Mid Monthly Favourites

Long time no see and I mean the no see because I am writing this on a computer on my sofa alone. *Queue violins*. 

Anyway, it has been ages since I last blogged, the past month has been crazily busy, I have been working away on second year essays thus those taking up more priorities than this blog, sorry readers. In the month away from blogging I have missed the ‘monthly favourites’ jibe therefore have made it ‘mid monthly favourites’ so I could write you something in my spare 30 minutes. 

Bose Soundlink around ear Wireless Headphones II

I actually got these headphones a year ago for Christmas from my Dad; since I received them I have always been appreciative of them, because they produce amazing sound & are brilliant for my lifestyle. The beauty of these headphones is, is that they are bluetooth therefore no wires which for me as a commuting student is ideal. I need no wires when I am on public transport or walking Norman for instance. Another bonus with these headphones relates again to them being wireless, I always go to bed with some sort of playlist on, whether an audio book or soft gentle music and hated when I used to wake up in the morning being knotted up in my earphones. Now however, I put the iPod to one side which prevents it from dropping and smashing in the middle of the night. Back of the net. These headphones have been a blessing for my lifestyle, because it prevents me from getting into a daily tangle with headphones which was a frequent occurrence. 

Marks and Spencers Tan Leather Chelsea Boots

On Friday of last week, I took my Sister out shopping mainly because I had two M/S vouchers to use and was a little worried they had expired over the course of being in my purse. I was most surprised when the cashier told me they both had £25 on each giving me £50 to spend, which is a nice amount for M/S especially when I like their shoes which are always way out of my budget. I treated myself to the boots because I have been after a pair of chelsea boots for ages. I love the fit, style and price. The boots are leather and wide fit, two things which are very tempting for me, because I believe that when it comes to shoes you should spend a little more to get your moneys worth and some sort of duration with them. Similarly, they were wide fit in my size, this is often impossible for me, because I have such tiny wide feet, two feet features which high street shops do not cater for. The
style of the boot also goes with my style, I love a pair of boots, a shirt and a floppy hat in the Autumnal months.

USA PRO Fitness Leggings

In the six months of exercising regularly I have become a sinner for buying new outfits for classes and exercising. Up until now, I had one pair of leggings which sufficed because I would get home and  my lovely Mum would wash them for me, ready for the next class either the following day or day after. However, I felt that it was time to buy another pair, my other pair are USA PRO also. To be honest, I was clueless when it came to fitness clothing and just picked up the prettiest. In this case, USA Pro fitted the bill like the boots in M/S. The texture and price of the leggings are brilliant, currently in Sports Direct you can buy two pairs of USA Pro leggings for £26 which is a bargain when 1 pair can cost that amount. The comfort value of them is also great, I think for a sports pair of leggings you want the lycra material but not to restricting which is a feature USA Pro avoid. Good job!

L’oreal Super liner Perfect Slim

I had a Bollywood themed evening on Friday and was in desperate need for a decent slim liquid eyeliner in felt tip form. I already have the Benefit Domestics They’re Real one which is great, its resistecy is wonderful staying on most of the day. However for creating a slim on point flick it can be a hit and miss, therefore I went for L’oreal’s Super liner for two reasons, the first- its always bragged about by beauty bloggers and the second- it was on offer in Boots at the time, always the persuasive element part of shopping. It was superberb for my dress up, staying on the entire night and being easy to apply. 

Palmers Cleansing Gel

Facial Washes, face masks and moisturisers are often guilty pleasures of mine, I often end up buying a product which I do not need. This product was one of those again, it was on offer in Superdrug which had seen a boom in people buying it according to the sales girl. I believe this product to be a very good product, for being a hughstreet product it is well suited for all budgets. After using the gel with a flannel, my skin feels beautifully soft and clean. 

NYX Trio Palette

NYX were a product I had not heard of until I went into a shop in a shopping centre which sell products that have been either discontinued or are just sold at a much cheaper price than in the big stores. I was in need of a palette which had greys and whites in, because my collection consisted mainly of golds and neutral tones which is fine but when you’re wanting that traditional smokey eye it is not always ideal. This palette is great, with only three colours its nice and small to fit in your make up bag and the colours are easily bendable. 

Tanya Burr Cheek Palette

Tanya Burr has been suddenly been propelled into the limelight since her products burst onto he scene and now that they have been extended. I bought this palette because I was in need of a bronzer but also wanted to try the whole contour, blush and highlight routine, which is always a feature of beauty bloggers routines. I love TB’s palette, the bronzer is not too heavy but it does do the job of contouring. The only thing which I am not totally 100% with is, is the packaging the cardboard packaging is a little childish but the packaging to one side is a tiny design flaw, but when the products work brilliantly you can set the packaging to one side as I said. 

Anyway they are mid mostly favourites of the month 


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