Madison’s Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

Now unless you live under a rock in regards to my social media profiles, you would know that on Thursday evening I went out for the evening in London. For the evening out I went to London’s top city bar, named Madisons, a roof top bar looking over central London that looks at St Pauls cathedral. In this post I will unveil what I ate and drunk; finally revealing what I wore. 

According to my Dad, who sees himself as Rick Stein roof top bars in the centre of cities have become the ‘in thing’, meaning anyone who wants to be anyone, attends a roof top bar. 

What I wore:

Blouse, Skirt, Shoes & Bag: New Look

Floppy Hat: H/M


Garnier BB Cream

Barry M Flawless concealer

Essence Sun kissed bronzer

MUA loose powder, translucent

Make-up Revolution highlighter, peach


Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Hollywood Palette

Essence Triple Choc Matte Eye shadow

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

NYX Felt tip Liner, Brown


MUA Lip Liner, Red

Rimmel, Kate Moss, Long Lasting Lipstick,110/107

When it came to food, I was in a 3 way dilemma because there was so much to choose from on their menu.  I was torn between a beef burger that looked magnificent when it came out, a rib eye steak or a pork belly chinese dish. If you know me well enough, you would know that when it comes to fancy dining I always end up having red meat, usually a rib eye steak cooked medium rarely which is perfection. However for this evening, seeing as though it was fancier than most places where I usually dine, I went for; Pork Belly pot that had cashews, Pak Choi, sugar snap peas served with a pot of rice. This was delicious, oozing with flavours, the pork belly was cooked to absolute perfection, lovely and tender. It was so tender in fact that you wouldn’t need to chew. To accompany the scrumptious dish, I went for an alcoholic cocktail which is unusual because 9/10 I end up having to drive meaning I have to avoid the alcoholic beverages. However thanks to public transport, I was able to drink far too many cocktails this evening; opting for porn star martini thanks to my Dads partners recommendation. This consisted of Vanilla vodka, passion fruit, sugar and lemon juice with a shot of champagne.

If you want to try this roof top bar out for yourself you have to be over 21 unless you’re eating a meal which we were. However if you know that you’re not going to be drinking I would take a long someone who you know is 21 or who is older. I do believe this to be an indulgent evening, do not expect to budget to £30 and you’ll be ok, because 1 meal costs £15-£30 on its own. A round of drinks for 4, cost £30 which is so expensive. Clearly the novelty of the location is what is giving Madisons the right to charge so much for drinks. In some places, I have been to, with good scenery or a good location they use this to not cook good quality food but Madisons combine both good scenery and good food to create a beautiful evening. 

Absolutely divine, it was wonderful to dress up classy and behave like I want to in 15 years time. 

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