An Arabian Adventure: Dubai

I have been quite quiet over on this platform mainly because I have been loving life over on the Eastern side of the world in Dubai. If you are a follower of mine over on Instagram or Twitter you will be well aware of my latest adventure and what a truly magical time my family and I had over in Dubai. 

Dubai had been a place where we had always had on a destination list but actually going was a different kettle of fish. We decided to pluck up the courage and just go. If you are thinking about a new destination and are prepared to spend a bit of money whilst away on holiday I would really consider thinking about Dubai because it is a brilliant place with lots of things to do as well as the usual holiday activities such as sun bathing. We really enjoyed the sight seeing going to see the Burj Kalifa, the tallest building in the world as well as going to see the Burj Al Arab. Both buildings are just amazing masterpieces and well worth the trip to go and view. We did a tour with a private company and saw all of the typical tourist hot spots including visiting a mosque which was on my list of things to go and see. 

We stayed at Grosvenor House which is situated on the Dubai Marina and offers guests like us either a hotel room or an apartment. We selected the apartment option because it was a larger space for the five days we were there; the location of the hotel is perfect because you are the at the centre of the city. The hotel’s Sister the Le Meridan allows you to use their restaurants as well as their private beaches. The great thing about Dubai is that a lot of the hotels you can stay at are predominately 5* and very luxurious but also come with their own private beaches meaning you are always with people who are staying at your own hotel. The beaches also feel safer because there are security people watching the space. I felt safer out in Dubai day and night than I do walking around my hometown on a Saturday night. Ive decided to just show some pictures rather than chuffing on about what an amazing time I had. If you are interested in a commentary let me know and I am more than happy to share my experience. 

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