Motivational Monday!

It’s  Monday, the day we go to a cash-point and realize we’ve overspent or we wake up still feeling Sunday’s hangover. Whatever situation you’re currently feeling, I have the perfect post to refresh your brain cells making Monday feel slightly better, a playlist called Motivational Monday, all the tunes that will motivate you to crack on with the Monday blues, attacking them and bringing that frown back up into smile. 

Track 1- Fleetwood Mac // Chains 

Whether you’re a petrol head or not like myself you know or should know that this classic song by Fleetwood Mac is the theme tune for the BBC’s coverage of the Formula 1 racing. This song, I think is perfect for motivating you, if it can motivate Lewis Hamilton it can motivate us. The track now reminds me of a car revving preparing to set a superb time. This means it is the perfect song for to rev up the coffee machine and get cracking with the morning. 

Track 2: Chaka Khan // I’m Every Woman

Girls everywhere! Get out of the bed, crank on the stereo, switch on the shower, jump in and sing like you’re the headlining act at Glastonbury. This classic track from Chaka Khan is a girl power song and immediately makes you feel empowered resulting in you getting some additional motivation for the day ahead, making Monday morning little more bearable. 

Track 3: Calvin Harris // Summer

Now that the sun is blaring, waking us all up in the mornings it would be rude not to play a song to compliment this gorgeous whether so here is another cracking song, whether you’re going for a morning run, gym session or just need a great track to jig along to on the motorway in the sun. I think Calvin Harris has just what you’re after!

Track 4: Taylor Swift ft Kendrick Lamar // Bad Blood

This track listing arrangement was unintentional I didn’t put Taylor Swift beneath her lover intentionally, if you’re going to write hate mail, please address it to Apple like Swfity did. This song, I feel is like a war starter song, with its chorus line its quite motivating, every time I hear I get up and belt it imaging I am Taylor infront of thousands when really I am stood in a 4×4 bedroom on the Isle of Sheppey. 

Track 5: Kylie Minogue// Your Disco Needs You

I don’t think I could go without putting Kylie in a playlist because I just cant, shes so irresistible but this song suits any Monday. Kylie is telling you that your disco needs you and I am telling you that Monday needs you! 

Track 6: Madonna // Ray of Light
Again, I couldn’t not mention another one of my faves in a post, Madonna has to be mentioned when it comes to motivational anthems. Ray of Light is the filet of steak of her motivational songs, it immediately gives you a boost, I think when she performs it live, it causes me to believe for sure that it deserves its crown for being Madges best motivational classic. 

Track 7: Frankie Knuckles // Lets Stay Home

As much as the title suggests otherwise, I feel that this song by the late Frankie Knuckles is a hidden gem among his other remixes and original tracks, it really does combine house and pop all in one genre. I think this is the song which combines the Dad dance side step the teenage girl twisting drop, which I best describe as you shaking your booty and hips then getting lower and lower. I think I should rename it as 50 Cents backing dancer move. Nevertheless this track is perfect for these two great classic moves. Although its a weekend track, in the car its perfect and idea for Monday, despite encouraging you to stay home with its title. 

Track 8: Edwin Starr // War

I first heard this song in Season 1 of Scandal, immediately crowning it as Sassiest song which it is, it is everything you need from a proper jam. It symbolizes Olivia Pope from Scandal, therefore symbolizing sass. 

Track 9: Stevie Wonder // Higher Ground

Again you can never have a decent playlist without a smidge of Steve Wonder, you just cant it would be wrong not to. This track I have chosen again is a sassy song, I had this on the other day as I was walking to the train and it gives you such a sassy stride as you try and match your walk to the beat. That stride thing might just be me, because I am quite abnormal, often picturing myself as a popstar in a music video as I walk to certain locations. 

Track 10: Tera Nasha Aise Chadhe // Jhoom Jhoomta Hun

In my last post, (FAVES) I told you about my latest favorite hobby which is JustJhoom, a Bollywood dance fitness class which is very similar to Zumba. This song I have chosen is like the title song for the classes, often my teacher using it as our warm up track it combines the Bollywood sounds with a dance sound which is great. It motivates me for classes, making me give it some more burning an extra 100 calories along the way. So if it motivates me in class, it shall motivate you on a dull Monday morning. 




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