Active Styling!

The few posts that I have written recently have all been style related and I have quite enjoyed writing and producing such posts. For example I have made a point of, if being in nice backdrops and nice outfits for that matter I have taken a great deal of photos. Or more that my Sister has taken such photos of me and those backdrops. Today’s post is rather similar and today it is a fitness style related post since I love wearing and finding new fitness clothing items. 

Ever since I got into fitness last year my wardrobe for such activities had to match this new found love. I am a firm believer in that if you are wearing and you love the outfits you’re going to want to wear such clothes. Such clothes require a sports activity to make the most of the lycra material. I go to two forms of classes- Just Jhoom a Bollywood Zumba class and then spin. The spin classes I have just taken up and absolutely love the class. Its the hardest exercise I do all week yet the most rewarding because it gets a sweat on and my legs feel refreshed because of how intense the workout it is. If you’re local gym does a spin class I would highly recommend such a class as it is a fun class as well as an intense class especially if you find the correct instructor also. I then do Just Jhoom which I have mentioned regularly on this platform and absolutely adore it- through this class I have found a love for Bollywood music and filmography as well as loosing two dress sizes from it. If I am really lucky in a week I then go to a yoga class which I enjoy for relaxation and toning all of the muscles I have used in the classes. 

Navy Sports Leggings- USA PRO

Pink & Black Sports Bra- F.F Clothing

Pink Trainers- Adidas

Grey Sports Bra- Next

Grey Sports Leggings- USA PRO

Black Trainers- New Balance

Coral Sports Bra- H.M

Blue Patterned leggings- F. F Clothing

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