Up With the Trends: Faux Leather

Now I have often said it but I am saying it again because I felt that it needed to be said for a good introductory sentence. I am not one for following fashion trends because I hate paying for clothes that in a months time will make me look old hat. Yet again I am here sharing a trend that is passed it’s sell date but I have myself going to it. This trend is leather or more like faux leather. 

I was having a slight crisis a few weeks ago trying to decide what to wear for a night out with friends. The sensible idea would have been to wear something I already had in the wardrobe but who honestly re-wears their outfits again? I would wear the outfit again if I could change it but not if its a one piece item. I therefore needed an item that could be re-worn both casually and formally. 

I selected this leather skirt because I really liked the look of it, I felt that it nice and shaped which is a fit I opt for. I believe that skirts if they are fitted in at the waist it’s a wasted skirt. I always love being able to tuck in a blouse or cami vest and my waist look slim and shaped. 

This skirt is perfect both for evenings because as I said I can wear it with a vest style top and then in the day wearing it with a big jumper or t-shirt or blouse. 

Skirt- New Look

Vests- New Look

Shoes (1)-Next

Shoes (2)- New Look

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