Gotta love a flounced sleeve!

 I appear to giving this part of my life a bigger part and I do hope my readers or browsers are enjoying the more regular updates.

I love this new blouse I found through stalking the Instagram of fashion blogger Alice Catherine. I found myself in absolute love with her entire wardrobe purely because so much of it looked like my wardrobe. Do you not find yourself doing this? Liking an outfit a persons purely because its like a duplicate of your own wardrobe? I absolutely adore this blouse. Retailed at H/M and sold at £19.99 it’s a fun shirt which combines a retro and modernity all in the same sentence in my opinion. I know not the slickest caption or description but it works for my purpose. The flounced sleeves give us that retro feel yet the fit and colouring just gives it a touch of 21st century. The sleeves perhaps remind me of the 70’s flared jean look, don’t you think?  I originally had paired this blouse with a navy army style and was loving myself in the look I had made but for some reason the skirt was not co-operating with todays camera and look.

Instead I opted for my Topshop MOM jeans. These jeans have divided my family because some of my family love the vintage style and how they elongate my backside whilst other members of my family find them to be slightly un-flattering. I personally really like the jean which is a relief since I am wearing them. The fit I love because you can dress them up or down just with a different shoe or top half.  The jeans with the blouse I find really help with the shaping of my waist, the high waisted fit of the jean sinch my waist in and provide my hour glass figure- a 50’s boost. WOW combining the 70s and the 50s, who knew it could be done. Whilst the the flounced sleeve just add a touch of sass and fun.

I then went for a pair of high top white converse. Converse have been a shoe I avoided for a long time due to them being everywhere and every man and his dog wearing a pair. Now however they’re not as popular so I’m slowly bringing mine back out. I borrowed my Sister’s white pair because I wanted the white of the shoe to bring out the white polka dots on the blouse.

I really loved this outfit and new purchase from H.M so wanted to share it here too.



Blouse- H&M

MOM Jeans- Topshop

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