My Everyday Make-Up Routine

For someone like myself who blogs on the occasion and doesn’t
associate herself with the bloggers who can earn a living out of their words, this
post has been requested; finally I have given into temptation. This post shall
be my everyday make up routine, featuring my look for the day. If this post is
successful which I highly doubt it, would you watch me video it? If you would,
leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Without sounding like a big head, I know and appreciate that
my skin is very good, I’m lucky to not have any breakouts. I think this is due
to me moisturizing before and after make-up, using face masks regularly and
always trying to drink lots of water. If you want more of an in-depth look at
my skin care routine then click here. I begin every days make up, with a
moisturizer at the moment I’m loving N Spa’s Oil free moisturizer which to me
appears to be Asda’s own answer to Sanctuary but at half the price. I rub this
in, using my finger tips or a sponge from Boots. The next step, is to use some
concealer under my eyes which currently is the Barry M Flawless Concealer which
is an illuminating concealer so works wonders under your eyes. Third facial
step is to apply the base, for this I use the Garnier BB cream. To apply the
base, I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, a brush I find to be
brilliant. It blends amazingly well, resulting in your base looking flawless.

For months I have raved on about this product because of how
great it works for me, it is ideal for a flawless lightweight look. If my base
has to last me a long time, I usually opt for a powder, preferring a transparent
shade from Rimmel, preferably their Stay Matte powder. Bronzer during this
warmer months becomes a must, for the past few months I have fallen in love
with Essence, the make-up range and their bronzer for light skin. Although I
have a medium complexion, the lighter shade of bronzer is ideal for a light dusting
on your cheek bones, subtly defining those wannabe Kim K cheek bones. During a #BBLOGER
session on Twitter, I read a favourites post featuring Makeup Revolution’s Highlighter.
I think I am old for my time because I try to stick to products I know, just
because I don’t like to be disappointed and out of pocket at the end of the trial .
This is the final step for my base, it sounds as though this is a long winded process,
yet it takes me 5 minutes maximum to put on my base.

In taking 5 minutes maximum on my base, it means that I can
spend more time on my eyes which I like to spend more time on. I personally believe
that your eyes should be the talking point, I would much prefer somebody tell
me that they like my eye make-up than my contour which is hardly there. I begin
by using MUA’s eye shadow primer, which to me appears to be MUA’s dupe of Urban
Decays potion primer. If you can get a product for half the price of the
designer double than why wouldn’t you? I rub this onto the eye lid using the
Real Techniques eye brushes, in all honesty I couldn’t tell you what they are
called, by individual names, other than the brand. My second step to my
everyday eye look is to use an eye-shadow crayon, from NYX in the shade, French
. If you’re in a hurry, I would suggest that you purchase an eye crayon
because when in a hurry they are so easy to apply. If you cannot get hold of an
NYX pencil, then the Barry M eye crayons are also wonderful. Once I’ve tidied
up with the crayon, I use the long lasting eye-shadow in dark chocolate from
Essence. This eye-shadow I use in the crease which creates further depth for the
eye. For mascara, I am using Rimmel’s wake me up, this is a great mascara if you’re
looking for volume but quite natural looking lashes. This is it for the eyes,
again, pretty low maintenance

Applying lipstick and gloss is my favorite step of any make
up routine. I am currently loving the Essence, totally nude range and ‘Oh so
. On top of this I use Tanya Burr’s lip-gloss in, Lunch Date. For a you-tuber
product, the cosmetics products produced my Tanya Burr are fabulous, long
lasting and generally really good.

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