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I wouldn’t put myself into the category of beauty blogger purely because I do not blog enough about beauty to be put in that equation yet I find myself writing this. I would however associate myself into the category of beauty addict- always giving into a make up item in shops such as Superdrug and Boots. I feel that my obsession with beauty has very much developed because a few years ago I used nothing but mascara, now however I have an entire drawer dedicated to beauty items both designer and high street. Today I want to share with you my top picks. These products I want to share with you are products I own and believe add that something special to your collection. 


This primer I mentioned in a favourites a few months back. I mentioned then how much I loved it and today I shall mention again how much of a staple it should be in your collection. The little gem I purchased because I needed to make a 3 to get Superdrugs 3 for 2 on their Revlon products and felt this was something I wanted tot try. I now would not go without this in my make up routine because it just helps my base stay on that extra long and also going on to my skin much more gracefully. Like a primer it primes the skin so the skin is ready for the layers of foundation or BB cream you’re adding onto the skin. I myself do not wear too many layers but I want the few layers I do wear to stay on for a long time. I would suggest that you give this or another primer ago because it will transform the staying power of your make up. 


This foundation is my go to for days and nights out because it is just so light weight yet gives the appearance of being high coverage and heavy. On every occasion that I have worn this foundation I have been complimented by friends and social media followers on the appearance of my skin. I am fortunate that my skin is very good for not being spot prone, regularly avoiding spots on the off chance that I do get one it’s down to hormones. This foundation is super light weight so when you’re wearing it you’re not feeling caked in make up as you are with other make up brands foundations. Similarly for someone like me, who wears BB creams or just concealer on day to day activities this is perfect. At £18 I also believe this to be a worthwhile purchase. 


This concealer is brilliant because it has such good coverage that you can get away with wearing no other creams or foundations on these days. I sometimes get away with just wearing this and my bronzer and am ready to go for work or just running around like a blue arsed fly. 


Like Revlon’s primer, I have raved to the hill about this mascara because of the amazing results it products for such a small price. Essence is a brand which is only retailed in Wilkinsons, here in the UK therefore few people can get hold or have heard of the brand and due to where it is sold some just reject the brand entirely. I however am a huge fan of their products, I would suggest everyone try one of their products especially lip and eye products. Their mascaras for example are very good dupes for designer mascaras for the results they produce. 


This product I mentioned in last months favourites so will not chuff the nuts out of it for that reason. I would like to say 1 more thing and that is that if you want to try a high end mascara which isn’t super expensive but falls under the designer category I would put this on your shopping or wish list. 


For £1.99 this brow kit is very good and like the Benefit mascara I mentioned it in last months favourites so won’t spend too many words on the product. I will say however that the quality of the product is exceptional. The wax and powder which comes within the pack is superb and very pigmented also. Like my other recommendations- well worth your pounds. 


These eye shadows at £3.50 are brilliant- very pigmented for their price and product. I find these eyeshades the same level of pigmentation that you’d find with Urban Decay or Mac even. The colour is so beautiful and crisp- staying put on the eye lids for long lengths of time without budging. I went out night clubbing with friends and the product lasted from 8pm until 4am and looked exactly the same and this was without touch ups. NYX is still a brand that is still quite unheard of in the UK unless you a apart of beauty followings on social media but has recently started being supplied in Boots stores but appears to only be very large Boots- my  Boots for instance is 45 miles away if I want NYX. So when I find myself near a NYX counter I go into obsessive mode hoarding as many of their superb eye products as I can in case I don’t get back to one of their stands in the near future. 


In terms of designer eye shadows you should look no further than Urban Decay because their products for the eyes are like NYX’ because of their pigmentation and general high quality. Gwen Stefani’s recent collaboration with them is once again brilliant and the range of colours which she provides are brilliant. I find myself always going back to an Urban Decay palette due to the quality of the shadows. 


Lipsticks I would consider to be my thing and have tried most lipsticks in terms of drugstore/high street end. I am a huge fan of high street lipsticks especially the range that Topshop. I find that there is a wide variety of colours and colours that can suit every skin tone and prefence. I seem to god or pinks, reds or oranges and on the off chance a nude. TOPSHOP has all of these and colours and such lipsticks have brilliant quality as well. The lipsticks I own from Topshop I find to be as long lasting as the products I have from higher end ranges of make up which proves once again you do not to spend fortunes on branded products to get very very similar results. 


Liquid lipsticks are in my opinion are a thing of the now. Every blogger is raving on about a brands latest liquid creation. NYX have joined the club and I think have been in this category for a long time but have gone unrecognised until Zoella featured a few of the lipsticks in her recent haul. I tried one and found the results to be brilliant- very matte so matte that the lipstick stayed put for the entire night and gave a very classy look. 

Topshop Lipstick: Brighton Rock

NYX Liquid Lipstick- Abu Dhabi 

NYX Eyeshadow- Flustered 

Revlon Colour Stay Concealer & Benefit Foundation

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