Gluten Free Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry

Last year I ran a series on the cornerstone about gluten free meals that I cook on a regular basis and it ran quite well and since then I have developed a skill at making stir fries eatable for us ‘gluten free’s’. I am not against anyone who doesn’t have an allergy to gluten from trying these recipes that I upload because I would always want anyone to try something I have presented. However if you are one of the lucky ones who can eat whatever they want and can eat gluten in an excessive quantity please don’t come over to our side because it’s annoying that you guys can eat wholemeal foods with no trouble. 

Now typically you’ll find that a stir fry or anything oriental is off bounds for a coeliac or a person with an allergy or intolerance to gluten. This is due to the majority of the vital ingredients for such dishes contain wheat or barley in which is a gluten and thus cuts us off entirely. 

I find that some oriental sauces to be ok because as I have mentioned to others I am lucky where I can eat gluten in a very small portion. So I could treat myself to a sauce that has a trace or a small portion of wheat in the ingredients; but a meal deal from your local supermarket is completely off bounds unless I fancy a night away from the lavatory or a day of feeling hungover. Hungover? Yes after I have eaten a large quantity of gluten I’ll feel as though I have been drinking lots the night before and also be incredibly tired and have lost all my energy. These symptoms should be enough to put me me off eating any forms of gluten. 

But thanks to my craving for a stir fry I have found a way of making this meal useful for people like myself and here is how. 


Rice Noodles

Stir Fry vegetables (of your choice)

Egg Fried Rice

Diced Chicken Breast

Sweet & Sour Sauce or Blackbean Sauce

Coconut Oil

First step:

Find a wok, preferably a wok of a substantial size and place this onto your hob on a high heat, I put mine on level 4 which is the 2nd highest setting and will keep the pan nice and toasty. I then add a teaspoon of oil and this is of your choice. Fat is a necessity for cooking with, to avoid your ingredients sticking to your pan. So I would advise using an oil such as olive oil or coconut oil and allow this to heat through for a few seconds. 

Next Step

Once your oil and wok is nicely heated chuck in the wok your diced chicken breast. I suggest buying diced chicken breast because it saves time and will be easier in the long run. This takes time to cook because I am slightly gormless when it comes to times I just let this cook until I believe the chicken to be cooked the way through. This is when it looks cooked! Wooo. 

Once your chicken is cooked you want to next cook your vegetables of your choice because this is news to me but these take much longer than your noodles. I change my vegetables up depending on what the supermarket has left or on offer. For this stir fry, I opted for the pepper stir fry vegetables because it looked colourful and full of goodness. Usually if it has colour it generally is healthy. 

Once your veggies and chicken is cooked you can if you want to add in the noodles. These I choose are rice noodles. Rice noodles have no gluten in due to being made with rice flour which means you can eat yourself to death without needing to spend the evening in the lavatory or feeling like you’ve drunk yourself silly the night before. These noodles usually take 2-3 minutes to cook so as well being good on the stomach they are also great for time keeping. 

When the noodles are near enough cooked so roughly 2 minutes after you have put them onto the heat you can pour on your sauce of choice. 

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