Autumn Make-Up 2016

Autumn is here and with Autumn brings a fresh make up look for us all who wear make up. During the warmer months, make up is yes, a big part of our lives but we tend to go for simpler and much fresher looks. Our looks tend to be slightly softer with a gloss or a glossy finished lipstick. Whilst Autumn and Winter bring in those matte darker shades. I wanted to share with you my current Autumn make up look.

I begin with the Revlon Photo Ready Primer– this primer I feel has been mentioned so many times people would think that Revlon feature it, but sadly they don’t. I buy it myself because I love the quality of it. A primer is so good if you want your base to stay on your face for that little bit longer; I use a primer because I like to prepare my skin and it also leaves my skin feeling smooth ready for my base to be applied much more smoothly. I then go in with either the Garnier BB cream in light/Claire or the Benefit Oxygen Flawless Foundation and in total honesty I find the coverage to be the same for both these products. Despite being a BB cream the Garnier cream works just as well as the high end foundation at giving my skin that flawless even skin tone. Then for any blemishes I have or don’t have I use the Revlon Colourstay concealer in the shade fair; applying it under my dark under eye circles- I always apply this around my lips to prevent my berry lips from bleeding or smudging later on in the day. Depending on what I am doing I either apply the Benefit Flawless powder for days where I need my make up to stay perfected for longer or for days where I can get away with making touch ups I use the Natural Collection powder which is ideal for lightly mattifyng my T-ZONE.  Sometimes I don’t even powder all over because I like the fresh faced look. Bronzer is a must for me and I always apply some sort of bronzer because I find that it defines your face shape and just gives you some life. The Autumn months are so dull so adding a touch of that sun kissed glow is just what you need and I love the Natural Collection bronzer and have done for years. When applied with the Real Techniques contour brush this bronzer is great for adding a spot of dimension and giving you cheek bones you never thought you had. If I am feeling sassier than usual I use the MUA: Undress Your Skin liquid highlighter in- pink champagne which is a lovely light highlight. 

My eyes are the things that I always make up because they are the windows to your soul as people say. I think that sometimes you can get away with not putting lipstick on or powder but when your eyes are not slightly made up, you can look poorly and nobody needs that in their life. I begin by priming my lids with the Urban Decay Eye Primer and curling my lashes with some bog standard eye lash curlers. Im no beauty expert or make up artist but I cannot recommend enough to all the girls out there how much a difference curling your lashes makes. Curling them just makes applying mascara that much better and will just add that extra dimension to those stubby lashes. I then add a base matte shade usually from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette and this is typically in the shade ‘danger’ because it just sits on the lids really nicely and doesn’t add too much colour. I then apply a brown eye pencil eye liner on the top and bottom water lines because this I find just defines the eyes and emphasises the lash line slightly better making them much fuller. I then use a darker matte brown shade from the same palette in the shade ‘serious’ applying this to the crease. I do love a contoured crease. My next step is optional and I don’t always apply liquid eyeliner because I usually am not patient enough for it but recently my liner as been going on like a dream. I have started re using the Maybeline Felt tip liner because my Revlon liner dried up, unfortunately, but this liner is just as good. The tip is so fine that you get a real precise shape to your lines and doing equal flicks is less stressful and more achievable. After lining or not lining depending on my mood and time restraints, I go in with a touch of mascara either the Essence Volumising Princess mascara which I have raved on about so much or the Benefit Roller lash Mascara. Both mascaras could be dupes of each other because they both give your lashes that much fuller and bolder look instantly. The difference being price but if you can treat ‘yo self’ than invest in the Benefit because your lashes look immediately bolder but not to say the Essence one won’t because it certainly will. Eyebrows I use the Natural Collection brow pencil in dark brown and is great for just filing in any sparse areas. I am quite lucky whereby my brows are quite thick and dark so filling in, is never an issue so sometimes I can get away without even touching them.

Lips are the thing that makes this look Autumnal, for we add either a berry or a red lip. For todays post I will feature a berry lip. Whenever I am wearing a berry lip it tends to be Rimmel’s Kate Moss 107 because it is just so long lasting that you can’t go wrong. It is such a great berry toned lipstick for this time of year and just works for that Autumnal look.

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