Autumnal Knitwear

I don’t think I would be a proper blogger if I didn’t declare how much I loved Autumn. Autumn for me is a great time of year for fashion because for one it’s not always a necessity to shave your legs because you’re always wearing jeans. Number 2, the berry toned shades for lips and clothes are out. Number 3, its the most wonderful time of the year. *Sings Kylie Christmas Lyrics*. So there are my three reasons. 

Autumn I find the high street ups it’s game for women. I am sucker for just keeping to what I wear because buying into trends is for me a waste of time as it’s going to be mocked in a few weeks by your not so friendly social media followers. This means I often opt for key pieces, pieces which can be worn with a range of things. Pieces which may have been trendy last week but can be worn with something else to sort of fit back in. 

Knitwear is usually a trend or clothing genre I avoid. First reason, I loathe being itchy and number two I hate my arms being covered and being too hot. I like being cold, I’d much rather being freezing cold than baking hot. However surprises all round because this year I have given into the marketing game of the retailers and treated myself to two roll neck thick jumpers. 

I brought it, firstly because I felt that I needed a change to my Autumn/winter wardrobe and because it was an easy wear. Wearing a jumper is a lazy fashion statement because it’s stylish and requires no other item on top. I brought this jumper in a burnt orange and then a burgundy because they are colours which can be worn with a lovely brown nude or berry lip at this time of year. I have worn it with two different looks. Thank you H/M for their great changing rooms, I may not have purchased the item I originally tried on but their lighting game was strong enough for an outfit of the day picture.

The first with boyfriend jeans and the second with a pinafore. 

Jumper- New Look 915 Generation

New Balance Trainers

Glasses- Marc Jacobs

Nail Varnish- Essence (True Love)

Lipstick- Revlon (Love) Liquid Matte Lipstick

Jumper- New Look

Pinafore- New Look 915 Generation

Nail Varnish- Essie Russian Red Roulette

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