Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016.

It is that typical blog post that most people have more than likely been waiting for, yes it is the long awaited goodbye to this year and hello new year. The new year is hours away and with that I feel that I need to reflect on such a year. 

2015 has been a year full of experiences and memories. Now let us explore such things in bullet points

– I finally went and saw Top Gear being recorded in the studio featuring Clarkson, Hammond and May which would soon become the first and final time I would enter that studio. 

– I got my first part time job which enables me to treat myself a little more and not rely on my student loan. 

– I have been less of a prude and have gone out and had a booze up dancing the early hours away. 

– I went to see Madonna live another experience I thought that I would never experience but did and it was incredible. 

– I saw Kylie at the Royal Albert Hall which was superb. 

– I passed my first year of Uni with 60%. 

– I have lost weight and starting becoming more healthy and active.

This year has provided me with some great experiences and memories but before entering the new year I want to set some goals to achieve in the new year and to live by. 

1) To stop being paranoid when driving, since passing my driving test I have spent the majority of time worrying about everything I do, worrying about my parking and whether I am doing things correctly. I need to stop doing this because I keep loosing sleep over such matters. This anxiety needs to follow in the entity of my life. 

2) I need to experience more outings and trying new things. 

3) Continue with my healthier and more active lifestyle leading to me loosing more weight in the process. 

4) Blog more and eventually VLOG and become successful. 

5) Pass my 2nd year of Uni. 

Happy New Year xo 

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