Jhooming Marvelous

Back in June I had finished my first year of University and
was feeling relived, four months off with no stress or hard core revision
perfect. After the first week of relaxing and doing things that I had postponed
I felt that I should find a new hobby. I have tried many hobbies in my lifetime
from horse riding to trampoling. Some of these hobbies lasted long than others,
but I was still in much need of finding a hobby to kill time and keep active.

It was when I was watching ITV’s Daytime show, Lorraine that
I heard Lorraine Kelly discussing her new found love for exercising; in
particular Zumba. I had heard many things from friends and family about Zumba and
how fun it was. For me, I thought that if dance fitness classes were good
enough for Lorraine Kelly then they would be good for me too. So I began to search
for classes around my local area, when on the local gyms website, I found Just

Just Jhoom means Just Dance in Hindi and from my previous
line, I bet you know what Im about to type. Yes you guessed it, Just Jhoom is
an Indian dance fitness class. We use yoga, Pilates and aerobics combined with
Bollywood music to create a calorie burning class. My first class was great, I
had such a fun time, I sweated away so much anxiety and calories. In one class
you can burn up to 900 calories if you put lots of energy into the class. I
think the classes also open your ears and eyes up to new culture, since I have
started the classes I have found a new liking for Bollywood music, that is featured
in each of the classes, it is such a glamorous sound.

As a lot of you know by know, I am an anxiety sufferer, I have suffered with anxiety for 7 years and when I moving like Shillpa Shetty, I feel that for the hour I am shedding pounds and sweat I am also taking time out for myself which as been missing from my life as I am a workaholic. I am hoping that when I start back at University at the end of September that I can maintain Jhoom at least twice a week for an hour a week. 

Most of you lot who are reading this, will be intrigued as
to what are the results if any? Well in 3 months of Jhooming, power walking and
changing my lifestyle in a few different aspects I have in fact lost…………..a
dress size. It doesn’t sound a lot but as a girl that is it a lot. To be
honest, my weight loss and dress size loss hasn’t been intentional I have just
changed a few things. 

To show you the changes, in the next few blog posts I
will be posting a few blog posts of what I have been eating and the

However the one thing I shall say is, is how fabulous the
classes are and how I recommend them to you if you are thinking of starting up
a fitness class or trying to shed those calories. Thanks to my instructor
Amanda too, for such fab classes!

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