2016: A Reflection

The year of 2016 has been a roller coaster for us all. This year has seen so many deaths of some much loved celebrities including Prince and Bowie two sensational superstars. The year has also seen a revolution in politics which we should not discuss because they will only cause debates in the comments. Though these are the general features of 2016 which will ring bells for news commentators of 2016 but I want to review my year personally. 

This year has seen my blog in particular grow. I am now being spotted by brands and other blogs which is great, whether they are being featured on it or getting feedback in social media interactions or just emails from my favourite brands and bloggers is great. I love knowing that people are enjoying reading my content. Content that I spend so much time on and trying to perfect. I am hoping that 2017 will bring with it a few new opportunities for my blog to expand into more than a hobby. I do keep saying that I shall venture into Youtube, perhaps I will in the New Year. I am tempted but for me I keep questioning whether people would really like to hear my voice and see my face for longer than necessary. I also hope that I can fit in posting a little more regularly, this year I will admit has been quite sparse with my Uni and work becoming the key focus but I hope that I can combine the two in the new year. 

I secondly have grown personally, both in confidence and just in general. I have lost a little more in weight which wasn’t a key objective for this year like other people. I am just happy that since August of 2015 that I have been able to maintain a healthy and toned weight. Through finding some new classes such as Spin and Aqua I have managed to create a fitness timetable that fits in with my academic work load which is a key thing for me. This has meant that I usually am at a lecture, writing an essay, at work in retail or just in the gym. My confidence has also grown in my part time and so much so that I have my regular customers who come in on certain days purely to see me which is lovely and now are readers. I have made a land mark personally by actually kissing a person which did go wrong, the individual did go home with a Mac nude lipstick on their nose. The nose emoji has been sent to me multiple times by my close friends and I do still mock myself and has been added to my list of embarrassing moments of this year. If I continue to discuss amusing incidents of 2016 we can include having a full on breast falling out of a bikini in my very first aqua aerobics class. I have been back since and is one of my favourite classes despite the instructor now not being there. Perhaps he left after he had the girl in the pink bikini present herself with a breast hanging out of a bikini whilst she was squatting in a swimming pool. Who knows, perhaps he has gone off with post-traumatic stress? 

In terms of academia I passed my second year with a 2:1, brilliant achievement because my first year I got a 2:2. I am hoping to graduate with a 2:1 because I find that it is a grade that is hard yet achievable if I continue to work hard on my essays. It is also the grade that is recognized my companies and graduate programmes. I would also like to say that if I gradute with anything less than a 2:1 I will expect my £27,000 refunded in cash. I also submitted my dissertation, an essay that took 3 months of stress, tears and 8,000 words. I was unaware that I knew that many words in fact. I graduate in July 2017 and am in shock that I am graduating next year as it feels too soon. I started 3 years ago, and at that stage I was feeling unsure about University. I have since then let myself go and found some great friends who have my back and are always ensuring my sass is on point in photos they tag me in. I find that although I still commute to University I enjoy it as much as the people living there strangely. 

So what has 2016 done? It might not have brought a new car, a house, a baby, a boyfriend or new job. It has brought with it experiences and self-esteem. I am ending the year with a new found self-esteem, I feel now that I am content with my appearance. I am now at a weight and shape that I am happy with and feel ok to share. I also now am at a point where my make-up looks decent when I apply it and I can share such selfie’s online with no shame. I have done things this year which a year ago I would not have done or even thought about. I may not be entering 2017; married, in a relationship or graduated but I am entering 2017 a content, sassy lady. Spinster perhaps but a sassy spinster none the less. 

What has 2016 brought for you?

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