My Skincare Routine

Skin care is such a vital part of our everyday beauty regime whether we want to acknowledge as part of our routine. For instance, we have to take our make up off from our faces and that is part of our skin care isn’t it? Seeing as I have not discussed my own particular skin care routine, I felt that it was long awaited that I would write this post that seems to be so popular amongst my fellow female blogger rivals.

Garnier Simple Essentials Make-up Remover- In the picture above, beautifully edited, I have montaged together all of the products I use on my skin, both face and body. I begin my skincare regime with taking of the days make-up when I am working or at Uni, I stick to a basic make up look, the Garnier BB cream and some mascara, at the moment it is Rimmel’s Wake me up mascara with cucumber extract. This all comes off in a matter of seconds, I love the Garnier Simple Essential make up remover, it has a oily consistency so it does leave your face with a wet feeling. I believe that using a make-up remover in favour of make up wipes is a much better way of removing the days ‘slap’ because it leaves your face with some moisture the exact opposite of wipes.

N Spa Oil Free Moisture Gel- This product is perfect for applying after you’ve removed the slap of day, I use it twice a day, before and after applying/taking off make up. I use it as a primer in the mornings, then as a moisturiser in the evenings. This keeps my face feeling beautifully soft.

Body Skin Care

Zoella Scrubbing me Softly& Exfoliating Gloves- After the daily shaving your legs routine which becomes such a chore, to all my fellow females out there, boys do not realise how they are, to not have to shave their legs do they? After this chore, I exfoliate the newly hairless skin, just to make my lovely soft hairless legs glow in my PJ shorts. Although I am the only one who is looking at them. This recently released exfoliant by Zoella smelly delightful, she has really scrubbed up well there, pardon the pun. I think it is lovely smell and works wonders, leaving your skin feeling beautifully soft.

Johnsons Baby Naturals– As you know by now, this is my favourite body moisturiser because it firstly smells lovely and works wonders. It leaves my entire body smelling and feeling scrumptious.

My Top Tips

1) Always Remove your make up– whether you use wipes or a liquid/oil formulation you should always remove your slap otherwise you’ll clog up skin increasing your chances of breakouts. 

2) Drink lots of fluids– water makes such a difference to our skin, I am trying to drink a lot more water just to keep hydrated during the summer but in general it is an important fluid to keep your skin hydrated. 

3) Always Moisturise- Again, whether you do it before/after your apply make up/taking it off, just moisturise the better your skin will look in 30 years time. Both my Nan and Mum started early and their skin looks incredible, which motivated me to moisturise daily whether with cream or an oil. 

4) 5-2: Like the diet, why not take 2 days off from wearing make up, just to give your skin some breathing space, it really does work. It works by giving your skin sometime to regenerate itself from the heavy formulations we apply each day. Giving your face 2 days of no make up, that does include tinted moisturiser girls, means your skin will remain in good condition. 

5) Regular Face-Mask session- For a while now I have really been loving taking some time out in the evenings to do a face mask, I highly recommend Superdrugs own face masks which cost 99p a pack, stores usually have 3 for 2 offer on which is a great treat. I find that when I use a face mask that my skin feels beautifully soft afterwards. In my opinion, which you are clearly looking for I suggest thermal heating face masks which work by heating up as you apply them to the skin; also I would suggest seaweed masks which are cold and regenerate the skin cells, hydrating the skin. 

This is a daily routine I follow, morning and evening it works wonders for me and has been wonderful. If you know me, you know that I rarely get breakouts due to my religious skin care routine and lifestyle, the only time I have a spot the size of mars is when Mother nature is on its way.  

Before and After Make-Up

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