Work those Tapered Trousers

The dress code ‘smart casual’ is a code which sends panic down my neck because you don’t want to go over or under dressed. I find myself always wearing what I would wear to brunch or lunch with friends but adding a set of false eye lashes and some snazzier heels for smart casual. 

I find that evening wear with the dress code ‘smart casual’ rather difficult especially when dining out. I was going out with my Sister to begin her birthday celebrations. We both agreed that we’d go smart casual but you know what, that means panic. Or have a hissy fit on what you’re going to wear but not actually decide on anything but collapsing on your bed in a panic. I had decided on an outfit in my mind but when I put it on, it did nothing but make me paranoid so I changed and here was my result. 

I decided to wear a pair of tapered trousers. Now these trousers we would often segregate them to the office department yet I wanted to change such logic. I ordered these trousers from the petite section from Next and am in love with the fit and they really fit nicely around my entire bottom half. By this I mean that they don’t feel too tight around my buttocks,  thighs and legs which make them perfect for going out in. I don’t want to sound too big headed when I say this but I really thought that these style of trouser was really flattering giving the illusion of me being taller which clearly is wrong and only a fantasy for me. Next have designed these trousers so that they go tighter around your waist enhancing your hour glass figure which I adore and only recently have been ok to show off. 

I then paired the trousers with this pink halter neck top from New Look. Now like the trousers, a few years ago I would never have worn such a top because I wasn’t keen on the flesh on lookers would see and the hassle of a strapless bra always scared me more than it should. I think I was always worried about the support of a strapless bra. Now I have slightly smaller chest and am more confident with my body I have found myself buying lots more of these halter neck style tops and find them like the trousers to be really flattering. 

Then to finish this look I added a block heel sandal which just finished the look off and gave me the height I needed. The combination of these trousers and the design of the tall I feel really compliment each other. I find myself feeling really confident in this outfit. 

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