July Favourites

*Insert corny introduction about how fast the year and the month of July went*. 

Spin: This was a class which I had been putting off for months, years even. I had said years ago that spin would be the one class which I would never try because it looked so tough, every woman that would leave a spin class seemed to come out dripping with sweat and as though every body part was screaming. However now I appear to have fallen in love with the class surprisingly- I went twice last week which was a shock to me as well as you reading this. I go with my best friend and we absolutely love it and I describe the class as a rollercoaster experience. This is because you enter the class absolutely buzzing and determined to beat your last performance and during the class you’re questioning your own sanity. Then at the end you’re on a high and as I wrote that it felt rather corny yet it is a very good way of describing a spin class. If you have never heard of or seen a spin class in action it is essentially a class where you’re sat on a bike cycling with different intensities, endurances and situations. I find the class different to when you’re sat on a bike in the gym because of the team environment, pumping music and constant motivation. Although I go home and eat a bag of fun size Cadbury chocolate buttons I feel that when I attend a spin class I burn so many calories- I come out absolutely sweating and my legs feel like jelly but I absolutely love the class and I would highly recommend a spinning class if you need a new class or want to get into your fitness. 

Tanya Bakes

Like Spin, if you had said to me last year that I would buy a bakery book I would have said shut the front door. However thanks to my liking of Tanya Burr I brought her new book. Last weekend I baked the Raspberry cupcakes and lets just say they were so delicious and all my family approved. The following day I attended a book signing and met Tanya Burr- Tanya was ever so lovely and I did grab a selfie with her however I think the better thing would have been if I had longer to actually speak to her because we literally got to have 1 minute with her. 

Benefit Roller lash

This mascara I went off for ages- I had put it to one side of my collection. I had sort of fallen out of love with it because I got back into the mascaras by Essence. Yet the other day I decided to use it again just for the hype. I think the brush of this mascara is what makes it so much better to other mascaras because it pulls all of your eye lashes providing every single one of your lashes. I also apply this mascara before applying else lashes because the glue of the lashes and the line of the lashes stick very well onto the lash lasting much longer on my lashes to be honest. 

Essence Lipliner

This lip liner I forgot to include in my last months favourites for some reason despite being in love with it then. This lip liner is a nude but is deep nude which has hints of purple within the shade. It is a lovely nude matte lipliner with a very good lasting stay. For £1.99 this is a well worth buy especially if you’re into lip liners and not prepared to buy or spend Kylie Jenner prices. 

NYX Hot Singles Intense Eyeshadow- This eyeshadow shade has been requested in this favourite because so many people asked me what it was. This eyeshadow I believe it is a very good dupe for the MAC eyeshadow ‘Cranberry’ because of the pigmentation and general quality of the eye shadow. I applied this shadow at 7:30pm and was still as pigmented at 4am when I removed my make up. I also would usually opt for a nude colour on the eye but this time I went full out with the colours. 

W7 Get Set Eyeshadow Base- I applied the eyeshadow above with this base on my eye lids before and I firmly believe that the lasting quality of my eyeshadow was down to this base that I applied with my finger before. 

Natural Collection Brow Kit- This is a new addition to Natural Collections range and I have fallen in love with this too. I have to confess that I am not like other girls who are obsessed with their eyebrows. I think this is because I have such thick and dark eyebrows that I cant really do much with them. I use this brow kit as just a touch up and it does do a very good job and the wax which comes with it is very good at keeping those brows in perfect condition the entire time.

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