February Favourites

1- Organic Coconut Oil

This is as you have read on most places is an oil that you can use for your hair, skin and food which means for £6 you get your moneys worth. I bought it for my hair because I was becoming sick of spending a fortune, on hair masks for them to do nothing more than sit in my cupboards collecting dust because I wasn’t using them. I think the annoying thing with cosmetic hair masks is, is they work the first time like dreams then the second time it goes to pot perhaps because your hair has become immune to it. I heat the oil in my sink and then dip the ends of my hair into because they take a right battering where we are constantly brushing and straightening our hairs. If I have time and enough that is heated I will put it on the top of my hair then combing it through. I then leave it in my hair for up to half an hour to hour depending on the time I have in my day. When the timer pings I wash it off in the shower with a conditioner having already shampooed prior to applying the oil treatment. After washing this out my hair feels really soft and silky which is why I love it. I do think my hair feels slightly thicker but that may just be mind over matter.

2) Liz Earle Tonic/Moisturiser

For ages I had been after a Liz Earle product having seen most bloggers rave on about how good they were and for Xmas I received the hot cloth cleanser which I love. However I wanted to feature two products I believe are not spoken about enough; the tonic you apply after the cleansing and removal of make up this soothes the skin. I then use the moisturiser and these products incredible I would recommend any girl who is interested in getting into or improving their skin care routine because they just leave the skin smooth and healthy.

3) Soap & Glory™ Peaches and Clean™ 3-in-1 Wash-off Deep Purifying Cleanser 200ml

This product I got in a Soap n Glory gift set and I think of it as a cheaper alternative to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. This product does have nicer smell than the Liz Earle but maybe because it has more chemicals than Earle’s. I would rather use this product as a wash than a make up remover though. 

4) Gwen Stefani, Urban Decay Palette

This is like the most wanted product for bloggers IMO most girls want this product for its celebrity branding and its brand anyway. I adore Urban Decay because their eye shadows are brilliantly made. I bought this with my Christmas money I had and the 10% discount students get with House of Fraser and knew the two would meet in harmony with one another. When I received it was the greatest parcel I opened it as though somebody had wrapped up Richard Hammond for me. The variety of colours is just divine and beautiful. Gwen Stefani has definitely designed a palette which all women get have a colour, rather than you having difficulty finding a colour to suit your skin tone and eye colour. 

5) Benefit: Hello Flawless Foundation (Ivory)

I am not a huge foundation user I mainly wear a BB cream due to the feel of it on my skin, I just hate the heaviness it has on the skin. However back in the Summer of last year I went to Benefit Cosmetics and had a make over on one of their counters and I had the foundation matched and tested on my skin, it was a dream combination. We were suited for each other the only gutting thing was not buying there and then because I had two BB creams on the go at home so I left it and bought it back in December of last year. Now I know it is titled February Favourites but these are products I have adored in this month and this foundation is one of them. The texture of this foundation on the skin is beautiful its lightweight and lasts all day which is something I look for in any make up product. Does the product last for a lengthy time? Do I look the same at 9am as I do at 5pm and yes I do with this foundation. At £32 I think it is a justified product because it lasts a long time because you are not requiring lots and lots of it to cover your face. 

So they were my monthly favourites clearly they have been stacking up for a while but with my schedule I wanted to attach to them to this months favourites.

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