A Style Steal

I find myself always moaning about my wardrobe but never doing anything with it. I have a period of buying more lipsticks than clothes which would be more essential than the latest red shade that I don’t need. I seem to spend more time moaning about my wardrobe than going out and hunting for new items to add to my very old and boring wardrobe. Though recently I have been on a beauty spending ban- not buying anything beauty related. This includes singular eye shadows and concealers. I have been pretty good going into Superdrug and Boots coming out of there with not a single beauty product. Go me! This means that when I have this urge to spend money and treat myself I have spent the money on clothing items. I wanted to tell you about my find in Primark. 

Primark over the years in my opinion have really upped their game- designing clothes which as well as are affordable are pieces that you actually want to wear. I find their basic pieces to be on fleek, *excuses self* when ever I need a cardigan or underwear you head to Primark. Though the last time I went into Primark I found a new wardrobe staple- their boyfriend jeans. I am in love with boyfriend jeans and I should say to people who are unaware that boyfriend jeans are a style of jean not me wearing a partners jean. If that were to be the case it would be ‘spinster jean’. I went into Primark ages ago only to find boyfriend jeans with rips in but now they have designed a pair perfectly. I absolutely loathe jeans with rips in, every pair I have tried with rips in give the impression of me coming from decorating my living room. So when Primark designed these jeans I was absolutely sold- the best part- they were a bargain as well as a style steal costing me £13. That is such a good deal in my opinion for a pair of jeans which actually look like they are designer or at a higher end of the high street. 

I purchased the jean in a size 6 and was surprised they fitted so well on me. It also proved that I have lost weight and am now in size 6 clothes. They fit so nicely in all my areas, I am most proud at the fact that my Nan said my behind looked very good in these jeans which was a bonus. Who doesn’t want their bum to look on point? When I purchased these jeans they were in the ‘newly released’ section and Primark claim that they have been designed with a new fresh approach which in my eyes meant that they have changed the shape of the jean. Their changes are brilliant because as well as feeling stylish they are comfortable. I find that some jeans might be ever so flattering but in terms of comfort are on a different ball game. Some denim feels so uncomfortable it feels like I am wearing a straight jacket on my back side. Not the jeans you want for quick changes because they are not the most flattering jean to remove thankfully Im the only one having to see such a change. 

However returning the boyfriend jean from Primark these are an ultimate steal and the best thing is, is most of my friends have thought that they have come from Levis but you all know they don’t. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing I can’t yet decide. *inserts monkey oops emoji*. The jean can be worn both in the Summer and I also intend on making them a staple for the Autumn months by changing the sandal shoe to a trainer. 

Have you had a style steal? 

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