The 1950’s Throwback

 By now I think I have established with friends and family alike that my fashion is quite quirky. I like styles that I like and which suit my figure. I have established also that being an hour glass figure that I have curves. I have a bum. I have boobs and am not stick thin despite being between a size 6 and 8. So I find myself steering towards the 50’s for style inspiration especially from the likes of Audrey Hepburn who I have featured my looks for previously on this cornerstone so you can browse those in due course. I am really good friends with the authors of fashion, fitness and beauty blog Beauty at Brunch am also a fan of their work. Their photography is always to die for and they always present their work great. I also love how like this cornerstone that they are so varied in their posts. So back to the point…being good friend they recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to be their model for an upcoming Youtube video they would be uploading in due course. Their look was 50’s and old Hollywood glamour and in particular Marilyn Monroe. I couldn’t really say no to the video and their video will be uploaded within the next few weeks. What was great is, we both got content out of time- with their skills they helped to produce the content in these post and they got a Youtube video too. 

For the make up I will direct you to their Youtube channel and be prepared for the video that is due to be uploaded shortly so be prepared to see my debut.


These shoes have to be my favourite purchase because they fitted with my 50’s style agenda. I love the lace up detail I find them to have a real vintage feel to them. I loved them so much that I brought them in black too. I should also point out that these beauties were from F/F in Tesco proving that not all snazzy beautiful shoes have to break your bank accounts ladies


Skirt- New look – £27.99

Jumper- Forever 21- £9.99

Shoes- F/F Tesco- £20.00

Earrings- Forever 21 £3.99

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