Get Ready with Me: Party Edition

It’s that time of year when the majority of the month is spent in front of a mirror trying to precisely do your eyeliner in preparation for a party. So I decided to do a blog post rather different to my usual ones, a ‘Get Ready with Me’ these posts seem to be most popular when one has a Youtube channel which she regularly posts via, unfortunately I do not post on a Youtube channel enough therefore I am going to write this post.

Step 1: Hair
My hair is the biggest culprit when it comes to party looks, I can never get it to look perfect for my evening out so I usually either curl or straighten it, each time I ever do such a style I use a Super market own heat defence spray. I have learnt that if you use a supermarket own heat defence it is no different to using a branded one, they are much cheaper and do the same as the branded labeled ones. Each time I straighten/curl it I use my straighteners because I can curl my hair with them and it usually goes evenly. After I have selected which style to go for I put some hair serum in my hair, then I spray some sort of hair spray all over and this is typically a natural hold one.

Step 2: Make-Up
For parties or evenings out regardless of date and time I opt for a bronzed Goddess look both on facially and on the eyes with a red cherry lip.
1a) Apply a primer/moisturiser I am currently using the Benefit Cosmetics Triple Moisturising cream and I apply this all over my face before I begin putting on any sort of product.
1b) Apply an eye primer, this keeps your eye shadow on and recently I have been using MUA Eye Primer which is exactly the same as the eye potions by Urban Decay. At £1 it is perfect for my budget too.
1c) I typically give at least 5 minutes before applying any products onto my face so that both primers can set onto my face which prevents my products sliding off from my face.
1d) I then apply my foundation I don’t usually wear foundation because I can’t stand the consistency of it however I have found the Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen which is superb it is in fact flawless on the skin. I absolutely love the product it doesn’t feel heavy which I thought a foundation would do. It is superb.

1e) Although I haven’t featured it in my product collage I then apply a powder which is typically the Natural Collection powder which although is considered a cheap product it works very well at keeping my foundation on for the entire evening.
1f) Before contouring, highlighting and blushing I usually do my eye make up. I start off by putting on the Maybeliene Colour Tattoo creme eye shadow on, this eye shadow is ideal because it puts on a lovely clean base onto your that you can work with. After this application I apply the shade tease from the 2nd naked palette from Urban Decay which is lovely matte brown shade which I blend into the crease of my eye to create that depth.
1g) Before moving on from these steps I use a wet wipe and clean around the mucky areas checking that I haven’t got any dirty looking marks from the shadows. Once this has been done I move onto mascara, this again is from Benefit Cosmetics and it is their They’re Real mascara, I in fact prefer this mascara to their Roller Lash mascara, I think this creates real definition in the lashes, separating and volumising each lash.
1h) I then finish off with my contour and highlighting, this comes from Tanya Burr and her cheek pallet applying the bronzer onto my cheek bones and on the temples to sculpt the face.
1I) The final step is to take a lip brush and line my lips with the same lip stick as I will apply onto my lips. For the past few occasions I have been using Mac Cosmetic’s Retro matte in the shade Ruby Woo a lovely deep red that is perfect for the festivities. However for today’s GRWM I have selected L’Oreal’s Colour Riche in Lydia’s red.

Step 3: The Outfit
Although it is December I have the spent the majority of my events wearing navy, this navy dress is from Next in the Children’s section which is lovely to wear and is really comfortable and flattering. My shoes are also from Next and are the most comfortable heels I have bought from there.

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