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Another beauty related post you’re clearly asking yourself? Yes, Yes I am and it is surprising me as well as it is surprising you guys. I felt that of recent months I have been much more relaxed about taking a selfie when wearing my glasses. I think this has something to do with me now wearing glasses I like and that when I take pictures you can see my eyes not the reflection of the camera lens. Always a bonus. I wanted to share with you my tips for wearing make up and glasses and still managing to feel ever so sassy. 

I have worn glasses for years, since I was 10 if you must know but in the last 6 years my make up game has upped and since that upped I have needed to match that advancement with my choice of spectacles. One of my closest friends works in an opticians and this has been a God send when it has come to selecting glasses and what extras I should have. When it came round to selecting my glasses for this year I knew I needed her advice and she advised in her specialism to opt for a similar frame to the ones I already had which for me is wider fit quite hipster like. You then have to opt for the anti-glare and anti reflection varnish on the lens which stops you from looking as though you permanently sit in the face of a light bulb. It is also great for when you’re having photos taken of yourself because you don’t get a reflection back. So what I am trying to say is when they offer in the opticians for this additional extra, take it. TAKE IT. It may cost a little bit extra but wouldn’t you prefer to be able to wear you glasses without them ruining your street cred in photos? 

Whenever I wear glasses I always keep my make up simple just because sometimes I feel that if I was to go smokey with the glasses my eyes can often look like I have been punched in the eyes. I may sometimes cause offence with my sometimes politically incorrect or peculiar opinions but I don’t feel that I need to convey the look of being actually punched.  Also the glasses are the main focus so keeping my eyes classy is always my key focus. 


Keep it light and flawless but make sure you don’t get too heavy under your eyes. I often use a BB cream when I wear my glasses, opting for Garnier’s BB cream in the shade light. This is a great daytime choice because it’s super light but gives you enough coverage to not feel embarrassed about any uneven skin tone issues you may or may not have. I am fortunate enough to not suffer from any skin issues so use this more as just a base shade. It also sets lovely enough to go with or without a setting powder. I then will go in with a concealer if I have any blemishes and to also brighten my under eyes. When you’re wearing glasses, try to find a concealer slightly lighter than your original shade because this will brighten your under eyes up. I use the Maybeline Fit Me Concealer in Fair for any blemishes and for under my eyes I go for Revlon’s Colour Stay Concealer in Ivory. I love both of these concealers and often use them on their own without the BB cream because their coverage is light enough yet good enough to be worn on its own. When I wear my glasses I don’t like my base to look heavy so to keep it looking light and fresh I go for a sponge or a flat foundation brush to apply my base products because these applicators are great for light coverage. I will then go in with a setting powder to just reduce the shininess under my eyes. This is because your coverage under your eyes should remain lovely and bright to keep yours eyes being the focus of your face. This powder is usually the Benefit Flawless Powder and I apply this with a powered brush just to apply a lovely dusting under the eyes and on my t zone and this avoids me looking like I used the fat fryer in the kitchen to cleanse my face. The powder can also be used on its own which I have done and is great on its own but also adds any extra coverage too. Bronzer is a vital step because even with glasses you want to create that contoured cheekbone. I use my trusted Natural Collection Bronzer in Sun Tint and apply that with a standard contour brush onto my newly created cheekbones. At this stage I believe that I have a nicely sun kissed base- I am not looking like coco the clown just Ev. 


Eyes are the big bit and I tend to keep the eyes simple. I will apply a cream based product like a concealer or a primer onto the lid to just give the eyes a nice base to work with. I will then go in with a matte brown shade in my crease for a contoured socket. This will just shape the socket and keep the eyes in focus. I will then apply a brown pencil eye liner from Essence on the top and bottom water lines as this frames the eyes. Despite other bloggers suggesting black eye liner to define and shape the eye I try to stay away from liquid liner. This is because if it smudges or fades it can look tacky and often defeats the aim of my look. I therefore leave liner and move onto mascara. Mascara is the step you cannot avoid, I use the Benefit Roller lash mascara because I find that this mascara curls my lashes and gives them a natural volumised look that is enough. Prior to any mascara I have also curled my lashes with my standard eye lash curlers and once again this is a step I could not recommend enough. If you are not doing it already you need to get on the act and curl those stubby lashes. If this is for an all day event I often will go over my lashes with the Essence False Lash Effect Princess mascara as this mascara adds that extra definition onto the lashes. These two mascaras are great for making your lashes look that extra bit special. Because you’re wearing glasses you want to avoid false eye lashes so wearing good mascaras is a vital step. Eyebrows always used to be a step I would miss because I had dark eyebrows and I used to be so ashamed of the thickness. Yet now thick dark eyebrows are in fashion and I feel proud of the bushes I have on my face. Eyebrows for glasses, however,  are vital because they shape the eyes and define your eyes. I use Natural Collections brow collection to add definition to any areas that need touching up and I find this to be sufficient. 


Recently I have kept my lips to a deep brown nude because they compliment the frames of my glasses really well and I have been opting for Mac’s matte lipstick in Mehr, or Revlon’s lip crayon in Sultry. These two colours are simple nudes that have brown under tones and work great at complimenting my frames and the sun kissed base I have opted for. 

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