The Jhooming Diva!

In a post back in September I told you about my latest fitness craze and the weight loss benefits, I promised that I would discuss with you my new lifestyle and how I have opted for a more active and healthy approach to my adult hood. 

When I finished my first year of Uni in June, I was quite stressed and frustrated with the way I looked, I’ll be honest and say, I had put a lot of weight on through stress, I was a heavy snack eater usually snacking on magic stars or crisps which were not healthy alternatives. It was only when I started to exercise that I began to think of the positives of exercise and healthy diets; such as relieving stress and anxiety which was a back of the net moment. In this post I will explain my new choices, almost like a What I Ate in a Day. 


I wake up having slept for 8-9 hours, the hours of sleep that I like to have. I sometimes opt for a lemon infused green tea which I have to line my stomach, which is a nice warm start to my day. With this and Lorraine Kelly on in the background, the morning has started well. With my stomach lined, I will then have something substantial, at first I was having berries and a yoghurt which was aggravating my stomach; for some reason my body is having issues with too much dairy. Therefore I have opted for supermarket own Special K flakes with dried berries, fresh Blueberries and Onken cherry bio yoghurt as the milk substitute. Through overtime at work on checkouts, I discovered from a customer who is lactose intolerant that yoghurt has the enzymes in which people with stomach issues caused by dairy can eat which was a relief. This is usually how I start the day, because the yoghurt on its own was not substantial enough to last more than 5 hours, usually only filling me up for the first half of the morning. I am also getting 1 of my five a day; to have a cold drink I will have a glass of Orange juice which is preferably not concentrated due to the added sugar and vile taste. 


For lunch is dependent on my location, if I am at Uni I usually have something quick or a jacket potato with beans or tuna. Thanks to the size of my University I can burn it off by walking from one class to another. For the rest of the week where I am studying at home, I will have Ham, Spinach, Rocket and Red Pepper eggs with fresh tomato and granary bread. I love this lunch because it’s healthy for one, its delicious and its filling. 

You will need:

A bag of Spinach

A bag of Rocket

1 Pepper

1 pack of butcher cut ham

1 beef tomato 

Table spoon of semi skimmed milk

3 Free ranged eggs

1 slice of Hovis Granary bread 

If I was a chef I would give you the exact recipe but my eggs never look like what Jamie Oliver says they will, however my ingredients are personal preference, you can swap the ingredients to suit your tastes. 

An alternative lunch- Fresh Chicken Breast, Spinach and Tomato wholemeal pitta pouches. These pouches are super quick, tasty and healthy. The perfect combination!

However my tips for the best tasting eggs:

 1) Get the higher end ham, you might have to spend an extra £ on the carvery cut ham but it tastes nicer and goes further due it’s thickness. This means you can actually taste it in the eggs, or try a smoked meat which adds this rich smokey flavour to the eggs. My next tip, always go for free ranged eggs because they taste nice and won’t be coming from a bird that has had less movement than an sardine. After this I would suggest that you get a bag of spinach that contains the rocket, Morrisons do a good deal which contains both which you can get for £1 at the moment. 


When it comes to dinner, I am slightly worse. At dinner times I prefer to have a proper dinner whether its meat, potatoes and vegetables, but I shall always go for better portion control. I learnt from Sally Bee on Lorraine, that in regards to portion control every part of your dinner should be the same size as the palm of your hand. So if only 3 potatoes fit in the palm of your hand, thats how many you’ll have. Though vegetables and salads can make up the rest of your plate. 

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t eat takeaways or junk food because I do. For example if I do have an indulgence, I will usually have a chicken kebab which is the healthiest form of takeaway due to the white meat being chargrilled and being served with salad. 


I eat what I want but not too much, because everything is good in moderation. Rather than eating an entire bag of malteasers or magic stars which would now give me a really bad stomach ache, I eat 1/4 of the bag or some pineapple which is one of my favourites. I dont think you should ever have to sacrifice foods, because life is too short, I think that if you exercise, you can eat what you want. 


In regards to exercise I am new to the craze or hype. On Mondays, I am walking around my miles long campus all day and then when I arrive home I go to my Just Jhoom class which lasts for 1 hour and burns 900 calories. I will also attend a class on Wednesday mornings for an hour there too. In between classes and work, I try and improvise fitness crazes which I want to intrigue you with.


1) The Diva Workout- Every one of my favourite artists, Madonna and Kylie especially, claim to keep fit through their worldwide tours, which last for 6 months where they are performing live for 90 minutes each night.  I thought that why not live the dream and be Kylie for an hour, here I put on the albums featuring live editions of the songs, these go on much longer than the originals. Ray of Light for example originally lasts for 3 minutes, live can go on for 8 minutes with instrumental segments. Madonna jumps and moves around constantly immediately making her sweat and look exhausted, which is probably why she looks so good for her age. I have adopted this routine, after 20 minutes of Madonna live, I look like a bag of sweat but feel like I have been for a run. Now let us remember, you never see a happy runner 😉 with my routine however you feel like a pop star. 

Ideal Workout Tunes

Ray of Light: Confessions Tour edition

Turn up the Radio: MDNA Edition

Hung up- Confessions Tour

Living for Love- 2015 Edition remix

Kids- X & Kiss me Once tour edition

90s Mix- Showgirl Edition

2) Walk the dog- your four legged, tail wagging creature shall become your fitness friend, Norman like most of us is incredibly lazy, so getting him to vacate his sofa is often as hard as it is moving me from the sofa. Use your dogs activity to your advantage take him/her for her a nice long walk and remember your excrement bag. 

Now that is my entire week for food and fitness. Did you enjoy it? What are you thoughts on me vlogging my food and fitness indulgences?

You never see a happy runner so dance your way to happiness


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