August Favourites

The favourite month of students, parents and school children is about to come to an end bringing with it new stationary and new uniforms ready for the new term. However for us bloggers its another month of sharing with our lovely readers what we have enjoyed using, wearing, watching and viewing in the month of August. Apologies for the number of verbs in one sentence. 


After a month and a half without yoga whilst the gym I go to was being refitted and my work schedule prohibited me from attending another time I am finally reunited with my other fitness class love. YOGA. Now my yoga class is more than sitting with your legs crossed omming to candle lights and buddha like music. It is in fact on par with pilates and body balance which are forms of muscular and toning exercises. This class I find great after one of my other classes especially on a Monday evening once I have completed spin and Just Jhoom after each other because my back is requiring a very good stretch. I find this class has really benefited me since I have lost more weight and toning the weight loss; because when you loose weight it often goes to flab and you have to tone it to make it look even better than how you’re feeling. I also find it to be very good at improving my upper body strength which is great for aiding my abilities in my other classes such as the dips and hovering over the handle bars in spin. I also find it great for my mental health because it is so calming as illustrated with the fact that at the end of a class I am semi-delirious and on the verge of falling asleep. If you’re tempted to try a yoga class I would really recommend you trying one. 

Desperate Housewives

I have mentioned this series before and ever since I first watched it about two years ago I have kept on re-watching it and not because I am that much of a sad sack but because I absolutely love it. I honestly believe that it is one of those shows that you can just have on in the back ground whilst you’re doing things like tidying up, browsing your phone or having on your tablet whilst you’re bathing as I do. I become most sad when it becomes on Sky Demand and I find myself downloading episodes to watch in these situations. Are there any series’ that you find yourself re-watching on loop? 

Soap n Glory- Arms a Gooden

Now this product should be the number one in this list because of how much of a life saver it has become in my life. For years I have had a major complex with my arms because of the feel and appearance of them; so I have tried most available products and theories to help get rid of my complex. I have tried the exfoliation, whether pre-brought or homemade. Soap N Glory’s exfoliating scrubs are incredible and make my body feel as silky as I imagine Beyonce’s to feel like. However this product they have recently released or started to promote slightly more should become a staple in your beauty regime because it has transformed the appearance of my arms. I wish I had taken a photo of the before and after but being the pessimist I often am I failed to do this thinking it would be a waste of time. Retailing at £8 like most of their products this needs to go in your list of go to products. 

Royal Blood

Since I heard their track ‘Figure it out’ in a Top Gear segment I became really into Royal Bloods album but only a couple of songs. However the other day I found myself downloading the full album and I have to say what a superb album- some great anthems with great lyrics and sounds in the album. Its not often that I say this but I love nearly every song on the album which isn’t normal as even on some of my favourite artists albums there is always that one song I tend to skip and on this album I don’t in fact. 

Essence Nail Varnish

Essence are a brand that I go on about in nearly every blog post that features a beauty segment because of how brilliant the brand is. I find their pricing and products to be excellent, affordable but brilliant products. I also find the accessibility of the products really good as most are sold in Wilkinson’s which are retailers that you find in lots of shopping outlets around the UK. The nail varnish I was recommended to by my nan who said she found the quality to be better than other drug store brands she had tried. I believe that my Nan is great when it comes to nail varnishes as her nails always look amazing. Essence’s nail varnishes are brilliant because unlike other brands that I have tried they don’t start to peel when they chip as other brands do and I find this a right pain but also quite therapeutic. Most of the colours are bright and gel but are wearable colours, recently the brand have released their matte range which are darker shades drying much quicker. Shades which I find to be perfect for on your toes during the winter chillier months. 

Taylor Swift 1989 Deluxe 

Another music item and this comes from Taylor Swift who seems to be the new choice of target for the Daily Mail for her love life which I am for, go Hiddleswfit. However I unlike the Daily Mail want to focus on her music especially her last album 1989 which as usual I am late to the party but have recently started to listen to. Now what an album, this album is sensationalwhen it comes to the pop anthems a girl needs for the car and shower. I seem to have this on at every opportunity whether its singing my heart out in the shower to Wildest Dreams or tipsy in a taxi singing out of sync to Shake it Off. Miss Swift has created an album which is just a blessing to anyones iPod. I really was supposed to have put this in a favourites post a while back but have always forgotten about how much I love it. But now Taylor has her first mention on the cornerstone. 

What are your favourites of this month? 

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