Day Tripping in London

Last Thursday saw the return of GCSE results day and thankfully for me, I am beyond those years thus not in a nervous situation. My Sister, Niamh, however was incredibly nervous about her results but she needed not be because she walked away with mostly A’s, B’s and C’s in all her exams which was a massive achievement and I am one proud big Sister. My Dad as a treat for her and I essentially tagged along for the trip decided to take us up to London for the day. We did the usual sight seeing in London on the open top bus; this sort of sight seeing I had never done before but really enjoyed it because we managed to see all the British tourist spots within an hour and a half and really enjoyed ourselves. I caught some of the sites we saw on my Samsung S6 Edge and the power of a £1 selfie stick which I would highly recommend if you’re wanting a wired selfie stick for your travels. 

Towards the end of the day and coming into the evening of the day we headed into Trafalgar Square where we went into the Trafalgar Hotel. In here we were taken upstairs to their roof top bar called Vista where we indulged ourselves with cocktails. I took a great liking to their cocktail- ‘Euphoria’ which was delightful and was just very delicious with each sip. I was very grateful that my Dad was paying for such cocktails and I was not. 

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