21st Birthday Lookbook

I promised in my last fashion post that I would feature a look book. A look book dedicated to the outfits I wore over my 21st birthday celebrations. I honestly felt like the Queen over the weeks before and after my birthday; because I had arranged so many events- 4 to be exact. I wanted to really rock the boat out for my birthday because it was my 21st and why not? I think for any kind of birthday it is nice to do something special. I had a different outfit for each occasion and I dedicate this post to the three main outfits I wore. I felt like this was a necessity as I had lots of requests on where I got these particular outfits from. 

My first outfit of the weeks events was a random purchase in a sale. I really liked this skirt because despite the length it flattered my waist but but also was a lovely style of skirt. I also loved the colour because navy is my colour after all. The shoes in retrospective were an excellent purchase because they were super comfortable. I wore these the whole night without crying in pain from blisters or the height of the heel. The other perk of it was that, that they could match with a range of outfits whether navy or black. 

Skirt- New Look

Cami Top- ASOS

Shoes- New Look

My next event I decided to come out of my comfort zone. Although I get complimented for my figure I never wear tight fitted dresses or tops because I am paranoid that a roll of fat may appear. Yet for my birthday I decided to make a change and go for a body con style dress. Bodycon is a fit I steer clear from because I don’t want any niggly parts of my figure becoming apparent to on lookers. This dress I felt however was just what I needed for introducing me to bodycon style dresses. The dress made me feel so sultry yet classy. The love heart neckline also aided the fit and style of the dress in terms for revealing my figure. 

Dress- New Look

Shoes- New Look

My final outfit was something again completely different for me. The difference here being in that I always wear dresses or skirts above the knee. This is because as a petite lady I feel like dresses passed the knee over exaggerate my shortness. A feature I try to avoid as I hate being as short as I am. Yet this style of dress despite its length does the complete opposite. This I think because it has the halter neck line a neck lace which I believe to be very flattering. This neck line brings our focus to the face but also the detailing of the cob webbed detailed. My shoes are my standard evening shoe due tot their comfort and universality. I know that I can team these shoes with most of my evening dresses and they can even compliment the dress. In some cases the shoes can also bring the outfit an extra level of sass.

Dress- H.M

Shoes- Next 

These shoes I could not find the exact copies because they were in an old stock range so I have found a pair very very similar that would work in the same way with any evening attire. 

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