks 

Over May, I was really stressed out with my first batch of University exams and everybody who I spoke to about stress, told me to relax whether that be in the bath or just watching a film in the evenings. In order to relax I have been buying beauty themed face masks for the bath, either from Superdrug for 65p currently on offer I should mention, but also from Tesco. Tesco’s. Thermal Detox mask is incredible, its such a dupe for the Sanctuary thermal face mask, but 10% cheaper. Our supermarket dupe charges £1 for a nice sachet that lasts for 2 days but Sanctuary charge £6 for exactly the same product. If you have never tried a self heating one, I fully recommend it, because as your rubbing and applying it to your face it is gently heating up, creating a lovely warm sensation on your face. If you’re after a pamper/relaxing evening then these sachets are perfect. 

Sanctuary Body Polish Scrub

On the same topic of pampering, we have Sanctuary’s Body Polish scrub which is priced at £6 in most Boots stores; like most of the Sanctuary products it smells delightful. I use this most times in the bath, after I have shaved my legs, applying it straight after. It feels lovely after you’ve shaved your legs, removing those dead cells resulting in you having gorgeous golden legs.

Essence Volumizing Princess Mascara

This has got to be my most favourite piece; also such a shocker of a purchase. This mascara can be brought from Wilkinsons costing £2.30 and it does what it says, it does make your lashes volumized and at such at cheap price its even better. 

New Look Sunset Matte Red

I have had this product since last Christmas; have only started using it more frequently around now because its a light red colour than my usual red prefencers by Rimmel which are always a deep red shade. New Look have been gradually bringing their make up into their stores, my local store have only just received it, at £3.99 a lip-stick it is ideal. It glides onto your lips nicely and their packaging is incredibly nice. 

Glamour Magazine

Since finishing University last week, I have been sort of lost with literature meaning I have resorted to reading magazines. For example Glamour magazine, I have always been a fan of because it features everything in, fashion beauty and a few stories. It has become even better because the star of my favourite TV show, Scandal, Kerry Washington is the cover star of July. For £2 its great and you get a magazine and occasionally a freebie, like this month I got with my magazine a blue eyeliner worth £12. 

Tanya Burr Nail Varnish // Red Riding Hood

Since an accidental viewing of a Zoella clip having watched her on Loose Women, I have become Youtube addict, watching Tanya Burr, Zoella and Niomi Smart on regular occasions. I didn’t think, however that I would buy into their brands but on a small shopping spree I gave into temptation, buying a Tanya Burr nail varnish. I’ve got admit, I was surprised how good it is, it does in fact last on your nails with out chipping dramatically, costing £4.99 you would expect it to last ages, because Barry M nail varnishes are good varnishes and are charged much cheaper. However Burr well done, I love my red riding hood nail varnish it works incredibly well for a novelty type brand. 

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