My Skincare Routine 2016

Taking a break from revising for my upcoming Uni exams I wanted to write a long over due blog post. I wrote last year about my skincare routine and it went down swimmingly if I say so myself and so this year I wanted to update the post. Since the last post I have added a few new products and so felt they needed to be included.

Our skin is something we are stuck with, it changes with age but we have to look after it. Whether that means eating healthy and drinking lots of fluids but it also means that I look after my skin. I have been lucky enough to not have problematic skin, rarely having spots and non-greasy skin so rather lucky.

I have kept the Garnier Simple Essentials Make up Remover in my routine and this is a formula which breaks down the make up particles with this formula your make up comes off really gracefully.

Although some would end their skin care routine here, I extend it to the Liz Earle- Cleanse and Polish. Unlike the majority of beauty and lifestyle bloggers the Liz Earle PR team did not send me a sample or any of their products. I brought this item myself and received other Liz Earle skincare products for Christmas. I use this after using the initial make up remover to ensure all of the make up I have used in the day has come off and is not in the pores clogging up causing spots to develop. Using the muslin cloth it comes with, I wash the product from my eyes and face and my face feelings immediately cleansed and polished ironically.

This step is every other day and when I have not used the Liz Earle product. This is the Sanctuary Cleanse Thermal Charcoal mask which I apply every other day. This mask heats up on the skin as you massage it directly onto the skin. I leave the mask on for 5 minutes removing it with a flannel after wards. This has a warming effect on the skin and leaves the skin feeling clean.

The next step is for me to apply the Liz Earle Skin Tonic and this toner is just lovely for cooling the skin and preparing it for a moisturiser. I put this onto the skin with a cotton wool pad. After this I apply the Liz Earle moisturiser which just completes the Liz Earle package and it just gives the skin a healthy and lovely feeling. I often alternate between this moisturiser and the Nivea moisturiser for budget reasons.


I consider my skin to be in good condition and I maintain this with regular exfoliation and moisturising. Without fail I exfoliate my legs after every shave because I think the legs feel incredible after they’ve been shaved, exfoliated and moisturised and every girl should do it. I alternate between the Soap n Glory body polish and the Body Shop clementine polish both do the same job. The biggest difference being their price tags.

My Secrets

1) I have at least 2 days where I don’t wear make up because these two days give the skin time to recover from all the products I have had on my face.

2) Similarly, I take all my make up off everyday it may not be to this extent each time but I will always remove it.

3) Avoid wipes: I try to avoid wet wipes for removing make up because I feel that they dry my skin out.

4) I always moisturise after removing make up and before applying make up to keep my skin healthy and soft.

5) Exfoliate on a regular basis, I try and have a weekly pamper session where I get a lush bath bomb, use a new exfoliator, shave my legs and indulge myself and my skin. Both feeling content.

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