Inside my Skincare Shelf

Inside my skincare shelf seems like a post I have written many many times however I really enjoy sharing what I use on my skin. I post usually my skin care routine but not the products individually etc. So here are the products individually and why you should revamp your skin care cabinets. 

Soap n Glory’s: Peaches Clean

I received this product in a  Christmas hamper from Soap N Glory and am absolutely in love with the product. I find this to be an excellent cleanser to use in the mornings when you want to refresh your skin- making it feel revitalised for the day ahead. I find that it removes any of the make up that I may not have removed the night before. As well as leaving the skin beautifully soft and cleansed; also works well at smelling nice. An aspect which I find to be a real selling point for Soap n Glory’s skin care and bath products. 

Soap N Glory’s: ‘Arms a Gooden’

This I mentioned in last months favourites which you can read below and this has become a firm skin care favourite. This is for the arms which is a God given in the name and is brilliant. I started using this product at the beginning of August and the appearance of my arms have dramatically improved. I would highly recommend this product if you are after changing the texture and appearance of your arms. 

St Ives: Fresh Skin Scrub

This product I used years ago and for some reason was under the illusion that they had discontinued it but when I saw it on the shelf in the beauty section of the supermarket I was most impressed. This product is very very good at renovating your skin and really getting into the clogs of your skin which may or may not have dirt still in. 

Liz Earle: Lavender and Rose Cleanse & Polish

I feature Liz Earle’s products frequently especially because I love how good their products are. I think if you are advancing yourself into the skin care department an investment into a Liz Earle product is a must. This new cleanse and polish smells of Lavender and Rose and I actually prefer this scent to the previous and traditional cleanse and polish. The product hasn’t been in changed in terms of what it does just the smell. I approve and would suggest you go to your local department store or large Boots retailer to purchase a cleanse and polish in this scent. 

Liz Earle: Light Skin Repair Moisturiser

This is the moisturiser which accompanies the range and is lovely and light which again would expect when the product is claiming to be light. The product really sinks into the skin leaving your skin feeling super fresh and moisturised and is so light that it is perfect for both winter and the Summer months. Similarly this is the perfect product for applying before you add a primer on for your make up as it leaves the skin smooth and silky ready to apply to the skin. 

Nivea: Night Cream

I only started using a night cream consistently only recently because I was becoming aware of how it was leaving my skin for the night time. I believe that after a days wearing of make up your skin needs to be replenished because much of our favourite foundations, concealers and powders are not helping in terms of our skins health. I think foundation especially really clogs our skin cells causing us to break out. By moisturising in the evening as well as the morning you are conditioning your skin in the same way as your hair.  Rather than my skin feeling dry in the morning it feels soft and hydrated. 

Liz Earle Tonics 

Another Liz Earle product which I purchased from my hard earned money and was not sent by a PR team. However if I was I would be very grateful as I adore the products. The tonic is really good at soothing the skin prior to moisurising and in a sense becoming like a primer for the moisturiser. My skincare routine feels so empty without this step just because it prepares my skin and finishes the cleansing from the cleanse and polish but also the coconut oil I use as a make up remover. A tonic or toner would be a good investment just for additional cleansing that your skin requires after excessive make up wear. I find it to be most beneficial after a night out or a full day of make up wearing as your skin is in need of some extra TLC and cleansing. So invest in a toner or tonic for the skin. 

Here is my skin without make up and after my use of these products and very good lighting. 

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