The 80’s Revival


Madonna T-Shirt: Boohoo

MOM Jeans- Topshop

Sunglasses- Specsavers

Chuck Taylor Converse

Lipstick- Rimmel Kate 107

Backpack- New look

As you know by now my music taste is pretty varied but as most know it is a big love affair with the 80s. Most of my favourite artists like Madonna and Kylie were all big during the 80s because their careers started at this point; Today I found myself becoming an emblem of the 80s with my choice of clothing. 

I found the t-shirt when browsing Boohoo’s sale and had to purchase it. I have various Madonna t-shirts from various concerts and clothing stores yet a new one was just going to spruce the collection up. Unfortunately they only had a size medium left which is not a size I take now but I thought is ideal when paired with a pair of Mom jeans for casual wear. I also thought on the days when you do not care on your appearance worn with a casual bottom half this is perfecto. 

These Mom jeans have now replaced my Primark pair. I featured my Primark pair a few months back and raved on about how much I loved them and I still love the fit and comfort of them. I also found them to be like a starter pack for wearing the fit and style of the jean because they were a little out of my comfort zone. I felt that buying a cheaper pair in the same style would be way of deciding whether the style and fit went with my style and thankfully I fell in love with the shape of the denim. Some people think they really suit me whilst other family members I haven’t been able to convince on the style but I am happy to accept that some denim is not to everyone’s cup of tea. I then gave in and brought the Topshop Mom jean and super happy with the style. Topshop have created a great jean that looks stylish yet ever so comfortable and figure hugging. What I love about Topshop’s denim range is how well fitting they are; their denim does not sag unlike other high street denims. I have often found the knees of my jeans sagging or the gusset of a pair of jeans sagging yet my Topshop denim never sags keeping the wobbly bits beautifully compact. 

For shoes I have paired them with my converse. Or my Sister’s converse. The last few years I have found myself putting my converse at the bottom of the list of shoe choices because I found I had fallen out of love with them. I found that my style had gone in a different direction and I was not finding them as comfortable for lots of walking around University. My Mother will claim that I have been wearing them more because Richard Hammond wore a nice pair on The Grand Tour season finale and yes I did like his converse trainers. However I did not re-start wearing mine in recognition it was more for the fact they went rather nicely with my outfit. I also have learnt why the Hamster wears them so much on the motoring shows- this is probably because Converse are a great driving shoe. The flatness may make them rather uncomfortable for lots of walking but driving they’re perfect. I seem to have gone off topic…

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